Hello dear readers today I wanted to do this kind of post as Molly reached to me at my mail. She said that it would be cool to write and show my dream makeup/ vanity room that we all dream of.

So my room would be all white ofcourse. I always dreamed of everything white and high shine. I wanted to have my mirror with lights and big white desk full of space for makeup.

So this is how my dream vanity space would look in my opinion 

This is my dream vanity space 😍

My dream closet 😍

I am not very picky when it comes to closet. I love all white and with many space where I can storage my clothes and bags and shoes ofcourse. This would be perfect for my room space too.

That was all. Tell me about your ideas of vanity space and ofcourse if you want to write your own blog about this idea let me know or tag me to see it.

I am happy that I can share with you my dream vanity space 🙂

Thank you all for reading.

Hope you enjoy ❤️
Ivana 💕


37 thoughts on “MY DREAM MAKEUP ROOM

  1. Okay before I start reading, lemme tell you, I got so excited to see this post ( I LOVE PINTEREST-Y VANITY DESKS) I got so excited that I accidentally closed a video I was watching on Youtube 😇😇

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      1. You are most welcome ❤️❤️ and yes definitely you will be seeing my dream vanity post very soon 🙌🙌

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  2. I love the combination of white walls and furniture with a vase of pink and red flowers. The vanity tray and jewelry in silver add to the airy quality of the room.

    I want a retro inspired vanity space. Since my preference is for small apartments a nook between two windows is ideal. You gave me an idea. I will look for some screen shots to post to my dressmaking blog. It is a related topic. I’ll let you know when I post it.

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  3. Oh I love that vanity! Wow, you’re brave to want all white. I would for sure drop an eye shadow or foundation on that in the first week it was set up! 😛
    When I lived alone I had a great set up with an Ikea desk… but I lost it when my boyfriend and I moved together. It’s now his computer games battle station! XD 😆

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  4. I have pinned so many pictures like this!! My vanity is coming along nicely I would say. I’m actually going to post a vanity update sometime soon just gotta edit a few more things 🙂

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