New makeup goodies

Hellodear bloggers, it’s been a long time that I haven’t post any of my new makeup goodies. I was so tired of my work and I didn’t have time to show you any of my new purchases. But I read every day different blogs and posts because I share the same love for writing as you.
So today I am gonna show you my new purchases in month of July.
First let’s gonna start from makeup goodies.

The first thing that I have to show you is my new Essence Shine Shine Shine lipgloss in shade So into it!

  • Essence claims this to be wet looking gloss and it really is. I love the smell, the packaging. You are getting 5 ml. It is none sticky formula but it doesn’t last that long on the lips so you have to reapply it several times. But the smell and the color is perfect. The price tag is around 3€ and it is so affortable.
  • On my lips this gloss is amazing. I love it.
  • Next item is also from Essence and it is theirs most sold out lip pencil in shade In the nude. I needed new one and it is perfect for my new lipstick that I will show you further in the post.

  • Next item is my new lipstick from Makeup Revolution it is Renaissance lipstick in shade Awaken.

I am in love with this color. It looks amazing. Smells amazing. The finish is cream and none drying formula. The pigmentation is there and it is pretty good for the price of 4€. Also the packaging is very similar to ST lipsticks and as I know that Makeuprevolution makes “dupes” this one looks amazing. The packaging is very heavy and well made.
here is it on my lippies. I am in love😍
on this photo we have Essence lip pencil, Renaissance lipstick and Essence lipgloss

Next item is my obsession it is all about Makeup Revolution Vivid baked highlighter in the shade Golden Lights.
This highlighter swatches nicely, there is no powderyness or glitter in it. Looks soo goldish and glowy on the face eventhough it doesn’t capture good on the hand on the face looks amazing. The price tag is hilarius about 4€ for this amazing glowy highlighter. It is pigmented, good for pale skin and perfect. It has 7.5 g of product.

Next item is my old goodie Catrice Liquid camouflage concealer in the shade Light natural. I had to repurchase it. You have it on my blog all about it and the quality of this item.

Next is something new on our market in Croatia and it is Wet n Wild Photo focus foundation
I needed to try it by myself. I got the shade light ivory and it looks amazing. The pigmentation, the formula and the aplicator is soo good. I also love the packaging but the smell is little bit intense at first but later it goes away. The finish is semi matte (velvet). It looks lightweight on the skin and covers MEDIUM on my face. Also looks so natural like second skin. I am in love for now.

Next item is my new Essence blush in Satin blush touch formula in the shade Satin.
I wanted to buy new blush for a long time and I found my color as I don’t use blush very often but I found my color and I love this blush. The formula is so creamy and nice the pigmentation is insane for a drugstore brand that I can’t believe it. But I love it so so much. This blush costs around 3€. It is so affortable and Essence has many options when it comes to blushes. You need to try some of these for sure.

Last makeup item that I got from Pink panda is my Makeup Revolution Pro fix setting spray oil control
I needed new setting spray and this was on top 10 products on Pink panda and i purchase it. For now I love that it has alcohol so it helds
my makeup in place. The spray is nice and I am happy for now. I can’t tell if any setting spray is bad for me. I love them all. This has 100 ml. And costs around 7€

I also purchased new Nivea anti perspirants

I love the smell of Nivea so much.

And some new toothpaste. I can’t see the whitening effect eventhough I use it 3 times a day for week now but I love it. It was around 4€ in Bipa.

Last item in my new purchase is my new parfume from Armani

I really enjoy Si intense parfume. And you have to try it at parfume shop and let me know what do you think about it.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if sou have questions be free to ask me. Also you can tell me what is your opinion of any of the products also did you try any of these or something similar.

Thank you for reading. And see you soon❤️

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New products (Summer vibes)🎀🎉🎊

Hello dear readers as I am waiting for my orders to come from diffent sites I wanted to show you my new skin care and makeup products that I purchased in my local drugstore. I will soon review and show you my BB orders and LookFantastic ones. I can't wait them to come so I can play and talk about my personal opinion.

Sooo let's start with this post:

💕Essence Satin touch blush in shade 20 Satin love

I purchased this one because I needed new one and my fav youtubers Tati and Kathleen had only nice words for this formula so I wanted to buy it and test it.
The packaging is cute just in Essence style. I love the cute theme around their products. It has 5 g of product and the price is around 3€. Very affortable.

The formula is satin. And the feel of it. I can't explain. It has the most smoothest feeling of all drugstore blushes that I have tried and used. I can't get over the smoothness of this product.

It is also very pigmented. Not overly but just in nice way. I love little bit of sheen that it gives to my skin and the color is just perfect for my skin tone. I enjoy it so so much.

So what Essence claims for this item:
✔️ satin soft blush for a fresh looking complexion all day long

I can't agree more for the claim of fresh looking skin complexion. It can last on my skin for 6-7 H though but I enjoy it and it is sooooo affortable.

🎀Next is my ultimate favorite Essence lip liner color in shade I am nude. It is all about lipliner that has smooth and longlasting formula.

I really enjoy this color. I am all about nudes in my collection.
The lipliner is soo affortable 1€ only. But you get nice and pigmented lipliner that doesn't hurt your lip and has nice precision for use.
the top color is this I am nude lip liner.

Next is Essence new brush for eyebrows. It is Cubanita collection brush. I really enjoy their brushes. They have some
Good ones. This one is new to drugstore world. Nice spooley and nice angled brush for precise brow lining. The price tag around 3€.

🎀Next are my new purchases of Nivea products.
I always go back to my Nivea skincare products whenever I try new products Igo back to Nivea. That talks a lot about their quality in my opinion.

I bought their new Creme care shower creme with elements and unique scent of Nivea creme that I sooo enjoy. I used it 3-4 times and it leaves my skin soo nourished and nice smell on the skin for hours.
Ph neutral and has 500 ml. Price tag is around 2€.

Next is my ultimate fav Body milk from Nivea for dry and very dry skin. I just love the feel of it. It stays around 2 days nourished on my legs eventhough I shower 2-3 times in a day. It is just perfect and the smell of it. Ooo my God I love it soo sooo much for years now. The price tag around 6€.

This one is new to me. It is Nivea Protect and care anti perspirant. It says that it protects 48H. All I know that I adore the smell of it. The feel of it. Soo I have it for 2 weeks now and I can say that it lasts on me for whole day on my work and I don't gel smelly evethough I sweath a lot this thing keeps me dry and super good smelling at my work and I work in a souvenir shop with no air conditioner. That says a lot about this one. Totally win for me.
Price tag around 3€.

That is all for today. I hope you liked it. I will soon review some Zoeva products also The ordinary ones, Colourpop, some brushes from BB and cool things from Makeup Revolution and sooooome good Parfume.

Stay tuned. Love you all.


Weekend make up looks 

Hello dear readers I wanted to share with you some looks that I have made this weekend


Lip color: Colourpop Ultra Satin lip Alyssa 

Higlighter: TheBalm Mary Lou 

Brows: Essence make me brow & Catrice brow duo 

Contour: Catrice Prime and fine contour duo

Foundation: Maybelline Fit me Luminous finish 110 

Setting powder: RCMA setting powder

For this look I used:


just a little bit of my Fit me concealer and RCMA SETTING POWDER

BROWS by Essence make me brow powder duo

Lipstick is by Golden Rose in shade 04

Mascara by Essence Lash princess (green)

For this look I used:

Primer: Golden Rose luminous primer 

Foundation: Loreal Matte 24 H & Fit me by Maybelline 

Setting powder by Golden Rose & RCMA setting powder under eyes 

Shadows by Colourpop Zingara palette & Morphe 35T with some random glitter 

Mascara by Essence Lash princess & Maybelline Great Lash mascara

Contour by Catrice Prime and fine 

Bronzing by WNW duo for contour 

Highlighter by Colourpop in shade Flexitarian & TheBalm on top (Mary Lou)

Blush by Sleek in shade Rose Gold 

Brows made with Maybelline Sculpt brow pencil & Catrice powder duo & Essence Make me brow gel mascara

Lippies made with Golden Rose Velvet matte lipstick in shade 03 & Kiko Lipgloss pencil in shade “13”

Setting spray: Nyx Matte setting spray 

Which one do you like the best? 

Are you more for natural or glammy look? 

Please let me know in comments

Which lip color did you like the best on me?

Thank you for reading❤️

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New hair cut

Hello dear readers, today I am gonna show you my new summer hair cut. I am soo excited to show you. I really didn’t have thoughts that my hair will be that good soo short. I always had big hair and this is such a transformation for me. Also I am going to change the colour too. I want to have gray hair soon 😍

Here are photos

My hair before hair cut✂️💇🏼

What do you think? Do you like it?


Ti si moja inspiracija… 

Ti si razlog moje inspiracije koju trenutno posjedujem. Ti si taj zbog kojega sam sretna više od tri godine. Tako je malo potrebno da budemo sretni, a to malo nekad nedostaje. Ja sam svoj život upotpunila tvojim postojanjem. Ponekad se pitam što bi bilo da te nisam upoznala te večeri? Kako bih ja živjela da tebe nema u mom životu? 

Ti si nešto najljepše što mi se dogodilo. Saznanje da si tu, da postojiš meni je i više nego dovoljno. Iako nismo skupa ja osjećam kako dišeš, kilometri nisu problem kad se iskreno voli. Nas ne dijele ni kilometri, ni ljudi. Nama je sudbina zacrtana. Moja sudbina si ti. Ja i nakon tri godine tvrdim da ne bih nikad mogla biti s drugim čovjekom poslije tebe. Eto, toliko te volim ludice. 

Sama činjenica da si u mom životu potakne mi srce na ubrzan rad, ne znam kako to opisati. Ti si osjećaj koji ne prolazi. Ti si onaj koji ne blijedi. 

Prošli smo mnogo toga zajedno. Veza nije med i mlijeko ja to dobro znam. Ono što je važno je razumijevanje. Znaš ti da sam ja jako tvrdoglava osoba, ponekad nerazumna, ali si ti taj koji razumije koji zna kako dišem i učiniš mi po volji. 

Sto puta, ma kojih sto, tisuću puta si me namjerno izazvao da se naljutim jer znaš kako mrzim tepanje, znaš kako mrzim tvoje kodove moga imena, i namjerno si svaki put išao da me naljutiš jer znaš kako brzo puknem, a onda bi me zagrlio i poljubio, a ja onako sva bitna, ljuta kao nije me briga. A briga me je, nikad me neće proći briga za tobom. 

Ono što si učinio za mene onaj dan kada me je moja prošlost zaboljela, moja tegoba sa zdravljem nikada neću zaboraviti. Nikada neću zaboraviti tvoju zabrinutost, tvoj izraz lica kada si me vidio kako se mučim sa bolovima. Bio si tako smiješan i simpatičan ali se nisam mogla smijati od bola. Da samo znaš kako si bio uznemiren, a tako sladak. 

Od nemoći da mi pomogneš odjurio si na hitnu pomoć koja je na drugom kraju grada i to pješke da upitaš za mišljenje o bolovima u desnom dijelu abdomena i vratio se sa čajem i tabletama za upalu. 

Dok sam buncala u temperaturi hladio si mi čelo cijelu noć. Nisi oka sklopio. Misliš da ja to ne znam? Sve znam i svega sam svjesna. Ti si čovjek moga života. 

Znaš, bio bi odličan otac. Onako brižan i popustljiv, a ja stroga majka sa pogledom punim istine. Znaš da mi značiš čim te mogu vidjeti u toj ulozi. 

Iz dana u dan je sve teže bez tebe živjeti. Nekako sam previše vezana za tebe. Teško je živjeti, a da te ne pogledam i ne dodirnem svaki dan. Znam, teško je. Studiram tek sam treća godina studija. Ali sve više razmišljam o našem zajedničkom životu. Nekako mi to nedostaje. Ne mogu bez tebe. Jednostavno nedostaješ…

Znaš, pričali smo o putovanju ove 2017. godine. Priželjkujem naše prvo veliko putovanje van naših zemalja. Jedva čekam otići negdje s tobom. Napokon imam nekoga s kim je sve što radim dobro. I sve što kažem je dobro. Znam da se ne svađaš sa mnom. To je bila prva rečenica koju si mi uputio kada sam se ja svađalica pokušala posvađati. Samo si mi odbrusio neću se svađati s tobom. Ne mogu… 

To si davno rekao i nisi demantirao. Fascinantno je to kod tebe. Ti se ne možeš posvađati. Ne želiš. Totalno smo različiti, a tako isti. 

Da nije bilo te večeri 02.11. 2013. koje nisam htjela ni izaći nego eto reda radi sam izašla u klub. I ni manje ni više upoznala tebe. Ti koji si isto izjavio da si jedva završio na piću. Ja i dalje ne vjerujem kako je naša priča sudbinski počela i tako će i jednoga dana završiti. 

Svaki put kada te iznova ugledam zaljubim se… nikada taj osjećaj neće izblijediti. Ti si razlog moga postojanja. 

Nitko ne zna koliko mi nedostaje tvoja prisutnost. Kada si tu treperim, kada trebaš ići naljutim se i na sebe i na tebe i na svijet jer ne mogu vječno slušati zvuk tvog srca i tvoj glas. 

Nekad. Jednom. Možda. Ako Bog da. Nas dvoje. Skupa. Protiv svih. Nada me tjera da izguram ovu daljinu. Ali kilometri ne znače ništa kada nekoga voliš više od svog života. Znam da isto osjećaš. Zato se i nadam…

Review on liquid lippies from ColourPop

Hello dear readers, today I am gonna talk about my little collection of ColourPop liquid lippies.

First I want to mention that I have bought Ultra Matte Lip and Ultra Satin Lip to compare them.

💕 Ultra Matte Lip

Ultra matte lip has 3.2 g which is a little bit less than other products on market that is why they cost 5$. You get less product and when you compare it to Lingerie from Nyx you get less amount for less price and Nyx one you get 5 g for little bit bigger price. That is the marketing power.

Newt thing I want to discuss is the packaging. The letters get off easy and you can’t know which one is the matte and which is satin. But for the 5$ I don’t mind that. Next thing that I don’t like is the aplicator I can’t do perfectly my lips because I have smaller ones and I have to use the brush to get it perfect.

But again I don’t care that much for those things for the price.

I have Ultra matte lip in shade Trap. That is cool toned gray colour and perfect matte finish. At first I didn’t like finish because my lips looked dried out with it on my lippies but now as I use it more I like it more but I have to prepare my lips to make it look good on me. But hey when I need a longstay lipstick I will do everyhing. They don’t have any smell but just a little bit wierd taste but I am ok with that.

The durability of this lipstick is insane on my lips. It doesn’t fade much and stays put on the lips. That is what I appriciate on lipstick. Expecially liquid one.

Here is photo of my Trap liquid matte lip. I really enjoy this colour.

💕 Ultra Satin Lip

Next one is my fav lipstick of the january, february and also this month. I use it every day. I don’t have writing on the package anymore. It is just perfect pinkish nude. I really enjoy this satin finish. It doesn’t transfer very much it stays put. It is perfect for dry lips. It doesn’t fade. I think I had to reapply it only after 5 hours but think of it like regular satin lipstick. It is great. This colour is made for my lips. I just adore it.

Can’t get enough of it. The finish is sooo comfortable and you can be sure that it doesn’t slip around. It doesn’t move. It stays put all day long. I have a photo of my shade called Alyssa. And this one was collab with Kathleen Lights. I just remembered this right now. I think this is her colour. This describes her soul and spirit. I love and admire to Kathleen and her work. She is amazing youtuber.

You can see right away that satin finish has more shine and life and it looks amazing. The stain is sooo perfect and it doesn’t transfer very much.

I love this colour sooo much. I am obsessed with it.

Soo let’s conclude this theme. And I will give you my final opinion on these.

Prons on Ultra Matte lip

🔥 Ultra Matte lip has pigmented stain

🔥 It also has no smell which is pron

🔥 Wear time is soo long

🔥 Perfect matte no smudge formula


Cons on Ultra Matte lip

✖️ Writing on packaging is bad

✖️ Aplicator is a mess

✖️ Less product than other liquid lippies

✖️ Little bit drying issue with matte one.


Prons on Ultra Satin Lip

🔥 Formula is perfect one

🔥 No smell which is great

🔥 Price tag is super deal

🔥 Pigmentation insane

🔥 Time if wear is sooo good over 5 h

🔥 Not that much transfer for satin finish


Cons on Ultra Satin lip

✖️ Packaging is bad

✖️ Aplicator is mess

That is all from me. I hope you enjoyed my review and please let me know in comments if you liked these ColourPop products. I want to read your opinions on these.

Overall I think this is great Los Angeles product and it is priced soo cool. Five dollars for these perfect collectable products. I have a lot of ColourPop products and I love them. The packaging is cute on each product. And I enjoy having them in my collection.

Thank you all for reading.


Ivana 💕