New products (Summer vibes)🎀🎉🎊

Hello dear readers as I am waiting for my orders to come from diffent sites I wanted to show you my new skin care and makeup products that I purchased in my local drugstore. I will soon review and show you my BB orders and LookFantastic ones. I can't wait them to come so I can play and talk about my personal opinion.

Sooo let's start with this post:

💕Essence Satin touch blush in shade 20 Satin love

I purchased this one because I needed new one and my fav youtubers Tati and Kathleen had only nice words for this formula so I wanted to buy it and test it.
The packaging is cute just in Essence style. I love the cute theme around their products. It has 5 g of product and the price is around 3€. Very affortable.

The formula is satin. And the feel of it. I can't explain. It has the most smoothest feeling of all drugstore blushes that I have tried and used. I can't get over the smoothness of this product.

It is also very pigmented. Not overly but just in nice way. I love little bit of sheen that it gives to my skin and the color is just perfect for my skin tone. I enjoy it so so much.

So what Essence claims for this item:
✔️ satin soft blush for a fresh looking complexion all day long

I can't agree more for the claim of fresh looking skin complexion. It can last on my skin for 6-7 H though but I enjoy it and it is sooooo affortable.

🎀Next is my ultimate favorite Essence lip liner color in shade I am nude. It is all about lipliner that has smooth and longlasting formula.

I really enjoy this color. I am all about nudes in my collection.
The lipliner is soo affortable 1€ only. But you get nice and pigmented lipliner that doesn't hurt your lip and has nice precision for use.
the top color is this I am nude lip liner.

Next is Essence new brush for eyebrows. It is Cubanita collection brush. I really enjoy their brushes. They have some
Good ones. This one is new to drugstore world. Nice spooley and nice angled brush for precise brow lining. The price tag around 3€.

🎀Next are my new purchases of Nivea products.
I always go back to my Nivea skincare products whenever I try new products Igo back to Nivea. That talks a lot about their quality in my opinion.

I bought their new Creme care shower creme with elements and unique scent of Nivea creme that I sooo enjoy. I used it 3-4 times and it leaves my skin soo nourished and nice smell on the skin for hours.
Ph neutral and has 500 ml. Price tag is around 2€.

Next is my ultimate fav Body milk from Nivea for dry and very dry skin. I just love the feel of it. It stays around 2 days nourished on my legs eventhough I shower 2-3 times in a day. It is just perfect and the smell of it. Ooo my God I love it soo sooo much for years now. The price tag around 6€.

This one is new to me. It is Nivea Protect and care anti perspirant. It says that it protects 48H. All I know that I adore the smell of it. The feel of it. Soo I have it for 2 weeks now and I can say that it lasts on me for whole day on my work and I don't gel smelly evethough I sweath a lot this thing keeps me dry and super good smelling at my work and I work in a souvenir shop with no air conditioner. That says a lot about this one. Totally win for me.
Price tag around 3€.

That is all for today. I hope you liked it. I will soon review some Zoeva products also The ordinary ones, Colourpop, some brushes from BB and cool things from Makeup Revolution and sooooome good Parfume.

Stay tuned. Love you all.


New purchase

Hello dear friends, today I purchased some good drugstore products. 

I want to show you my new collection. 


MaYbelline Fit me concealer 

I wanted to try this beauty for Months. Finally I got it. Soon review on this one. Did you try it? What are your thoughts? Let me know in comments 

Nyx soft matte lip cream in shade Berlin

I gave another try to Nyx matte lip cream in this beautiful brown color. I love these kind of shades  

Kiko Pencil lip gloss

Omg. I got this from my makeup obsessed cousin. This is soo good lipstick that is soo shiny and pigmented yet very durable. I tried it and tested it. Soon review on this item. Love it for now. 

Little bit skincare/ haircare

I have been enjoying my hair conditioner from L’oreal Elseve extraordinary oil conditioner 

It made my hair look and feel sooo soft. 

Nivea Hair milk. I wanted to try new hair shampoo. I found this interesting item to try out. 

Last is my new hair mask from Balea. I didn’t tried it yet. But i hope Iwill like it. 

Did you try any of these? 

Thank you for reading,

Please let me know in comments about your tgoughts 🙂



My empties- Products that I have used up- SKINCARE

My empties- Products that I have used up- SKINCARE
Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about my absolute fav products that I have been using past 2 months. It is all about skin care products and my routine every day.
1. First priduct that I am going to talk about is my Nivea Body Milk for dry skin. It has almond oil to it. It emediately nourishes my skin. I have very dry skin and this product I am using almost 8 years and I always buy this deep blue bottle. I love the smell of it and I love the product it is not heavy cream. It looks like well made body milk and it’s quality is the same all these years that I have been using it. I just love this milk and every other is not like this one.

2. Second skin care product is Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink grape fruit daily scrub. I love this scrub. It is gentle but it does ehat is supposed to do. I love the smell of it and the effect of my face after it. My skin feels fresh and clean. I do it twice a day. In the morning and when I am going to bed I clean every little spot of my face if it has left any trace of makeup. It copletely removes makeup from face and does very good job. It is not expensive. One bottle of this is around 5€ and it can last one month with every day routine like mine.

3. Product is newer in my collection and it is Marseillias body milk with nuitrition, oils in it. I love the smell, love the quality of milk, love the effect and it is not cheap cream. Looks very promising but I love more my Nivea because it is in tube and this one is in jar. That is only one thing that I have to tell it is different. But the quality and the effect on the skin is very similar to me.

4. One of the products that I love to put at night time is my night time cream. I have one from Ziaja. It is called Goat milk nourishing cream. I love the smell of it. It is nice for night time because it is heavier and it feeds my dry skin at night time. Did you try any of the Ziaja products?

5. Little bit of hair care. Best shampoo for hair in my opinion are Syoss products. I love my Glossing shine effect shampoo. It is little bit of smell in it. It is not aggressive and it feels good on my hair. Doesn’t dry my hair. It does what it is said to do. My hair feels glossy and fresh even tho I have done coloring my hair. It has keratin primer in it so it is good for damaged hair.

6. Second shampoo that I love to use is my Ziaja Goat’s milk shampoo eith keratin for very dry hair. Has nice smell, also not agressive. Feels good on hair, it doesn’t dry my hair and feels like nice shampoo. I have used it all up. Love it soo much.

7. My every day routine after Neutrogena scrub is my night cream Ziaja and around eyes area I use my Balea Augen Cream Urea with no smell. It is made for very dry eye area like mine. I use it every night and you need little bit because it is very nourshing. Love the effect that gives me. I love it and my under eye area looks good for now with this product.

Did you try any of these products? What do you think. Please leave a reply/ comment and reccomend somethin for dry skin. Love you all,💕