500+ followers

Oooh. Happy weekend. Mine was pretty good. My aplication has just told me that I have reached over 500 follows. Thank you all for support, reading my posts, commenting. I feel like we are one big happy family. I love reading your posts and I enjoy sharing with you themes like fashion, makeup and love themes. I feel so fortunate and happy to announce my 500 follows. 

Thank you. One big hug for you all. 

I am hoping we will continue to work and read and support each other like one bit family cause that is what I feel like this blog means to me. 

Thank you one more time dear friends, bloggers and readers❤

I will continue to work even better and better


Ivana 💕

My 100 followers just hit my notification bar 🔝

Hello dear bloggers, I just want to thank you that you follow my work and I am glad to tell you that I enjoy commenting, liking your work aswell. Soooo big thanks to you all. Hope you will enjoy my work in next posts also. Thank you to the moon and back. I am new to this blogger world and I can’t believe that I managed to get 100 follows already.


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