Hello dear readers, today I am gonna talk and show you my liquid lippies, yaay. I love to do swatches💄

Let’s start with Lip cremes that I own.

💄Nyx Soft mattelip creme in shade Antwerp

I don’t like this color. I purchased it because everyone talked about it. But I am sure I don’t like this lipstick because of the color. I don’t love formula but I kind of like it. It is more lip stain that lip creme lipstick. It is not kissable and transfer proof. Also it is not that long lasting. Just a regular lipstick in a tube.

Will I repurchase it? Maybe but in other color ✔️

💄Next are Aura lip cremes lipstick

It is a Serbian brand that has a whole line of products. For now I enjoy these cremes. But they are not that pigmented so I used them up both. Eventho they claim to have 7ml. I like them but I am not that much in love with them.

You can see that they are sheer. They don’t last that long on lips but they are comfortable and cute looking. Better feeling than Nyx cremes.

Will I repurchase? Maybe 🙂

Sooo we are moving to liquid longlasting lipsticks


I have both Ultra Satin and Ultra Matte lip so I could compare the formulas.

Let’s start from the least fav it is Ultra Matte lip in shade Trap. I don’t like the formula because it dries my lips. But the color is dope. I wear this one when I prep my lips and prepare them for it.

Next one is pinkish nude from collab with Kathleen Lights and it is shade Alyssa. Ultra satin lip formula.

This is soo good formula. Longlasting but matte and glossy in the same time. Coomfortable on lips, none drying. It is longwearing and little bit kiss proofed.

Only complain on Colourpop is wierd smell. Litlle bit chemically. No vanilla scent, no floral scent. Just little bit of chemically smelling on the lips for 30 sec to 1 min.

Will I repuchase? Ultra satin lip for sure✔️

This one is still in my collection but I am not that big fan of formula. It is all about my Sleek Matte me liquid lipstick. 

I am not fan of formula. It is drying. All the colors are patchy, streaky. But when I need this longlasting lip I use it for that. It is the most longlasting lipstick that I own. But i have to make millions of preps to make it work good. I don’t like when I have to make some lipstick to work.

Will I repurchase? No I have better options!

Last but not the least are my ultimate fav liquid lipsticks that I own. It is all about my Golden Rose Longstay liquid lipsticks. 

Omg I can’t say enough about these ones. They have good oils in it. Nice vitamin E and they are kiss proofed and longlasting. They are not drying on my lips. I like the vanilla scent. They are comfortable. Nice looking. Sooo pigmented and affortable.

Will I repurchase? Ofcourse!

Omg these are incredible🔛✔️

All together✔️

That is all for today. Let me know if you tried any of these. What are your opinions?

Thank you for reading. 




Products that didn’t work (for me)- Proizvodi koji su me razočarali

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today as I mentioned we are going to talk about products that didn’t work for me, I didn’t like them, or they just were a little bit dissapointing. Sooo let’s jump into it:

1. First of all I want to mention this setting powder for your bake under eyes it i called L.A.Girl Pro powder. This is such a bad product for baking. Firs of all it is said to br HD setting powder and it is a fail. It is seen on face when you are taking photographs, it is white on face and I will show you photos. And the main and only part of this powder is SILICA so not my favorite. You can buy it from Beauty bay for about 6€ but I don’t recommend it. For me it is big PASS!


1. Prvi proizvod o kojem neću mnogo govoriti jer sam razočarana nekvalitetom jer ovaj L.A.Girl Pro powder koji služi bakingu ispod očiju. Ja ne vjerujem da na ambalaži piše HD jer ako to piše znači da se ne pojavljuje flashback na fotografijama. Ovaj puder koliko god vi sa četkicom po licu puta mahnuli on ćenostatu vidno vidljiv na fotografijama! Totalno ružno za vidjeti i ne preporučujem. Još jedna stvar je to što je jedini i glavni sastojak ovoga pudera SILICA što je po meni upitan sastojak za zdravlje :-). Po meni puno je bolje kupiti catrice Prime and fine iako nije za baking ali kao zamjena s tim fiksirati šminku.

Da ne dužim puno, veliki promašaj, po mom mišljenju!

2. Second product that I don’t like is L’oreal Color Riche lipstick in shade 378 Velvet rose. This lipstick is not pigmented, it is messy, it slides around lips, it is has nice smell, but it doesn’t work. It is not durable on my lips, just like little girl’s toy. For me it is a pass! For me better choice is Maybelline Bold collection with blue, matte  look!


2. Drugi proizvod koji mi se nije svidio je L’oreal Color Riche kolekcija ruževa. Ovaj ruž nema pigmentacije, kliže po usnama, bježi i neuredan je. Ima neki sjaj koji izgleda čudno, iako lijepo miriše bacanje novaca. Tekstura je providna, klizava. Na usnama ne traje ni sat vremena, za mene veliki promašaj. Veliko NE! Po meni puno bolji izbor ruža je Maybelline Bold kolekcija (plavi čep, matte izgleda)


I had to put it in three swipes to show it’s colour


3. Third product that I want to mention is Beauty UK matte bronzer. It was cheap, not expensive so I bought it on sale. I personally don’t like it brcause it is patchy, it doesn’t blend well at all, it is a big mess. And it has Mica so if you are alergic it is a bad product also made in PRC! Not a fan. Bad quality! For me it is better to buy Sculpt from L’oreal or Maybelline. They are much better quality.


3. Proizvod o kojem ću govoriti je ovaj matte bronzer od Beauty UK. Ne sviđa mi se to što je previše praškast. Neravnomjerno se nanosi, ostavlja nered na licu, nije lijepe teksture. Jednostavno mi se ne sviđa koncept ovog bronzera, ima narančast poddton što lice čini još gorim. Glavni sastojak je MICA što je još jedan minus, napravljen u Kini. Iako je baked blush odličan od Beauty UK ovaj proizvod zaobilazim i rješavan ga se što prije! Po meni dobre bronzere pravi Art Deco i Maybelline ima neke dobre kao i L’oreal.

You can see it is very patchy, the color is not the same everywhere, blotchy…


4. This product I was a little bit disapointed. I tought it will purify my skin as told on bottle but it did nothing. This toner from Ziaja I don’t like. It has a pump which is wierd for me to use… but it also is meant to clean your make up which is impossible with this product so doesn’t do what it is said to do. Only plus for me is that it smells good :-). A big pass! I think that Neutrogena does good job with toners so I recommend trying!


4. Ovaj proizvod je od Ziaje i ne sviđa mi se nimalo. Radi se o toneru, ovaj toner bi kao trebao očistiti kožu od šminke, smanjiti pore na licu, ali on ništa od navedenog ne radi. Jednostavno samo lijepo miriše i to je sve. Ima puno boljih tonera na tržištu kao što su Neutrogenini.

5. Last item that I am gonna discuss is Aura Clear tone eyelash adhesive.
This item is not bad. But it is to watery and you have to be carefull with your lashes because it can ruin them. It is a real mess. Eventho it is a clear glue for lashes it leaves white mark and I have to put it carefully on my hand so it doesn’t make a big mess and ruin my T shirt or jeans and then I use some pen to mix it and put it on my lashes and let it dry for 30 sec before I put it on my eyes. I think that NYX has better lashglues and this one is a pass.


5. Zadnji proizvod koji me je malo razočarao je Aurino ljepilo za trepavice. Previše je vodenkasto, neuredno, lako može uništiti svojom bojom trepavice, odjeću jer je svugdje samo ne gdje treba biti. Ljepilo nije loše, ali treba biti jako oprezan jer svugdje bježi i ostavlja bijeli trag iako je providno. NYX ima puno bolja ljepila za trepavice i ne preporučam ovo!

That is all hope I helped you with this review. Please comment and say your opinion about these products if you own one of them. I will be glad to hear your opinion about it. Much love,❤️


To bi bilo sve nadam se da sam vam pomogla sa ovom recenzijom. Molim Vas, ukoliko imate ikakvih sugestija, komentara ili ako su proizvodi koje sam navela za vas odličan izbor komentirajte da vidimo i Vaše mišljenje. 💋 kisses,