New makeup goodies

Hellodear bloggers, it’s been a long time that I haven’t post any of my new makeup goodies. I was so tired of my work and I didn’t have time to show you any of my new purchases. But I read every day different blogs and posts because I share the same love for writing as you.
So today I am gonna show you my new purchases in month of July.
First let’s gonna start from makeup goodies.

The first thing that I have to show you is my new Essence Shine Shine Shine lipgloss in shade So into it!

  • Essence claims this to be wet looking gloss and it really is. I love the smell, the packaging. You are getting 5 ml. It is none sticky formula but it doesn’t last that long on the lips so you have to reapply it several times. But the smell and the color is perfect. The price tag is around 3€ and it is so affortable.
  • On my lips this gloss is amazing. I love it.
  • Next item is also from Essence and it is theirs most sold out lip pencil in shade In the nude. I needed new one and it is perfect for my new lipstick that I will show you further in the post.

  • Next item is my new lipstick from Makeup Revolution it is Renaissance lipstick in shade Awaken.

I am in love with this color. It looks amazing. Smells amazing. The finish is cream and none drying formula. The pigmentation is there and it is pretty good for the price of 4€. Also the packaging is very similar to ST lipsticks and as I know that Makeuprevolution makes “dupes” this one looks amazing. The packaging is very heavy and well made.
here is it on my lippies. I am in love😍
on this photo we have Essence lip pencil, Renaissance lipstick and Essence lipgloss

Next item is my obsession it is all about Makeup Revolution Vivid baked highlighter in the shade Golden Lights.
This highlighter swatches nicely, there is no powderyness or glitter in it. Looks soo goldish and glowy on the face eventhough it doesn’t capture good on the hand on the face looks amazing. The price tag is hilarius about 4€ for this amazing glowy highlighter. It is pigmented, good for pale skin and perfect. It has 7.5 g of product.

Next item is my old goodie Catrice Liquid camouflage concealer in the shade Light natural. I had to repurchase it. You have it on my blog all about it and the quality of this item.

Next is something new on our market in Croatia and it is Wet n Wild Photo focus foundation
I needed to try it by myself. I got the shade light ivory and it looks amazing. The pigmentation, the formula and the aplicator is soo good. I also love the packaging but the smell is little bit intense at first but later it goes away. The finish is semi matte (velvet). It looks lightweight on the skin and covers MEDIUM on my face. Also looks so natural like second skin. I am in love for now.

Next item is my new Essence blush in Satin blush touch formula in the shade Satin.
I wanted to buy new blush for a long time and I found my color as I don’t use blush very often but I found my color and I love this blush. The formula is so creamy and nice the pigmentation is insane for a drugstore brand that I can’t believe it. But I love it so so much. This blush costs around 3€. It is so affortable and Essence has many options when it comes to blushes. You need to try some of these for sure.

Last makeup item that I got from Pink panda is my Makeup Revolution Pro fix setting spray oil control
I needed new setting spray and this was on top 10 products on Pink panda and i purchase it. For now I love that it has alcohol so it helds
my makeup in place. The spray is nice and I am happy for now. I can’t tell if any setting spray is bad for me. I love them all. This has 100 ml. And costs around 7€

I also purchased new Nivea anti perspirants

I love the smell of Nivea so much.

And some new toothpaste. I can’t see the whitening effect eventhough I use it 3 times a day for week now but I love it. It was around 4€ in Bipa.

Last item in my new purchase is my new parfume from Armani

I really enjoy Si intense parfume. And you have to try it at parfume shop and let me know what do you think about it.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if sou have questions be free to ask me. Also you can tell me what is your opinion of any of the products also did you try any of these or something similar.

Thank you for reading. And see you soon❤️

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Weekend make up looks 

Hello dear readers I wanted to share with you some looks that I have made this weekend


Lip color: Colourpop Ultra Satin lip Alyssa 

Higlighter: TheBalm Mary Lou 

Brows: Essence make me brow & Catrice brow duo 

Contour: Catrice Prime and fine contour duo

Foundation: Maybelline Fit me Luminous finish 110 

Setting powder: RCMA setting powder

For this look I used:


just a little bit of my Fit me concealer and RCMA SETTING POWDER

BROWS by Essence make me brow powder duo

Lipstick is by Golden Rose in shade 04

Mascara by Essence Lash princess (green)

For this look I used:

Primer: Golden Rose luminous primer 

Foundation: Loreal Matte 24 H & Fit me by Maybelline 

Setting powder by Golden Rose & RCMA setting powder under eyes 

Shadows by Colourpop Zingara palette & Morphe 35T with some random glitter 

Mascara by Essence Lash princess & Maybelline Great Lash mascara

Contour by Catrice Prime and fine 

Bronzing by WNW duo for contour 

Highlighter by Colourpop in shade Flexitarian & TheBalm on top (Mary Lou)

Blush by Sleek in shade Rose Gold 

Brows made with Maybelline Sculpt brow pencil & Catrice powder duo & Essence Make me brow gel mascara

Lippies made with Golden Rose Velvet matte lipstick in shade 03 & Kiko Lipgloss pencil in shade “13”

Setting spray: Nyx Matte setting spray 

Which one do you like the best? 

Are you more for natural or glammy look? 

Please let me know in comments

Which lip color did you like the best on me?

Thank you for reading❤️

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EMPTIES ALLERT (Used up makeup)

Hello dear readers. These past months I wanted to use up my products that is why I was not buying all new makeup which doesn’t mean that I won’t soon buy new goodies. Stay tuned. 

So let’s get into it:

First of all I will share some MAKEUP ITEMS:

Wet n wild Cover all primer 

I really enjoyed this one for a base and I will REPURCHASE IT for sure. 

My setting spray from Gerard cosmetics. I used up this one. It was a good spray but I won’t purchase it because I have many options available when it comes to setting sprays even though this one was good because it had alcohol and that is what makes your makeup stay longer on the face. The Fix plus from Mac doesn’t have that ingredient. It is just fixing spray that means that it melts everything into skin perfectly but doesn’t make your makeup last longer. 
Fit me lominous finish by Maybelline. I already have new bottle and I just love the finish and the natural coverage with this one. Just a must have product in my opinion for dry skin. 

I photographed together my old Essence Make me brow gel mascara and the new one. This is a such good product. I just love this for my brows and makes them perfect. 

This one was naaah for me. It is about Catrice prime and fine eyeshadow base and I was fie with it but I use my concealer more on my eyes soo this I won’t repurchase anymore. 

Omg this item was a discovery for me. I even wrote whole review on it. It is all about Catrice Liquid camouflage concealer.  I love the coverage the finish. All about it. I have ti get new one for sure!

My Golden Rose liquid lipstick in shade 10. I love this color. I managed to hit the empty bottle in liquid lipstick. I just love the formula of these lipsicks. It is incredible. I will repurchase this one for sure. 

This mayscara from Maybelline was a holy grail for me! I finally used it up and now I am holding to my Essence Lash Princess mascara. I loved this one expecially for lower lashes. I will repurchase it for sure. 
I hit the bottle on my fav fragrance from Nina Ricci La extase. This is a such good parfume little bit up in price an about 70€ for 30 ml but this smells like heaven. I will repurchase it for sure!

Little bit of skincare items that are used up

My Eveline Laser precision cream. 

I enjoyed using it. It had some good feeling on my skin. I always tend to buy cremes that have hyluronic acid in them. So this one was a good buy for sure. 

Thank you all for reading. Hope you liked it. And if you had tried any of these please let me know in comments your opinions about them. 


Ivana ❤️

ANTI-HAUL post (What I will not purchase)

Hello to you all today I am writing my anti haul post as I saw it on Youtube and some of the bloggers here on WordPress. I also wanted to show you which products and which brands I won’t purchase and why.
So let’s jump into them:

First of all I want to mention Kylie Cosmetics brand and their well known lipsticks. I won’t purchase any of them because shipping to Europe is awful and veeeery expensive for some liquid lippie that is not the best and I have better options like JS liquid lipsticks and Ofra when it comes to high end lippies. Also when you buy KYLIE comsetics you pay for name not the quality. That is another reason too.
Next item that I won’t purchase is HUDA BEAUTY palette. It is not worth that hype around one palette that is ok but to to to expensive and not my personal preference too.
Farsali oils. I think that they are waste of money and time. I think that every oil can do good job on face. I hatw when youtubers talk about sometnih just because PR packages. And my Fav youtubers don’t find Farsali good on face and they also think that they are way way way over hyped and expensive. You can do coconut oil on your face and it will work fine for dry skin.
Tarte shape tape concealer

As I saw the hype I was soo excited but then my youtubers were talking the real truth about this item and that is:

✔️ to to to over hyped because of PR packages that Tarte sends and also they organise Trips to islands with good reviews with some youtubers

✔️ This concealer is soo drying and thick

✔️ worst applicator in world

✔️ drying

❌ Also Tarte as a company doesn’t send you PR packages when you tell something bad or bad review on their item. That is a shame because brand should listen reviews and make their products even better.
Too faced as a brand and their policy is very very bad.

I won’t purchase any of their items because of their bad quality on the shadows eventho they are up in price their quality varies product to product. I feel like they have different production locations or something. But I won’t pay packaging and I will get shitty item inside with no pigment but high price. No thank you! I will be rather buying Colourpop shadows that are innovative and realistic priced.
Beauty blender

Wow man. I won’t be purchasing this item because it is expensive here in Croatia and also I find my RT sponge and L’oreal good for my face and sponge is a sponge in my opinion.
MORPHE brushes. I won’t purchase any of these anymore because their quality is bad. I bought some that Nikkie loved and guess what. They lost their black colour after 3 times of washing and they started to break and loose fur. Bad bad bad quality brushes for the high price in Europe.
That is all for today. You can tell me which are your anti haul items? Which one you won’t purchase? Do we have similar ones?

Thank you for reading,
Ivana ❤️

Valentine’s day look

Hello to you all, despite my condition with skin I wanted to introduce you my VALENTINE’s day look.

💕Let’s start:


💎 Primer: Catrice prime and fine for eyelids

💎 Setting colozr Stay Matte from Rimmel

💎 Transition colour ColourPop Zingara Palette, shade: Paradox

💎 On the lid: pinky colour from Morphe 35T palette

💎 Corner of the eye: deep brown from 35T

💎 Inner corners: Makeup Revolution All about Blush ( highlighters)

💎Smudged: bronzie colour under lower lashes by Morphe 35T

💎 Brushes used: Morphe blending brush, Morphe pencil brush, Look by Bipa brushes, Essence blending brush


– Catrice brow powder and Make me Brow from Essence


– Primer from Catrice prime and fine

– Foundation: Fit Me by Maybelline

– Concealer: LaGirl HD concealer

– Setting powder: Golden Rose compact powder

– Bronzer: Art Deco bronzing duo

– Blush: All about Blush Palette from Makeup Revolution

– Highlighter: Palette from the MAkeuPrevolution mixed eith some The Balm Mary Lou 💫💫


Ardell lashes Glamour whsp

💕 EYELINER: Artdeco precise liner


Dream lip liner from Golden Rose

Liquid lipstick in shade: 03 from GOLDEN ROSE 🎀💄

💕 SETTING SPRAY: Loreal infallible setting spray


That is all for today.

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Brush collection

Hello everyone and happy weekend. As you can see I have reached over 300 followers yesterday and we are growing super fast. Soo I wanted to show you some of my brushes that I use most of the time. I didn’t do this kind of post so I though it will be cool to show you my collection. Today is my cleaning day, it means that I captured my brushes littlebit wet just keep that in mind.

Thank you for following me and for beautiful comments that I got yesterday. Love you all🎀

My collection:

🎀Real Tehniques sponge

First I want to mention my sponge and it is Real Tehniques original sponge. Mine is old (4mnths) don’t mind that. I clean this sponge 3 times a week so that is why is a little bit old 😂. I am going to buy new one because it is the best dupe of real Beauty Blender. It is so soft and it double sizes when you rinse it in water. It has flat side which is perfect for putting liquid foundation and the sharp edge is perfect for blending concealer and packing loose powder (baking). I got her for an about 6€ online.

🎀Liquid foundation brushes

Sometimes I will use my RT brush to put the foundation on face and then blend it with RT sponge. Left one is RT brush it is sooo good made brush and super affortable for that quality. I have it for 3 years now (it was in Core collection).

Right next to it is my BH cosmetics brush and I use this one to pack the powder under my eyes or to pack bake under the contour powder. It is not that good quality brush so I can’t use it for liquid foundation.

🎀 Powder brushes

For powder brushes I use RT one which is sooo amazing when you want to pack powder on a specific place on you face. Next to it is BH cosmetics brush that I sqourl all over my face and this one is perfect to set your liquid foundation. It is not that danced so you can kick of your bake aswell.

🎀 Contouring brushes

Then we have Morphe M405 brush which is angled so it is good for contouring. It is precise and I only don’t like that it has white colour hair. But it is a good brush and I bought it because Nikki was raving about it.

Next to it is my RT contouring brush. I use it mainly to set my under eyes area, i don’t use it as contouring brush. It is better quality of all Morphe ones. Just saying 🙂


🎀 Eye brushes

For smudging under lower lashes I use Morphe pencil brush and it is perfect for that area. Next to it is random brush from Ebay and I use it to set my eyes after eye primer. It is good for that job.

🎀Blending brushes

I have few of them. My fav is Mophe M441 that everyone was raving on it on YT. It is perfect for blending, soo precise with that tip and so fluffy.

Next to it is my Essence blending brush. This one is not that precise but it blends perfectly and it is soo soft and gentle. I use it after Morphe to blend the sharp edges.

Last one on the photo is Look by Bipa and it is more flat but still fluffy blendin brush and it is perfect for blending in the crease if you wanna do cut crease.

🎀Angled brushes

First one is by Catrice. I ise this top for my brows and it is good discovery. Second one is some random from Ebay and it is good for making cut crease line.

Last one on photo is my L’oreal brush for gel liner and works beautifully with the L’oreal gel liner. Precise and well made.

🎀 Flat brushes

First one is by Bipa and i like to use it when I pack my shadows on the lid.

Second one is from Essence and it is concealer brush but I don’t use it under eyes jet I use it on my lid to pack concealer when I do cut crease.

🎀 Lips brushes

I don’t use often my lips brushes. Sometimes when I have bright colour I do my edges with RT brush and random one on right side.


this is my fav part. I enjoy putting on highighter it is my fav part of doing makeup look. Sooo I have 2 brushes to mention.

First one is fan brush from Golden Rose. I wanted to buy from Morphe but it was always sold on BB so I bought GR one. And it is fine brush packs highlighter naturally on face, not glowy as my right brush from Morphe. The right one use every single youtuber from Nikki to Jefree and that’s why I bought it. It is precise highlight brush and it packs highlighter oj my goood sooo intense and glowy on the face. Love it. Sometimes I use it for blending aswell.

That is all that I can say about my brush collection. What do you think? Do you have some of these brushes? How do they perform? Please let me know in comments.

And I want to thank you all for reading and soo much support yesterday. You make me so happy 🎀💕.

Happy weekend to you all.

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Youtube made me try it 💄

Hello people, after yesterday’s post I am talking today about my discoveries that I really enjoy and use often and I have been loving it for whole 2016.

I won’t talk to much soooo let’s go:

💄First I wanna introduce you my Morphe palettes.

I have 35S (all shimmer) and 35M all mattes. I also have reviewed my 35T palette I am obsessed with the pigmentation, the colour range, the price tag. Everything about these palettes is gorgeous

Next I want to show you my fav concealers:

💄First one is Mac Pro longvear concealer. As you can see I have repurchased it. Love the coverage, the pump is a little tricky it goes lot out of the tube. But the product itself is sooooo good coverage.

💄Second one is ofcourse Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer.

I have been enjoying this one. It is sooo creamy, lightweight on skin, perfect coverage and i love the aplicator.

Highlighter palette from Anastasia Bevery Hills. I think this was limited one. I really enjoy it. It is perfect glowy, buttery, nice colours range palette. It is also perfect for Muas and people that are obsessed with highlighters like me. This is called Glow kit and I absolutely enjoy it. Expecially the Summer one 😍

This foundation my Milani is everything. I think for my pale skin that I had to purchase the 01 but it wasn’t available on BB so I purchased this 02 Natural I mix it with my lighter ones from Loreal and it is ok. I really love it. Everyone was talking about it on youtube. Every yt was raving about it. And I know ehy. It is full coverage, nice finish, very creamy and pigmented. Love the packaging, formula, it has pump. Loveeee it 😍

This setting spray was all over the youtube for several months and I bought the Green Tea that I have already reviewed and this one the Lavander smell Gerard Cosmetics setting spray. Love the Green Tea more but they are both good ones 👌🏻

This product was also all over the yt for some time. They were duping it to Give me brow from Benefit. And it is my go to gel for brows. I love this product. It is super affortable and it makes my brows look and stay in place whole day. Stunning discovery. Thank you youtubers. 

As we are talking about Essence let’s mention Kathleen Lights favourite every day highlighter that she was talking on her channel and it is Essene Pure Nude highlighter. It is creamy, nice pigmenttsion, sooo affortable and healthy looking on the skin. Love it 

You can see I am obsessed with highlighters. I will mention also Mary Lou by The Balm. Won’t talk much sbout it because I have review on it. If you wanna read be my guest. I bought this one in july because Nikki, Kathleen, Jeffree. Everyone was raving about it. And I know why. It is perfeeeect one. Just perfect 😍

I can talk yt made me buy it whole day because everything that I bought I discoverd on youtube. This Rimmel stay matte powder is my go to product to set my makeup. Worth the hype. Love it. Youtubers were crasy about it. I am glad that I have purchased it. 

Wet n Wild Contouring palette was spoken on yt on Jamies Page channel. I am glad that I bought it because it is soooo good quality powder. I think Wet n Wild makes good makeup and they are cruelty free brand which is plus 😍. I also have reviewed it and swatched on my earlier post sooo I won’t talk about it much here 💄

My everyday go to concealer that I bought because Tati, Jeffree, Nikki, Kathleen everybody were raving about this product. I really wear it every day. Love it. Love the coverage. It is not thick, lightweigt on the skin, pigmented, none drying. Just perfect one from Maybelline. Love it. This is Age Rewind concealer and it is amazing product and discovery. 

I heard Jeffree was talking about this mascara on his channel and Nikki also so I went to drugstore and bought it. They were talking how it is perfect mascara for lower lashes and when I bought it I was blown away how perfect it is. The wand the blackness the quality. Well done Maybelline. Love it👍🏻

That is pretty much it. Do you have similar youtube made my buy it products. If you have please let me know in comments. Do you like these products or did they dissapointed you. Please let me know.

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