Soft spring makeup look🍃🌿 (step by step)

Hello people. As spring has oficially knocked on your doors I decided to show you my look step by step 🙂 as I promised in my comment section.

Please I am not perfect, my skin has redness and I may look on photos scary but they are not photoshoped you will see real me without fancy lights and other. 

As we cleared out that statement. Let’s continue with post

First of all I didn’t show you priming my skin but I did it with my Neutrogena Grape fruit moisturiser and some Golden Rose lominous primer for dry skin.

On the begining of my look I am priming my lids with Catrice Prime and fine eye primer 

Next step is setting it with my Stay matte from Rimmel with some Essence fluffy blending brush

Now we are doing crease colour better said transition colour mine is Colourpop in shade Elixir from Zingara palette. I used my Morphe brush to blend it.

Remeber this doesn’t have to be perfect you will even it out later with concealer. It does ‘t matter to be precise just make sure you blend that colour nice and bold.

Next step is putting my other shade also matte one and it is Colourpop Seeker. Deep brown colour to make my crease warmer.

Let’s move on to deep brown colour from my palette Makeup Revolution. I am picking that deep brown near my eye and blending it into my lid and crease.

Next step is little bit higlight in my inner corners with my TheBalm Mary Lou 

After my eyes I go to concealer time. I use my LaGirl concealer before foundation just to make sure that my dark circles are hidden before going to other concealer from Catrice liquid camouflage to make my concealer water prooffed.

You can see step by step doing it.

After concealer time I use my L’oreal Matte foundation with my Real Tehiques sponge to buff it into skin.

After all that I set my face and undereyes with Real Tehniques brush and my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. 

Next is my contouring part where I use several powders. As I am soo pale I can’t find perfect match so I combine several to me good powders.

Let’s start with my Golden Rose brush and Barry M contouring trio. I use only middle shade. 

I put my bannana powder on face you can see where to prevent contouring powder from fall out on my skin. After contouring I buff it off with my big powder brush.

Next poder that I use is my Maybelline Sculpt duo. I use it to intense my contour.

You can see it looks perfect. The powders are not too pigmented so you can work with them easily.

Then my fav part is higlighting my face with TheBalm Mary Lou higlighter. This is my absolute fav higlighter in drugstore. It is soo flattering and nice on the skin.

Next step is doing my brows. This is where I am the most calmed down and precise. I want my brows to be super bold for photos and Instagram so I make sure that they look fabulous.
First step is filling my brows with my duo from Catrice. It is powder and then I use my Catrice brush for brows. 

Then I use my Essence Contour your eyes palette to fill in my brows completely.

After all that I use my Essence Make me brow gel brow mascara to make sure that they will stay in place all day and that the colour won’t fade.

After brows I am going to next step and that is my winged liner. I am precise and I love to put winged liner. For that I use my ArtDeco liquid precise liner. That one is the best on market. It is soooo good and precise also ultra blac colour. It doesn’t dry because it has special made top for makeup artists and it dries pretty fast. Jet black colour.

After that I use my fav mascara fom Maybelline Great Lash mascara. This is my fav mascara that makes my lashes great and nice separated.

After mascara we are hitting to blush time. I used my Makeup Revolution Ultra blush palette. I used that light pink shade the palette is wery pigmented and you have to be carefull with it. But I love it.

We are almost at the end. Now is my lip time.

This time I used my lip pencil from Nyx with my ultra Lip creme in shade Antwerp which is perfect for spring time eventho I am not a big fan of this formula of lipstick. It is too mousy for me.  I love more my Lingerie from Nyx

Last but not the least is my setting spray from Gerard cosmetics in Green tea. 

That would be it. Now photos of final look 

Thank you all for reading and watching the photos.

Please let me know in comments if you liked my makeup look.

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Gerrard cosmetics Slay all day setting spray

Hi everyone. I can’t wait till tommorow for posting another review of my fav product from Gerrard Cosmetics eventho I didn’t like their Hydra Matte lipsticks this product is sooo goood. It is all about their setting spray. So I went on BB site and looked for their setting spray because yt went viral for it. Everyone was talking how the Green Tea Ginger one is soo good for setting your make up so I bought it by myself and I was suprised it was soo good.

So the first thing the packaging is killin’ baby. Sooo good and cool package.

Litlle too much for the smell in my opinion but it fades away.

This product is cruelty free. Mine is green just like Green Tea. That one had best reviews on BB, and everyone was talking that that one is less agressive than the other ones.

So they say how to use it:

Spray before or after your makeup application to keep your face fresh and flawless. Keeps the skin matte and increases the wear time of sour makeup.

I can agree with that it is much better than my Maybelline 24h setting spray and much better than my Make up Revolution setting spray. I love the feel that this one gives to my face after I spray it.

I feel little bit of tingeling and I can say that it is doing something for my skin. The price is lower than 25€. It is little bit pricy but this product is not drugstore it is up in the price but I love the quality so I don’t mind that price. It is ok. Also this product is made in USA. VALENCIA, CA. This product has 100ml which is a good amount of product so I have it for 4 months and I use it often and it lasts me still. I didn’t run it still 🙂

So the things that I love:

💎Package is soo cute

💎Duration time

💎Feels refreshing

💎Makes skin matte

💎Melts everything together when you apply your makeup and makes skin perfect

Things I don’t like:

💎I can’t stand the smell but it fades away so it is ok 🙂

That is all for now, hope you enjoyed. Please comment if you have tried this setting spray and please tell me how are your experiencies with GC products?


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Pozdrav svima, nisam mogla sačekati sutradan da objavim sljedeći post koji se tiče Gerrard Cosmetics spreja za fiksiranje šminke. Iako nisam bila zadovoljna njihovim Hydra Matte tekućim ružem koji imate recenziranoga na mom blogu ovaj proizvod mi se naprotiv mnogo svidio.

Početi ću od pakiranja. Jako je lijepo, ne izgleda jeftino, zanimljiv logo i sama bočica. Ja sam uzela miris Zelenog čaja jer je taj na stranici BB imao najbolje ocjene zbog najugodnijeg mirisa koji posjeduju. Sami proizvod je cruelty free, proizveden u SAD u. Cijena je nekih 120 kn. Malo je skuplji upravo zbog toga što ovaj proizvod nije takav da se može naći u drogerijama po cijeni se može usporediti sa MAC kozmetikom.

Što se tiče samog fiksatora meni se sviđa, osjećam da radi nešto za moju kožu čin ga stavim jer mi nekako zategne lice, osim mirisa koji me malo omami, jako dobro poveže šminku i produljava joj trajanje tijekom dana.

Stvari koje volim:


💎Proizvod matira kožu

💎Produljava vijek šminke

💎Lijepo se stapa sa šminkom i ne ostavlja tragove

Jedina stvar koju baš ne volim:

💎Miris ali srećom brzo nestane.

Jedina stvar je miris, ali nasreću u mirisu Zelenog čaja brzo se izgubi dok recimo Lavandin miris je puno jači i ne bih se usudila uzeti ga jer sam imala prilike oprobati ga i ne dopada mi se. Ratumijem sada zašto je Zeleni čaj imao najbolje ocjene na samoj stranici.

To bi bilo sve o ovom proizvodu, nadam se da ste saznali korisne informacije, ako ste probali ovaj sprej molim vas komentirajte, želim čuti i vaša mišljenja.

Do čitanja,💕

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