Review of Rexona Maximum Protection Cream

Hello dear readers, today I am going to show you my Rexona anti perspirant cream.

I have used this one for several months so I can give you my thoughts on it.

First of all let’s talk about packaging. It is super travel friendly. It has roll on system but in a creme finish with many holes on rhe top of product.

I bought this one in December and I use it every day. This product smell heavily in the packaging but when you put it on your body makes you feel fresh all day and even the next morning. I can’t believe that I found product that lasts on me and doesn’t brake and lose smell during the day. I love that is a cream product and it lasts.

I tried it in the morning and didn’t take shower that day to see what it will be because I sweat a little bit more than average woman and guess what my body felt fresh the next morning too.

I really love the packaging and the price is around 6€ which is ok because you get 45 ml of creme product which you can’t run out for 2-3 months because it is very creamy product and heavily smelly. You only need a small amount.

So let’s talk about how it is dermatologically tested. It is said to keep you fresh for 48 H which is truth I tried it and it really is. It is made in Phillipines.

I really love it. And will continue to use it because I can’t stand those deodorants in tubes. I just can’t.

Tell me did you try this product? What are your thoughts on it. Please let me know in comments.

Sooo here are the photos😀

Thank you all for reading,

Ivana ❤💕