New makeup goodies

Hellodear bloggers, it’s been a long time that I haven’t post any of my new makeup goodies. I was so tired of my work and I didn’t have time to show you any of my new purchases. But I read every day different blogs and posts because I share the same love for writing as you.
So today I am gonna show you my new purchases in month of July.
First let’s gonna start from makeup goodies.

The first thing that I have to show you is my new Essence Shine Shine Shine lipgloss in shade So into it!

  • Essence claims this to be wet looking gloss and it really is. I love the smell, the packaging. You are getting 5 ml. It is none sticky formula but it doesn’t last that long on the lips so you have to reapply it several times. But the smell and the color is perfect. The price tag is around 3€ and it is so affortable.
  • On my lips this gloss is amazing. I love it.
  • Next item is also from Essence and it is theirs most sold out lip pencil in shade In the nude. I needed new one and it is perfect for my new lipstick that I will show you further in the post.

  • Next item is my new lipstick from Makeup Revolution it is Renaissance lipstick in shade Awaken.

I am in love with this color. It looks amazing. Smells amazing. The finish is cream and none drying formula. The pigmentation is there and it is pretty good for the price of 4€. Also the packaging is very similar to ST lipsticks and as I know that Makeuprevolution makes “dupes” this one looks amazing. The packaging is very heavy and well made.
here is it on my lippies. I am in love😍
on this photo we have Essence lip pencil, Renaissance lipstick and Essence lipgloss

Next item is my obsession it is all about Makeup Revolution Vivid baked highlighter in the shade Golden Lights.
This highlighter swatches nicely, there is no powderyness or glitter in it. Looks soo goldish and glowy on the face eventhough it doesn’t capture good on the hand on the face looks amazing. The price tag is hilarius about 4€ for this amazing glowy highlighter. It is pigmented, good for pale skin and perfect. It has 7.5 g of product.

Next item is my old goodie Catrice Liquid camouflage concealer in the shade Light natural. I had to repurchase it. You have it on my blog all about it and the quality of this item.

Next is something new on our market in Croatia and it is Wet n Wild Photo focus foundation
I needed to try it by myself. I got the shade light ivory and it looks amazing. The pigmentation, the formula and the aplicator is soo good. I also love the packaging but the smell is little bit intense at first but later it goes away. The finish is semi matte (velvet). It looks lightweight on the skin and covers MEDIUM on my face. Also looks so natural like second skin. I am in love for now.

Next item is my new Essence blush in Satin blush touch formula in the shade Satin.
I wanted to buy new blush for a long time and I found my color as I don’t use blush very often but I found my color and I love this blush. The formula is so creamy and nice the pigmentation is insane for a drugstore brand that I can’t believe it. But I love it so so much. This blush costs around 3€. It is so affortable and Essence has many options when it comes to blushes. You need to try some of these for sure.

Last makeup item that I got from Pink panda is my Makeup Revolution Pro fix setting spray oil control
I needed new setting spray and this was on top 10 products on Pink panda and i purchase it. For now I love that it has alcohol so it helds
my makeup in place. The spray is nice and I am happy for now. I can’t tell if any setting spray is bad for me. I love them all. This has 100 ml. And costs around 7€

I also purchased new Nivea anti perspirants

I love the smell of Nivea so much.

And some new toothpaste. I can’t see the whitening effect eventhough I use it 3 times a day for week now but I love it. It was around 4€ in Bipa.

Last item in my new purchase is my new parfume from Armani

I really enjoy Si intense parfume. And you have to try it at parfume shop and let me know what do you think about it.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if sou have questions be free to ask me. Also you can tell me what is your opinion of any of the products also did you try any of these or something similar.

Thank you for reading. And see you soon❤️

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Weekend make up looks 

Hello dear readers I wanted to share with you some looks that I have made this weekend


Lip color: Colourpop Ultra Satin lip Alyssa 

Higlighter: TheBalm Mary Lou 

Brows: Essence make me brow & Catrice brow duo 

Contour: Catrice Prime and fine contour duo

Foundation: Maybelline Fit me Luminous finish 110 

Setting powder: RCMA setting powder

For this look I used:


just a little bit of my Fit me concealer and RCMA SETTING POWDER

BROWS by Essence make me brow powder duo

Lipstick is by Golden Rose in shade 04

Mascara by Essence Lash princess (green)

For this look I used:

Primer: Golden Rose luminous primer 

Foundation: Loreal Matte 24 H & Fit me by Maybelline 

Setting powder by Golden Rose & RCMA setting powder under eyes 

Shadows by Colourpop Zingara palette & Morphe 35T with some random glitter 

Mascara by Essence Lash princess & Maybelline Great Lash mascara

Contour by Catrice Prime and fine 

Bronzing by WNW duo for contour 

Highlighter by Colourpop in shade Flexitarian & TheBalm on top (Mary Lou)

Blush by Sleek in shade Rose Gold 

Brows made with Maybelline Sculpt brow pencil & Catrice powder duo & Essence Make me brow gel mascara

Lippies made with Golden Rose Velvet matte lipstick in shade 03 & Kiko Lipgloss pencil in shade “13”

Setting spray: Nyx Matte setting spray 

Which one do you like the best? 

Are you more for natural or glammy look? 

Please let me know in comments

Which lip color did you like the best on me?

Thank you for reading❤️

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EMPTIES ALLERT (Used up makeup)

Hello dear readers. These past months I wanted to use up my products that is why I was not buying all new makeup which doesn’t mean that I won’t soon buy new goodies. Stay tuned. 

So let’s get into it:

First of all I will share some MAKEUP ITEMS:

Wet n wild Cover all primer 

I really enjoyed this one for a base and I will REPURCHASE IT for sure. 

My setting spray from Gerard cosmetics. I used up this one. It was a good spray but I won’t purchase it because I have many options available when it comes to setting sprays even though this one was good because it had alcohol and that is what makes your makeup stay longer on the face. The Fix plus from Mac doesn’t have that ingredient. It is just fixing spray that means that it melts everything into skin perfectly but doesn’t make your makeup last longer. 
Fit me lominous finish by Maybelline. I already have new bottle and I just love the finish and the natural coverage with this one. Just a must have product in my opinion for dry skin. 

I photographed together my old Essence Make me brow gel mascara and the new one. This is a such good product. I just love this for my brows and makes them perfect. 

This one was naaah for me. It is about Catrice prime and fine eyeshadow base and I was fie with it but I use my concealer more on my eyes soo this I won’t repurchase anymore. 

Omg this item was a discovery for me. I even wrote whole review on it. It is all about Catrice Liquid camouflage concealer.  I love the coverage the finish. All about it. I have ti get new one for sure!

My Golden Rose liquid lipstick in shade 10. I love this color. I managed to hit the empty bottle in liquid lipstick. I just love the formula of these lipsicks. It is incredible. I will repurchase this one for sure. 

This mayscara from Maybelline was a holy grail for me! I finally used it up and now I am holding to my Essence Lash Princess mascara. I loved this one expecially for lower lashes. I will repurchase it for sure. 
I hit the bottle on my fav fragrance from Nina Ricci La extase. This is a such good parfume little bit up in price an about 70€ for 30 ml but this smells like heaven. I will repurchase it for sure!

Little bit of skincare items that are used up

My Eveline Laser precision cream. 

I enjoyed using it. It had some good feeling on my skin. I always tend to buy cremes that have hyluronic acid in them. So this one was a good buy for sure. 

Thank you all for reading. Hope you liked it. And if you had tried any of these please let me know in comments your opinions about them. 


Ivana ❤️

Review on Essence brow products 

Hello people, I was talking about my Peel of DIY mask this morning so if you missed it you can see. The results are amazing. It cleans, it makes your skin look soft and clean and most important it is easy to make. You don’t have to buy expensive Black masks over 20$. It is the same thing 🙂 but less expensive. Only few bucks.

So in this post I wanted to show you my Essence brow products that are total win for me.

First I wanna mention youtube viral dupe for Gimme brow and it is all about Make me brow from Essence 

So this product is simple eyebrow gel mascara that costs around 3€. It is soooo cheap and good product. I have shade 02 Browny browns and there are two more shades.

The packaging is simple tube with perfect sized wand to put in brows.

Next thing about this product that it isn’t too pigmented and you can work nice with it. It sticks your brows in place whole day and gives a little bit of fullnes and colour to them.

So this gel claims to colour full and shape your brows. It has fibers that does naturally fuller brows.

I agree with it. It does what it is supposed to do.

Make me brow:

👏🏻Perfect wand

👏🏻 Full wear time

👏🏻 Fuller brows

👏🏻 Shaping

👏🏻 Affortable item dupe for Gimme brow

Next item I want to mention also from Essence is my Shape and Shadows Eye contouring palette 

I think this palette was temporary made with other 3 palettes. I bought this one for eyes and brows.

I really enjoy the colours in it. The shadows itself are really pigmented and not powdery at all. It has 8.4 g of product.

Let’s start from packaging.

I think that this is the cutest packaging out there even cuter than TheBalm ones. It has cute messages like All eyes on me. Wow brow. I love your eyes. It is the cutest packaging ever. It also has nice mirror and magnetic top.

Let’s talk about colours in it

Higlighter billie vanilli

This shade is everything. It is good for brows and inner corners of eye. It is buffer feel and none powdery.

Marylin metallic

This shade is also shimmery and it is good for lid. I love brown colours and I enjoy this one on the lid. It is also none powdery. Very pigmented and cute looking.

Hagel grooe

This one I use as my transition shade as it doesn’t fit my colour of brows. It is also nicr pigmented and none powdery. Very good quality of shadows

Audrey highbrow 

This is my dream shade for brows. I use this one and the next one down below. I find this powder good for brows. It lasts all day long and it is not chunky and powdery. This matte shade is also good for outer corners of eyes. I love it.

Brigitte brown

This shade is perfect for Instagram brows. I love to mix this one and the audrey highbrow. This is also nice pigmented and it lasts all day with no fading on my brows.

All in all I really enjoy this palette. It is very travel friendy. You also get little duo ended brush and spooley.  I love the concept of this little palette.

Here are all shadows together. Very pigmented 🙂

Guess where I have brow product and where I don’t wear any 🤗

Essence palette

👏🏻Packaging is adorable

👏🏻 Pigmentation is awesome

👏🏻 Travel friendly

👏🏻 Mirror included

👏🏻 Good colour selection
Thst is all for today. I hope you liked it. Please let me know in comments if you had tried any of these products.


Makeup look 

Hello I want to show you little makeup look that I have done for my cousin 18 birthday. Soooooooo enjoy👌🏻🙌🏻 

Hair was done natural. No iron or something like that. 

Products used:

* Primer: Neutrogena moisturiser grape fruit creme. Perfect for base. 

* Foundation: actually I used little bit of Age Rewind all over my face from Maybelline and little bit foundation 24H Matte from Loreal. Perfect combo. 

* Powder: Rimmel stay matte & Catrice Prime and Fine translucent powder 

* Contour: Maybelline sculpt duo & Wet N Wild duo (caramell toffee)

* Highlight: ColourPop Flexitarian & TheBalm Mary Lou 

* Blush: Mannhattan Blush 

* brows: Essence palette for brows & Wet N Wild pencil for brows & Essence Make me brow & Estee Lauder Double Wear pencil for brows 

* Lips: ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Alyssa. 

* Setting spray: Gerard Cosmetics Green Tea. 

* Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash & BourJois mascara double twist 

* eyeshadows: Morphe 35T & ColourPop Zingara palette. 

That is all. I hope you enjoyed this look just as me. 

Thank you all for reading 💄💕


My wishlist for holidays – Moj popis za Božić

Hello everyone, today we are talking about wish items for holidays. You all know that this is happiest time of the year. It is already cold here in Mostar, everything is preparing for Christmas, we are going to have little Christmas houses with food, wine, some delicious cakes and ofcourse lots of fun :-).


pozdrav svima, danas van predstavljam svoju listu želja za Božić i božićno vrijeme  svi znamo da je božićno vrijeme puno veselja, a u Mostaru je sve spremno za “Božićni grad” i obilje veselja, dobre hrane i naravno kuhanog vina  jedva čekam ❤️


I have some items that I wish for Christmas, it is all about make up items.

1. I am gonna start with Morphe x Kathleen Lights palette. The moment it went viral I wanted it so bad. It is so nude, casual but so glam and special. And ofcourse I admire to Kathleen, she is one of my best yt make up artists that I follow. And the palette is so cute and looks fun. And I want it so bad.💎💎💎

1. Započet ću sa Morphe paletom u suradnji sa Kathleen Lights, jedna od dražih yt umjetnica. Trenutak kada je ova paleta izašla u prodaju ja sam se oduševila bojama, izborom boja. Paleta je savršena za svskodnevni look ili pak za izlazak i to božićno vrijeme. Definitivno prva na listi želja! 😍

1. Morphe x Kathleen Lights palette


2. Second item that i love and hope to buy it one day is Anastasia Bewerly Hills Moon Child highlighter palette. I really love the quality and the pigmentation, and the glow of all her palettes. It is go to item for my holiday wish list. And it is so cute that I want to eat it.


2. Druga paleta koju već dugo vremena želim je Anastasia Moon Child paleta highlightera koja mi je prelijepa, a vjerujem da bi mi se svidjele i nijanse. Zbog toga se nalazi na drugom mjestu mojih želja za ovo blagdansko vrijeme.

2. Anastasia Moon Child palette

3. Third item is Z palette. I am telling myself for 6 months I am gonna buy it. I love it, I need one of these smart items in my collection. I am telling to myself but I didn’t purchase it yet. I definetly need one of these little cute palettes.


3. Treća također paletica koju već dugo vremena gledam kupiti, ali uvijek me nešto odbije, ‘ožda cijena, tko zna… Riječ je o Z-paleti za sve proizvode koje želite staviti na jedno mjesto, u jednu paletu, odnosno one koje koristite često u svome šminkanju. Meni je sasvim svejedno mala ili velika. Bilo kakva bi me očarala jer su predivne.

3. Z-palette 


4. Again it is one palette that I saw on Tati yt chanell. And it is all about BH cosmetics Shaaanaxo palette. It has beautiful pink packaging and both sides. One side are beautiful shadows, and the other are lip colors. I adore it. It is so cute and perfect for Christmas gift. And I want to gift myself 😍


4. Još jedna paletica na spisku, riječ je o BH cosmetics paleti u suradnji sa Shaaanaxo. Paleta ima dio sa sjenilima, drugi dio palete je dio za ruževe. Predivno izgleda, Tati ju je spominjala na svom yt chanellu. Definitivno jedna od go to želja za blagdane

4. BH cosmetics, Shaaanaxo palette


5. And one kit that I want for a long time is Real Tehniques eye brush set. Yea, yea, you all know it is the purple kit. The perfect kit for eyes. I have the Core collection and I want this one so baaaad. I am obssesed with this one for a long time. And the holidays are coming so…


5. A sad malo četkica. Kako se kaže četkica nikada dosta. Ovo je set četkica koje želim dugoooo, dugo vremena, a radi se o Real Tehniques setu četkica za oči. Predivne su ljubičaste boje, već posjedujem RT Core collection četkice i vjerujem da bi me i ove oduševile kvalitetom 😍.

5. Real Tehniques eye brush set

6. Last item that I want in my collection for Christmas is Nyx Lingerie liquid lipstick. I love NYX liquid lipsticks. I saw it in NYX shop in Mostar and I fell in love. I want the brown, burgundy, nude. I want all of the shades that fits fall and winter time of the year. I am obssesed 😍


6. Zadnji predmet o kojem ću pričati je NYX  tekući ruž Lingerie. Želim posjedovati sve nude, smeđe, tamno crvene boje jer su savršeni. Mislim da ću sama sebe iznenaditi u NYX dućanu u Mostaru ovih blagdana. Obožavam ih🔝

That is all I hope you enjoyed reading and comment what kind of gifts you would like for Christmas. ❤️🙈

Thank you, kisses💋.


To bi bilo sve što se nalazi na mojoj listi želja, ima tu još puno stvarčica ali ovo je ono što već duže vremena želim u svojoj kolekciji. Pozdrav i naravno do čitanja.😘



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Pozdrav ljudi, danas imam za vas iznenađenje, osim recenziranja imam slike svoga rada.
Da započnemo, razgovarat ćemo o Makeup REVOLUTION Ultra Blush Palette i Makeup REVOLUTION Iconic 3 palette.
Prvo ću pričati o paleti rumenila koja posjeduje i 2 highlightera. Rumenila nisu tako jaka i pigmentirana kao što se čine boje. Malo izgledaju strašne kao rumenila, ali sve su to nježne boje, slične jedna drugoj, po mom mišljenju neke su ponovljene što ćete vidjeti na slikama.
Rumenila su većinom matte završetka, a 2 ili 3 su sa laganim šljokicama, ali opet kažem ništa pretjerano svjetlucavo.
Meni su osobno sva rumenila prelijepa, iako volim svjetlija zbog svog tena, ovisno o raspoloženju miksam nekoliko boja i stavim na jagodice.
Što se tiče highlightera imamo 2 nijanse jedna je boje šampanjca dok je druga hladnog poddtona na ljubičastu, hladnu boju. Obožavam ove highlightere u paleti i mogu reći da me oni i najviše raduju jer su kremaste teksture iako nisu u kremi već imate osjećaj kao da su maslac. Obožavam ih natapkati prstima na lice i na nos.
Mogu se prelijepo nanijeti četkicom ali se onda gubi efekat bljeska koji ja obožavam kod svojih highlightera, ali mogu se lijepo nadograđivati pomoću četkice. Stoga, sve ovisi o ukusu pri nanošenju određenog proizvoda.
Pakiranje je prelijepo, nije laganog osjećaja u ruci, ima težine, paleta ima prelijepo, kvalitetno ogledalo što je još jedan plus. Posudice su dovoljno velike da četkica stane u svaku od njih, stoga nemam zamjerke.
Da zaključimo, paleta rumenila je savršen izbor za cure koje vole eksperimentirati sa rumenilima, a da li je vi trebate, to nije nužno jer imate neke nijanse koja su slične jedna drugoj. Ovo bi više preporučila curama koje šminkaju i onima koji se vole igrati bojama na licu.
Cijena palete je nekih 60-70 kuna, tj. oko 10€. Možete je kupiti na Pink Pandi. Koliko ja znam kod nas je nema u slobodnoj prodaji u drogerijama.

Druga paleta o kojoj nemam baš pohvalnih riječi je Makeup REVOLUTION ICONIC 3 paleta koja je kao “verzija” Naked paleta.
Odmah da započnem od pakiranja, ne sviđa mi se što izgleda jeftino, ima jeftinu četkicu sa nekim jastučićem tko to uopće koristi? Nema ogledala, proziran je poklopac, no to mi ne smeta nekada volim omah vidjeti nijansu da mogu na brzinu što se kaže našminkati se i ići za obavezama.
Druga stvar koja mi se nimalo ne sviđa što su pregrade, sama veličina i dužina svakog sjenila neprilagođene uzimanjem prstima jer su toliko uske da je to nemoguće učiniti, a paleta posjeduje sjenila koja se nanose isključivo prstima, zbog toga na samoj slici se može vidjeti nered na ruci.
Moram priznati da su mi se puno više svidjele matte sjene i one kao pigmenti nego one sa shimmer završetkom. Nekako su praškaste, nepigmentirane, neuredne što se također vidi na slici.
Ova paleta mi se nije javiše dopala, zbog toga i nisam posezala za njom. Trenutno mi nema zamjene za moju Morphe paletu u mojoj kolekciji, stoga Morphe je i dalje prva i najbolja.
Ova paleta košta oko nekih 50-60 kuna na Pink Pandi. Nije skupa, ali nije mi se ni dopala previše jer je neprilagođena, svaka nijansa je drugačije pigmentacije, neujednačena je i izgleda jeftino.
Nadam se da su vam se svidjele moje recenzije ova dva REVOLUTION proizvoda koja posjedujem, i da sam Vam pomogla pri odabiru njihovih paleta. Po mom mišljenju puno je bolja paleta od Makeup REVOLUTION 32 sjenila sa ogledalom koja je oko 90 kuna :-).
P.S. Pogledajte fotografije moga rada i kažite što mislite o make up inspiraciji :-).
Do čitanja,


Hello, today we are talking about Makeup REVOLUTION Ultra Blush palette and Iconic 3 palette.
First of all I have a little suprise in posted photos for you. My own work that I have done today 🙂
First, I am gonna talk about Blush palette that I enjoyed.
I really love the pigmentation, the texture of blushes. They are not too pigmented you can mix them, they are nice with no shimmer, only 2-3 have little bit of shimmer but in a normal way for blushes. You have 6 blushes in palette and 2 highlighters. Now we are talking about my favorite thing and that are HIGHLIGHTERS. I really enjoy these highlighters, they are creamy, butter feel, nice, not shimmery in a bad way. They are perfect to put on face eith fingers. When you do with your brush you have to build in my opinion to make the blind effect. But they are so natural and glam if you want to make it that way.
One of them is golden toned and one is icey so you can mix both or use one that suits you more.
The packaging is black, not lightweight at all, it has mirror to it, the pans are enough big to put a brush in it. For me they are perfect for the price of 10€ :-).
The other palette is ICONIC 3 that i didn’t much enjoy. I don’t like the packaging, it’s lightweight, plastic is so cheap, the pans are to small to put your finger in it and some of the colors need finger in it because they are like pressed pigments. If you are gonna do that prepare for the mess on your hand, eye and pan. You can see the mess at my hand where I swatched them. So I don’t like the packaging. That is the first thing.
The other thing that I don’t like is the pigmentation of shimmery shadows, it doesn’t have pigmentation at all. I enjoy more matte and pressed shadows than the shimmery ones.
The price is about 9€, but still I don’t use it. I don’t personally like it. I prefer my Morphe palette over this one, tho.
That is all that I have to say about MAKEUP REVOLUTION PALETTES. Hope you like it, enjoy.
P.s. Look at the photos and say what do you think at my work :-).