Hello people, I just want to show you my favourite lipsticks for months now. I used them as much as I could. So I have soome good swatches. If you want to see then keep on reading.

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Sooo here are swatches:

Ofcourse it is all about my small collection of Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipsticks

I have shade: 03, 16, 26. All types of nude colour👌🏻💄

Down here are my liquid lipsticks from Golden Rose

03, 04, 10, 11 😍

I am in love. I have swatched it on my Instagram and tried to erase them with creme and guess what. It was nearly impossible to do that. They are sooo good and durable on the lips. None drying and have avocado oil and Vitamin E in formula. They smell like vanilla and look gorgeous❤

Have you tried Golden Rose?

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Essence Pure Nude Highlighter 

Hello to you all, today I am writing blog post about this gorgeous highlighter from Essence that every yt has spoken about from Kathleen Lights to Tati and Jamie Paige and others.

I finnaly got my hands on it. It is soooooo affortable item that I was shocked with the price of 4€ and the quality of powder. I emediately felt in love with this magic thing from Essence. It is known that Essence makes soome good stuff like mascaras, for me the best mascaras at drugstore for sure, some good palettes like Nudes palette, good lipsticks (Matt Matt Matt edition), they have some good blushes (ultra satin edition), brow gels (make me brow best at drugstore). They really have big range of very good quality products. And they started really good game with new items at market field.

💎First of all I want to discuss about packaging. It is not that light weight at all. It has black package with clear top and writing of Pure Nude highlighter. I love the package it is so travel friendly.

💎The amount of product is good. It has 6.5 g and The Balm one has 8.5g but the price is not comparable. The Balm one is over 20€ and this one is 4€. I really love this shade it is i shade 10 Be my Highlight. And this product has not mirror to it but I know for the price it is ok. And I often don’t use mirror on the package of items at all.

💎This is what Essence says about this item:💎

Baked highlighter powder. The ultrasmooth texture puts fresh and lominous accents on the face. The slightly shimmering powder is perfect for highlighting cheek bones.

This is really nice highlighter. It doesn’t have at all those ugly glitter in it like Mac Soft and Gentle. In my opinion Mac highlighter doesn’t worth that money. For me The Balm Mary Lou is 100 times better quality than Mac soft and gentle.

This powder from Essence is soo butter feel, it is light shimmering, so natural that gives good amount of highlight to your face for every day use. It is not that glam looking like Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters or even like Mary Lou but it gives nice glow to the face. And I understand why all youtubers were raving about it because it is perfect everyday glow highligter. Not everyone loves big glitter on their faces and for the fine lines, mature skin this is perfect highlight power to face. It doesn’t set in pores. Perfect for everyday use.

💎Ingrediens: Mica, Boron Nitride, Magnesium Aluminium Stearate… doesnt disturbe me at all same is with the Balm Mary Lou highlihter. So that is what is said for highligter ingredients.

💎All in all I really love this one. I will definately repurchase it when I hit the pan in this one. It is nice, settle good highlighter and soo affortable. It is also made in EU, Poland. I wish they will come in some new colours like violet maybe.

Did you try this one? What do you think about it?

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You can see it is sooo natural on skin when it hits the sun light 🙂

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