New makeup purchase

Hello dear readers, today I have been shopping in my local drugstore and I needed some contour and brow products. I was in a hurry. So today I wanted to show you my new makeup products. 

Let’s start from Contour: Catrice Prime and Fine professional Contouring palette 

I was amazed by their pressed translucent powder from the same line Prime and fine it is sooo finely milled and soft so I gave a try for this one.

So the palette contains nice package with some good quality plastic top. The powders inside are very soft. I noticed that the contour shade is just perfect for light skin tones. It is number 010 Ashy radiance. It is just perfect none redish tone. It has ashiness to it and makes good contour on face. But I was dissapinted in higlight shade because it is white powder with glitter particles but for the price tag of 4€ it is perfect contour powder. I just love that is isn’t patchy and muddy on my face. It has beautiful coverage on holes of cheeks that ai just enjoy using it. Also this product contains 10 g of product which is a good buy. 

What Catrice claims for item:

Powder palette for sculpting face contours. The darker matte shade creates definition, the luminous shade sets higlights.

Smoothly blend everything.

Ingredients: mica, talc, dimetichone, cocoa and leaf extract…

I enjoy this item such a good hint for the price and evetho I don’t like higlighter the contour powder is just perfect for contouring.

Next item is Essence Make me brow eyebrow gel mascara 

This is my third bottle. The earlier lasted me for an about one month. This is a total dupe for Gimme brow mascara. I just love the wand and fibers. It isn’t too pigmented. Also it sets beautifully brows and makes them nice and stayed all day in place. Also has nice color on every darker brow when it comes to shade 02 browny browns. 

I just love this item and the price is soo good around 3€. It has 3.8 ml and it can last you for an about 1 month of daily uses.

Last but not the least is another Essence product it is all about Make me brow duo eyebrow powder

This item seems to work good with brows. I just love essence powders. This one is soo soft on the touch. Has beautiful color match. I love the effect that it gives to my brows. I have shade mix me blonde 01. It has 4 g of product. I tried it and it makes good brow with that essence Make me brow gel mascara.

I didn’t swatch it good because of my long nails but is is soo soft to the touch. I really love this duo.

Hope you enjoyed my new purchase. If you have any questions and suggestions please leave a comment down below. If you want something me to test out be free to tell your opinions.

Did you try any of these? Do you like it?
Thank you for reading,


Little drugstore haul

Hello everyone I wasn’t posting in a while because I have to learn for my exams and I have a lot of work for my college 😱. But I run this morning in my local drugstore and picked up some must have products for this january, cold weather.

So I bought:

🎀Ziaja Revitalising face cream with argan oil for very dry skin. I have really bad issues with dry under eyes area and my whole face expecially at this time of year. I already used it once today. It smells like my parfume Versace Crystal noir people I am telling the truth it is real Versace smell. Soooooooo dope. It is thick creme with really nourishing feeling.

The packaging is cute and simple. It has 50 ml.

It is said on box to use it on clean face twice a day. And to pat it into skin gently.

For now it is working as nourishing creme. Love the smell. I will se how it will be performing later with everyday uses. I have some of their cremes and I will compare it in a soon post :-). This retails for 3€ (sale, real price 5€)

🎀Essence Make me brow eyebrow gel in shade 02 browny brows.

Everybody on YT were raving anout this product all 2016. I can see why. I bought it today put it on my brows to test it and guess what it is great quality gel. It keeps my brows all day long set and beautiful. It doesn’t have much pigmentation which is great and the wand is perfect for brows. Love it. The price was about 2€.

🎀I also bought this Velnea hand and nail blam creme. The smell is sooo fruity and cute. It is also dermatologically tested with aloe vera which I need in this time of the year for my dry hands. Also has vitamin E and keratin. I love this cream for now. I have used it twice today and it realy nourishes my dry skin on hands. The price was about 2€.

🎀Rosal lip balm

I have strange feeling of losing my balms. In the past month I bought two Eos balms and I have lost both of them. I am soooo sad. Then I bought this Rosal Lip balm for 1€ on sale until I find my balms that I really enjoy. Love this balm because it is better packaged than Eos and love that is neutral one. Also has shea butter and paraben free. It is also produced in my country (Croatia) why I bought it. I support any of my country brands 👌🏻

🎀Deborah Milano- LashCreator Volume and care.

I need to stop buying mascaras. Really I am obsessed with them and the lipsticks ofcourse. Today lady in deborah part of drugstore told me that this one is soooo great and that she loved it. Also was on sale today for an about 5€. Yeey I was super happy with it and I tried it. Love the wand and the black black colour. And love the volume that gives to my lashes.

It claims to make your lashes to grow and has seed oil, keratin to make your lashes healthy and big.

Love the packaging of it. It is sooo great. Made in Italy.  
That is all for today’s haul. Soon I will be posting step by step doing my makeup. Do you want to see that? Please leave your thoughts in comments down below. Some of you said that I should do my step by step look :-).

Also did you try any of these products let me know in comments.

Happy to write again.

Many kissess💕😘