Saturday vibes

Hello people. I hope you have a great weekend. Mine will be in studying for sure. I just wanted to share with you some coool photos with my fav weekend light makeup products that I use regulary 🙂

And I forgot to mention. It is spring. Thank God I love this summery vibes in air and I have much more energy and will to do something with my life after cold dark winter. I am happy as I can be🌷🌻🍃🌿💐


This Master Sculpt from Maybelline is my holy grail this month. I love the powder of bronze colour. The highlight one I don’t use it is powdery and glittery.

This Loreal lipstick is little bit sheere but it smells like watermellons so I use it sometimes.

Catrice mascara is my fav topper mascara after my Maybelline Great Lash this one on top makes my lashes big and nice.

Neutrogena wins when it comes to skin care. I love this moisturiser just as I love my Face scrub from Neutrogena. This one smells beautiful and makes my skin nourished.

Golden Rose liquid lipsticks are my faves for months. I just love this colour for spring time. It is nuber 3 mouve pink 🙂

Rimmel lasting finish is my nah nah product. I haven’t used it that much but it is a little bit cakey and it can’t be set by powder products because it sticks and males your face powdery so you use it without setting.

Next one is my fav for years now Versace Crystal noir. This one is dope. I am obsessed for 7 years now.

When it comes to Essence I think that all the products are win. They make very affortable ones and this higlighter is oooh sooooo good and glowy without shimmer and glitter in it. Love it for everyday use.

Make me brow is my go to every day product I love this gel mascara. It has tint it makes my brows nice and put all day long. Love love love 😋💕
That is all for saturday. Did you try any of these ones? What are yyour thoughts. Leave it in comments. I will be glad to read your opinions.

You all have a nice weekend 👏🏻💐🙌🏻❤

Thank you for reading,
Ivana ❤

💎My Christmas gift💎

Hello to you all, today I am going to talk about my Christmas and how I celebrated Christmas with my family. I didn’t get many gifts. I got only one from my mother and it is all about Versace Crystal Noir. I am using this parfume for years now. I think 8 years for now. And that was it. I just got one present from the person I love the most.

I wasn’t very excited for the presents. I was more excited for the time I will spend with my family all together at the lunch.

I love this parfume because of it’s very good fragrance that lasts for days on clothes and even on the skin.

This Versace is my fav from the collection. I am feeling like strong, independent woman vearing it.

💎What they said about it:

A fragrance for the true Versace woman. She’s effortlessly sexy, confident, and loves fashion, sumptuousness, and eccentricity. The fragrance is a magical perfume, sheer and sensual at the same time. A floral-oriental scent, it’s absolutely feminine, gentle, and leaves a lasting impression.

I think that is true because I love that oriental smell that this parfume gives me.

Did you try any of the Versace parfumes? Did you like Crystal Noir? Do you love it?

Please comment if you have any opinion.


💎Pozdrav svima, danas ću pričati o poklonu koji sam dobila za Božić. Između ostaloga riječ je o parfemu Versace Crystal Noir.

Ovaj parfem koristim već godinama, mislim 8 godina. Majka mi ga kupuje svake godine barem za božićno vrijeme. Obožavam taj orijentalni miris koji traje na odjeći i koži danima. To je razlog zbog kojega sam tako dugo ostala pri ovom parfemu. Jednostavno je moćan i osjećam se jako senzualno noseći ga na sebi.

💎Evo što kažu o njemu:

Po riječima Donatele Versace, Crystal Noir, je rijetka esencija, senzibilna i delikatna. U centru kompozicije je tajanstvena gardenija, svježa, senzualna, blistava i kremasta, koja je reproducirana uz pomoć tehnologije ‘Headspace’.
Podloga od ambera i mošusa pravi miris tamnim i misterioznim, veoma senzualnim i upečatljivim. Dizajner mirisa je Antoine Lie, parfem je lansiran 2004.
Bočicu su kreirali AIR MEDIA & Tino Valentinitsch, Donatella Versace.

Jeste li probale ovaj miris, što kažete o parfemu, slobodno komentirajte. Hvala 💕💎