My teeth process (braces)

Hello to you all. Today I wanna talk about my work process with my teeth. I put on braces to make my teeth look straight and good looking. I managed to make them just perfect.

My teeth process lasted 6 months before my retainer that I have to wear 3 more months and it is acrylic retainer that keeps my teeth in place. I an now in that process of wearing my acrylic retainer.

I am sooo happy that I have teeth that I have always dreamed of. I am super excited to show you photos of my teeth before and now.

This really helped me to have perfect Hollywood smile without whitening or those shit like weeners that ruins your teeth.

This is super good for teeth and doesn’t ruin your smile of quality of tooth.




It is worth wearing braces. You can see my smile is sooo good right now 😜.

I can’t stop laughting. Before I didn’t laught at all because I had complexs on my teeth.

Thank you for reading.

29 thoughts on “My teeth process (braces)

      1. It doesn’t hurt at all. It really is. I love the results and the first treatment when they are making braces stick to tooth doesn’t hurt at all. And the wear of braces isn’t scary. You can’t eat apple in one piece or a big sandwich. You have to split that in smaller pieces to chew and that is all the rules with braces

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  1. Yes, Ivana, I can see the progress. When this entire work with the braces and retainers is completed you will see even more good results. Thank you for being brave and sharing the honest photos of the process. You will encourage other young people to get this work done.

    When I was young kids who wore braces got made fun of. They felt so embarrassed. People who discourage you from bettering yourself and your appearance are just ignorant. Your teeth are very important because they affect your health in other parts of the body. Plus emotionally when we look good we are mentally and spiritually more healthy, too. We feel better and are more optimistic. You are an ambassador for that idea.

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      1. Teenagers today have a sensible view of braces and dermatologists. I attribute this to having parents who better understand teenager’s needs. In the past this was not so. We can thank science and research for the progress made in understanding the relationship between good health and aesthetics and emotional well being. I’m so glad my comments uplifted you.

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