ANTI-HAUL post (What I will not purchase)

Hello to you all today I am writing my anti haul post as I saw it on Youtube and some of the bloggers here on WordPress. I also wanted to show you which products and which brands I won’t purchase and why.
So let’s jump into them:

First of all I want to mention Kylie Cosmetics brand and their well known lipsticks. I won’t purchase any of them because shipping to Europe is awful and veeeery expensive for some liquid lippie that is not the best and I have better options like JS liquid lipsticks and Ofra when it comes to high end lippies. Also when you buy KYLIE comsetics you pay for name not the quality. That is another reason too.
Next item that I won’t purchase is HUDA BEAUTY palette. It is not worth that hype around one palette that is ok but to to to expensive and not my personal preference too.
Farsali oils. I think that they are waste of money and time. I think that every oil can do good job on face. I hatw when youtubers talk about sometnih just because PR packages. And my Fav youtubers don’t find Farsali good on face and they also think that they are way way way over hyped and expensive. You can do coconut oil on your face and it will work fine for dry skin.
Tarte shape tape concealer

As I saw the hype I was soo excited but then my youtubers were talking the real truth about this item and that is:

✔️ to to to over hyped because of PR packages that Tarte sends and also they organise Trips to islands with good reviews with some youtubers

✔️ This concealer is soo drying and thick

✔️ worst applicator in world

✔️ drying

❌ Also Tarte as a company doesn’t send you PR packages when you tell something bad or bad review on their item. That is a shame because brand should listen reviews and make their products even better.
Too faced as a brand and their policy is very very bad.

I won’t purchase any of their items because of their bad quality on the shadows eventho they are up in price their quality varies product to product. I feel like they have different production locations or something. But I won’t pay packaging and I will get shitty item inside with no pigment but high price. No thank you! I will be rather buying Colourpop shadows that are innovative and realistic priced.
Beauty blender

Wow man. I won’t be purchasing this item because it is expensive here in Croatia and also I find my RT sponge and L’oreal good for my face and sponge is a sponge in my opinion.
MORPHE brushes. I won’t purchase any of these anymore because their quality is bad. I bought some that Nikkie loved and guess what. They lost their black colour after 3 times of washing and they started to break and loose fur. Bad bad bad quality brushes for the high price in Europe.
That is all for today. You can tell me which are your anti haul items? Which one you won’t purchase? Do we have similar ones?

Thank you for reading,
Ivana ❤️