My favorite skin care products at the moment

Hello dear readers, I haven’t been posting in a while because of my college obligations. But today I am talking about my current fav skincare products. I have been using some cool products from drugstore that I really enjoy for everyday use. 

Soo let’s jump into skincare favorites:

💕 Byphasse Soft cleaning milk 

This product is sooo good and has some nice smell to it. It is meant to use on face and eyes to remove the makeup. Has 0% colorant and 0% dye. Also has vitamin E and provitamin B5 it is meant for all skin types and has 500 ml which is great. It is also made in Spain. 

Ingredients: aqua, mineral oil, some alcohols, and other cool ingredients. 

I have been using this one for a week now and I can tell that is perfect to use after miscelar water to feed your skin. It makes skin soo soft and take off the excess of makeup. It is supposed to use with a cotton pad. I really enjoy this one and it is soo affortable too. Around 3€. 

💕 Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 

I have this one for sensitive skin. It is supposed to remove makeup and cleanses the face too. It has 400 ml and you can use it 200 times. It is dermatologically tested and ophtamogically tested. I love this water to take of my makeup then I will rinse my face and put some milk and creme on face. 

Ingedients: water, glycerin, glycol…

I really enjoy this water for my face. It doesn’t brake me up. And it costs 5€. 

💕 Neutrogena Visibly clear pink grape fruit oil free Moisturiser

This moisturiser smells sooo good. And it makes my face cool. It has cooling effect on skin. Does good job with moisturising face and makes good base for makeup. It does not clog pores and it is dermatologically tested too. It has 50 ml, made in France. 

I love this product soo much. 

💕 Ziaja Revitalising face cream argan oil 

This creme is my favorite at this time. I love the smell. It smells like my Versace parfume. Sooo good and it is meant for very dry and irritaded skin. It has argan oil that makes your skin less iritated and this creme is good one. It hydrates my face and makes my skin look soo good and healthy. It has 50 ml. 

That is all for today. Tell me what is your fav skin care product. Did you try any of these? Please let me know in comments. 
Thank you all for reading,

Tommorow we are talking about ColourPop liquid lippies, stay tuned❤


Little drugstore haul

Hello everyone I wasn’t posting in a while because I have to learn for my exams and I have a lot of work for my college 😱. But I run this morning in my local drugstore and picked up some must have products for this january, cold weather.

So I bought:

🎀Ziaja Revitalising face cream with argan oil for very dry skin. I have really bad issues with dry under eyes area and my whole face expecially at this time of year. I already used it once today. It smells like my parfume Versace Crystal noir people I am telling the truth it is real Versace smell. Soooooooo dope. It is thick creme with really nourishing feeling.

The packaging is cute and simple. It has 50 ml.

It is said on box to use it on clean face twice a day. And to pat it into skin gently.

For now it is working as nourishing creme. Love the smell. I will se how it will be performing later with everyday uses. I have some of their cremes and I will compare it in a soon post :-). This retails for 3€ (sale, real price 5€)

🎀Essence Make me brow eyebrow gel in shade 02 browny brows.

Everybody on YT were raving anout this product all 2016. I can see why. I bought it today put it on my brows to test it and guess what it is great quality gel. It keeps my brows all day long set and beautiful. It doesn’t have much pigmentation which is great and the wand is perfect for brows. Love it. The price was about 2€.

🎀I also bought this Velnea hand and nail blam creme. The smell is sooo fruity and cute. It is also dermatologically tested with aloe vera which I need in this time of the year for my dry hands. Also has vitamin E and keratin. I love this cream for now. I have used it twice today and it realy nourishes my dry skin on hands. The price was about 2€.

🎀Rosal lip balm

I have strange feeling of losing my balms. In the past month I bought two Eos balms and I have lost both of them. I am soooo sad. Then I bought this Rosal Lip balm for 1€ on sale until I find my balms that I really enjoy. Love this balm because it is better packaged than Eos and love that is neutral one. Also has shea butter and paraben free. It is also produced in my country (Croatia) why I bought it. I support any of my country brands 👌🏻

🎀Deborah Milano- LashCreator Volume and care.

I need to stop buying mascaras. Really I am obsessed with them and the lipsticks ofcourse. Today lady in deborah part of drugstore told me that this one is soooo great and that she loved it. Also was on sale today for an about 5€. Yeey I was super happy with it and I tried it. Love the wand and the black black colour. And love the volume that gives to my lashes.

It claims to make your lashes to grow and has seed oil, keratin to make your lashes healthy and big.

Love the packaging of it. It is sooo great. Made in Italy.  
That is all for today’s haul. Soon I will be posting step by step doing my makeup. Do you want to see that? Please leave your thoughts in comments down below. Some of you said that I should do my step by step look :-).

Also did you try any of these products let me know in comments.

Happy to write again.

Many kissess💕😘

My empties- Products that I have used up- SKINCARE

My empties- Products that I have used up- SKINCARE
Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about my absolute fav products that I have been using past 2 months. It is all about skin care products and my routine every day.
1. First priduct that I am going to talk about is my Nivea Body Milk for dry skin. It has almond oil to it. It emediately nourishes my skin. I have very dry skin and this product I am using almost 8 years and I always buy this deep blue bottle. I love the smell of it and I love the product it is not heavy cream. It looks like well made body milk and it’s quality is the same all these years that I have been using it. I just love this milk and every other is not like this one.

2. Second skin care product is Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink grape fruit daily scrub. I love this scrub. It is gentle but it does ehat is supposed to do. I love the smell of it and the effect of my face after it. My skin feels fresh and clean. I do it twice a day. In the morning and when I am going to bed I clean every little spot of my face if it has left any trace of makeup. It copletely removes makeup from face and does very good job. It is not expensive. One bottle of this is around 5€ and it can last one month with every day routine like mine.

3. Product is newer in my collection and it is Marseillias body milk with nuitrition, oils in it. I love the smell, love the quality of milk, love the effect and it is not cheap cream. Looks very promising but I love more my Nivea because it is in tube and this one is in jar. That is only one thing that I have to tell it is different. But the quality and the effect on the skin is very similar to me.

4. One of the products that I love to put at night time is my night time cream. I have one from Ziaja. It is called Goat milk nourishing cream. I love the smell of it. It is nice for night time because it is heavier and it feeds my dry skin at night time. Did you try any of the Ziaja products?

5. Little bit of hair care. Best shampoo for hair in my opinion are Syoss products. I love my Glossing shine effect shampoo. It is little bit of smell in it. It is not aggressive and it feels good on my hair. Doesn’t dry my hair. It does what it is said to do. My hair feels glossy and fresh even tho I have done coloring my hair. It has keratin primer in it so it is good for damaged hair.

6. Second shampoo that I love to use is my Ziaja Goat’s milk shampoo eith keratin for very dry hair. Has nice smell, also not agressive. Feels good on hair, it doesn’t dry my hair and feels like nice shampoo. I have used it all up. Love it soo much.

7. My every day routine after Neutrogena scrub is my night cream Ziaja and around eyes area I use my Balea Augen Cream Urea with no smell. It is made for very dry eye area like mine. I use it every night and you need little bit because it is very nourshing. Love the effect that gives me. I love it and my under eye area looks good for now with this product.

Did you try any of these products? What do you think. Please leave a reply/ comment and reccomend somethin for dry skin. Love you all,💕