MY TOP Youtube CHANNELS (makeup)

All of my favourite youtubers

Tati Westbrook

I just love this woman. I have followed her for 3 yrs now and I just love the way she talks and how she brings the opinions on her channel. I love her as a person. In my opnion she is such a sweet and gentle person and I admire her as a human. She does such a good work with presenting products talking about them and wearing them.

Next youtuber is Kathleen Lights. She is such a nice young person that has some great content on her channel. I just love her talking about makeup and how she talks and everything. She does such a good job talking about drugstore makeup that I just trust her and admire her as a young youtuber.

Some of my faves is also a Sophedoes nails.

I love this girl. She is from UK nad her accent is everything. She pretty much talks about drugstore brands and dupes in drugsore. I admire her because of her work. She is such a young person. The has 20 yrs and is sooo succesfull. She already has her own palette in Makeup revolution brand. That is such a big deal. I love watching her all the time.

Another worth mentioning is Jeffree Star. He is that type of person that you LOVE or HATE. in my world he is such a big artist also big makeup and fashion icon. I love everything what he does on his face. I love his personality. Love his work on youtube. I just love him as a youtube person. He is such a good humor guurl that I can’t even talk about it. You have to see it by yourself.

That is all for today. Hope you like it. Thank you for reading.


Ivana ❤️

7 thoughts on “MY TOP Youtube CHANNELS (makeup)

  1. I’m over most of the big YouTubers. I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of them. To me they can come off as nice & sweet on camera but I’m betting in the real world they’re the total opposite. Plus so many of them get paid to hype up products and I’m kind of over that too. I just feel there’s probably a lot of stupid, petty high school drama that goes on behind the scenes.

    I like EmilyNoel. She’s never done a sponsored video and said she never will. She’s a former tv news anchor, so she really goes in depth with her reviews. She also just celebrated 10 years on YouTube. I also like Jessica Braun, ItsKeersten, Alexandria Ryan…

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    1. I agree with you but these do not do sponsored videos and that is what I like about them. They have treir money to spend and they do not have codes and they do not want codes on their channels.
      Another one that I forgot to mention is Stephanie Nicole she is amazing 😊🤲🏻


      1. From my perspective I can’t see Tati do that because she had never had any code affiliate code for any company because she owns enough money to buy by herself. Jeffree Star has his own brand and he doesn’t need any codes or money 😂 so maybe I am wrong but those two I trust in their word because everything that I have tried so far that Tatti aproved is damn good (Liquid camouflage by Catrice, Maybelline great lash by Jeffree, Catrice prime and fine setting powder by Kathleen, Zoeva cocoa blend by Tati, and other products that I have are just amazing and win for me). Thank you for your comment😏😋


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