Review of Rexona Maximum Protection Cream

Hello dear readers, today I am going to show you my Rexona anti perspirant cream.

I have used this one for several months so I can give you my thoughts on it.

First of all let’s talk about packaging. It is super travel friendly. It has roll on system but in a creme finish with many holes on rhe top of product.

I bought this one in December and I use it every day. This product smell heavily in the packaging but when you put it on your body makes you feel fresh all day and even the next morning. I can’t believe that I found product that lasts on me and doesn’t brake and lose smell during the day. I love that is a cream product and it lasts.

I tried it in the morning and didn’t take shower that day to see what it will be because I sweat a little bit more than average woman and guess what my body felt fresh the next morning too.

I really love the packaging and the price is around 6€ which is ok because you get 45 ml of creme product which you can’t run out for 2-3 months because it is very creamy product and heavily smelly. You only need a small amount.

So let’s talk about how it is dermatologically tested. It is said to keep you fresh for 48 H which is truth I tried it and it really is. It is made in Phillipines.

I really love it. And will continue to use it because I can’t stand those deodorants in tubes. I just can’t.

Tell me did you try this product? What are your thoughts on it. Please let me know in comments.

Sooo here are the photos😀

Thank you all for reading,

Ivana ❤💕

My go to skin care products 

Hello everyone today I am going to introduce you products that I use every day for past three months and it is all about skin care routine. 

Let’s start:

💗Neutrogena Visibly clean daily scrub. This is my go to product for the past two months im my skin care routine. This is soooooo cool product. It is not to harsh and it smells jummy. Works pretty good with cleaning face and dead skin. 

💗Neutrogena Visibly clear moisturiser 

This creme is everything. It is so nourising for dry skin like mine. Makes it look good and hydrated also my skin feels softer and it smells just like daily scrub. 

Also this is a good makeup base. It has 50 ml so it can last some time. I love it for priming my skin before makeup. 


💗Balea Urea cream

This one saved my eyes in past momth. I had so bad irritation umder my eyes and it was hell. I used this creme every day 2-3 a time. And it hydrated my skin and it was better. This was savage for me. It osn’t expensive at all but was soo refreshing and without parfumes or parabens. 

💗Nivea body milk Nourishing 

This body milk is everything. I use it for years now. I have very dry skin nad this was my go to product for whole these years. It smells beautifully works soo good. It makes my skin smooth and soo good smell. 

💗Last but not the least is my anti perspirant Rexona roll on better to say creme perspirant that stops negative smell and this one is a win for me. Love it. 
Did you tried any of these products? What do you think about them. Please let me know in comments. 

I also wanted to show you my new look of bathroom. Enjoy. Love my new look of vanity 😍

Thank you all for reading,

Ivana 💕