*MORPHE BRUSHES* BIG FAIL- honest review 

Hello how are you doing? I didn’t post for some time but now I am back in game.

I wanted to show you what I have purchased from Morphe and I am dissapointed to that point that I hate myself for buying those products.

I don’t write negative reviews if some product is not that bad but when it’s awful to that point that I regret buying something I have to show what I purchased.

These brushes were soooo raved about by Nikki tutorials that I had to buy them and try the magic and when I got them I was mad, I was soooo mad for giving over a 25€ for 4 brushes that I emediately unfollowed her channel. I couldn’t believe that I followed that kind of youtuber that sucks when it comes to real honest reviews and I heard from my friend that she isn’t posting anymore more than once a week or no one talks about her anymore. I am not into false youtubers. I hate those games on yt.

Soooooo let’s talk about MORPHE FAIL

First of all this is my opinion and I don’t want to hurt any of your opinions. That’s just my personal opinion and that is what I think.

First one I want to talk about is Morphe M441 blending brush

This one has lost a lot of hairs already also it is sooo hard on eyes that it comes to a point that my eye is red and hurts. I washed it for few times and this is how it looks like.

The bristles will be shown on photos too. Price is over 7€

Next one that I want to show you is E18 pencil brush that isn’t that bad but the price of 7€ is crasy for quality. Omg

Next one is a highlighter brush that is awful. The black color has gone from the bristels and it falls apart every time that I use it. Juck!

Morphe M501

Last but not the least is Morphe M405

This is a very hard itchy brush. I can’t wash it and it was meant for contouring. It is just omg. Bad bad bad quality brush and I paid over 10€ for this one on Beauty Bay 😡


That is all for today. Thank yoi for reading. You can also reach me on my INSTAGRAM PROFILE: ivanamakeupworld

Please let me know in comments if you had the same issue with Morphe products.



31 thoughts on “*MORPHE BRUSHES* BIG FAIL- honest review 

  1. Ok my phone went wonky and posted before I even got started!

    That’s too bad you got some bad brushes. I only have a few brushes from Morphe but the ones I have I use a lot and they haven’t shed. You should give Crown Brushes or Bdellium Tools a try. They both have some really good brushes & are affordable.

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  2. I feel like the only reason that big youtubers promote Morphe is because of profit that they make from it. I never wanted to try them, because I knew that they are poor quality. I’m sorry that you spend so much money for crap brushes. xx

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  3. I am sorry you have experienced this with their brushes. It is disappointing! Most of the brushes I use are Morphe. I’ve had light shedding, but they’re holding up well after many cleanings and they’re still soft. I know that it’s definitely a hit or miss with Morphe products and it shouldn’t be that way at all. I like Crown brushes, as well as Real Techniques. I haven’t had any shedding with either brand.

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