ANTI-HAUL post (What I will not purchase)

Hello to you all today I am writing my anti haul post as I saw it on Youtube and some of the bloggers here on WordPress. I also wanted to show you which products and which brands I won’t purchase and why.
So let’s jump into them:

First of all I want to mention Kylie Cosmetics brand and their well known lipsticks. I won’t purchase any of them because shipping to Europe is awful and veeeery expensive for some liquid lippie that is not the best and I have better options like JS liquid lipsticks and Ofra when it comes to high end lippies. Also when you buy KYLIE comsetics you pay for name not the quality. That is another reason too.
Next item that I won’t purchase is HUDA BEAUTY palette. It is not worth that hype around one palette that is ok but to to to expensive and not my personal preference too.
Farsali oils. I think that they are waste of money and time. I think that every oil can do good job on face. I hatw when youtubers talk about sometnih just because PR packages. And my Fav youtubers don’t find Farsali good on face and they also think that they are way way way over hyped and expensive. You can do coconut oil on your face and it will work fine for dry skin.
Tarte shape tape concealer

As I saw the hype I was soo excited but then my youtubers were talking the real truth about this item and that is:

✔️ to to to over hyped because of PR packages that Tarte sends and also they organise Trips to islands with good reviews with some youtubers

✔️ This concealer is soo drying and thick

✔️ worst applicator in world

✔️ drying

❌ Also Tarte as a company doesn’t send you PR packages when you tell something bad or bad review on their item. That is a shame because brand should listen reviews and make their products even better.
Too faced as a brand and their policy is very very bad.

I won’t purchase any of their items because of their bad quality on the shadows eventho they are up in price their quality varies product to product. I feel like they have different production locations or something. But I won’t pay packaging and I will get shitty item inside with no pigment but high price. No thank you! I will be rather buying Colourpop shadows that are innovative and realistic priced.
Beauty blender

Wow man. I won’t be purchasing this item because it is expensive here in Croatia and also I find my RT sponge and L’oreal good for my face and sponge is a sponge in my opinion.
MORPHE brushes. I won’t purchase any of these anymore because their quality is bad. I bought some that Nikkie loved and guess what. They lost their black colour after 3 times of washing and they started to break and loose fur. Bad bad bad quality brushes for the high price in Europe.
That is all for today. You can tell me which are your anti haul items? Which one you won’t purchase? Do we have similar ones?

Thank you for reading,
Ivana ❤️


52 thoughts on “ANTI-HAUL post (What I will not purchase)

  1. Hi! First of all, thank you for your anti-haul. I think this ones are great because they help us slowing down this frenzy consumerism we are living in, and I am a victim of it! 😛
    Second, could you share the youtubers you talked about. Because today I’m finding it hard to find some trustworthy youtubers who speek the truth about the products, and not only rave about something just because it was sent to them. And I would like to find more youtubers who you can believe in their recomendations! Xx

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    1. I agree for sure with you.
      Ofcourse I have been talking about them on my blog earlier it is all about Tati and Stephanie Nicole. These yt are great and they give real truth when itcomes to products and these brands expecially Stephanie.
      I agree for sure. Thank you for reading ❤️

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  2. Morphe as a brand does the same thing as Tarte does. They just have a good PR, paying famous youtubers to talk about their products good things when you can clearly see that the product doesn’t deserve hype. Also whenever youtubers are pushing promo codes that is clear sign they don’t care about product, but money they earn. xx

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  3. I really lovely these posts! Im the same with Kylie and HUDA the price is just crazy for some things and I feel like I can get great quality in much more affordable brands! Also, the problems with Kylie’s products really worries me (like the brushes, empty packages etc) and has been the main reason I have stayed clear despite some people absolutely loving it! I know I would been one of the few haha xxx

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  4. Hi Ivana! This is a great service you perform by these honest reviews. You are saving your readers lots of money.

    Products that did not live up to the hype for me were budget to mid-price. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara was too thick and hard to get off. I used Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover and cotton pads. I could use up to three cotton balls soaked with the oil on each eye and the mascara was still there. Also, the oil was too heavy for my skin. The next day I woke up with puffy eyes.

    I found that Ponds Cold Cream, a real old school make-up remover and cleansing cream, did a great job. But I had to change mascara brands. I’m now using Wet ‘n’ Wild Mega Protein Mascara and I am satisfied with it. It isn’t as noticeable as Great Lash but that’s ok with me. In the winter I still use Ponds Cold Cream as a make-up remover. But in the summer I need something lighter. I’ve started using Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes. So far these are good.

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  5. P.S. If I ever saw the make-up packages like Boudoir Eyes and Candlelight, I’d be wanting to try that make-up so much. In the photo you posted above the temptation is very real. The image is so feminine, even to include chocolate and little cup cakes! Now that I read your review I wouldn’t be seduced by the packaging if I saw it in a store.

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  6. I couldn’t agree more with what you said about the Kylie products. You are 100% paying to have her name on the packaging and the products themselves aren’t anything special and are totally over-rated. Glad I’m not the only one as so many people worship her products! Good post, nice to see someone giving some honest reviews!x

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  7. Loved this post! Kylie lipsticks are so drying and flakey I do not plan on buying any more. I do however like her lip liners. I bought the Tarte Shape Tape and it is sooo heavy and does not blend into my skin at all! I have no clue how youtubers paint it all over their face and it comes out looking good somehow. I have the Morphe M439 brush which I think is very good but the eyeshadow brushes I have purchased are pretty scratchy.

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    1. Haha I agree for Kylie. Because they use beauty lights and filters on their videos that was talked on V. Goss chanell he is soo truthfull when it comes to youtubers as he was one of them also he has his own brush products and lots of lots years of professional work with makeup.
      The eye brushes are crap expecially the M ones. Soo so so bad for the big price here in Europe :). I said pr packages and lists makes so big difference when it comes to over hyped products like those I mentioned. And thank you for reading ❤️

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  8. You make good points about Tarte and their PR practices! I don’t think it’s a healthy relationship between influensers and their end customers when they hype things up and then we find out it’s all faked / manufactured hype. And yes, I’ve heard that Shape Tape concealer is very drying – no thanks!
    And Morphe is really bad about building hype too – I mean, what does that say about Nikkie who endorsed those crappy quality brushes? She was paid to say that… It really is getting difficult to know who to trust anymore. Great post!

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  9. Great post! I won’t buy anymore eyeshadow palettes from Too Faced. I feel their shadows and quality is horrible! Very little pigment and the colors look muddy/ fade. No thanks! That’s a shame about the Morphe brushes! I’ve had good luck so far with mine. Fingers crossed that it continues!! 💕💜💕

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    1. Thank you for reading. When it comes to Too Faced they have wrong policy and also shitty quality products. Morphe naaah I didn’t have good feeling and luck with M brushes. Haha wish you luck with yours 😂✔️

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      1. Too Faced is way too overhyped and concerned more with packaging than actual quality. I like their mascara, but as far as shadows go, I’m done with them. I have my favorite brands and ones that out perform them!! I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Morphe’s brushes but mine have been great so far and I use them all the time, hopefully they stay that way.

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  10. I have a few brushes from Morphe and I like them. They’ve held up for me. But I like my brushes from Bdellium Tools & Crown Brushes more. I like Tarte but it’s rotten of them to blacklist people who give an honest review that’s negative. I do love Too Faced though. Haven’t gotten anything bad quality from them yet.

    But I agree with you on Kylie & Huda.

    I’m going to do another one of these on my blog soon.

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    1. Yeah Stephanie N was talking on her channel about Crown. So basically Crown makes Morphe brushes. They have manofactury that Morphe pays for to put their sign Morphe on their brushes even on Palettes. As you can see Crown has better palettes than Morphe and it was their manofactury where Morphe produces their palettes. If you understand. Morphe is “owned” by Crown. Crown gets a lot of money from Morphe and similar brands that can’t afford manofactury that Crown has. Yet Crown is on market for over 20 yrs now and Morphe is I think for few years.
      Treir palettes are shitty. Expecially the chocolate palettes :). I have one and I hate money that I payed in Europe to have it. Over 60€. Shitty quality.
      Thank you for reading dear. We all have different thoughts and that is ok. I like reading others opinions❤️❤️


      1. What Morphe does with Crown Brushes is called “private labeling”. A lot of indie brush companies get their brushes from Crown and do the private labeling thing to have their name stamped on them. Morphe also used to private label their palettes from Crown as well but now they apparently make their own. I have the Sedona Lace version of the Morphe 35O palette. It’s the exact same thing. Sedona Lace is another brand that does private labeling.

        I LOVE my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Seriously. I think the quality is great. It’s my favorite neutral palette. I held for ages getting it and after I got it and used it, I was kicking myself for not getting it sooner. I use it at least once a week. I take it with me when I travel.

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      2. All about Morphe and labelling was spoken on Stephanie chanell and it is not that like they make their stories. She works at manofactury world and knows the real drill with Morphe and their labelling 🙂

        I have original chocolate palette and I don’t like the pigmentation for the price. It is very washed and sheer and in my opnion if you make black color in palette with glitter particles than make it good not bad and falling of the eye. I think that Zoeva has better palettes with better pigmentation and lower prices than Too faced. Zoeva cocoa blend palette is a heaven for me in case of price range and pigmentation and also quality of ingredients too

        That is just personal preference. I don’t follow Too faced anymore because of the policy of brand. They have rude policy to costumers 🙂


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