TOTAL FAIL FOUNDATION (Rimmel Lasting finish)

Hello everyone. Today I am talking about WORST foundation that ai have ever purchased. When I say WORST I really mean it. I can’t just begin with right words. This foundation just won’t sit on my skin like perfect nice looking thing on face. It looks like something is wrong with it.

Also this stuff is really sticky, tacky, it clog my pores, it sticks to my dry patches. I just can’t I tried it 3-4 times. It looked awful on my face. It was too cakey. My face was not feeling it. Eventho I put my moisturiser then my primer for my pores. No! No! No! This thing is not good. I just can’t.

When I swatched it in store. It looked like nice foundation for dry skin because jt has comfort serum in it. It is full coverage. It didn’t say for what type of skin is but when I tried it it was pretty nourishing. But it tries to be a foundation but is in middle of bad BB cream and bad full coverage foundation.

It is said on back that gives 25H wear. I can’t say that because I wear my foundation up to 8 hours and this was a coplete disaster after 2-3 h of wear. It also said that is transfer proof? OMG this stuff was breaking apart around my chin, nose area and I am not oily. I have dry skin. 

This was a shame to purchase. I am very dissapointed because I had big hopes. And guys it is up in price. This stuff is 10€. I colud bought my Fit me right away and I would be happy as I am now. But this stuff. And Rimmel has some good powders and mascaras but foundations. No! 

This didn’t work for me. Maybe for you works. Don’t get offended 😊

Did you try this one? Red top Lasting finish foundation? What do you think? 

As you can see how it looks on my skin. It doesn’t want to blend, it just stays put and looks like this on face too. Disaster. 

This is not negative review on RIMMEL AS A BRAND! I do not offend any brand. I just review stuff. I don’t like this product but as example I love Stay matte powder. 

That is all.

Thank you all for reading


31 thoughts on “TOTAL FAIL FOUNDATION (Rimmel Lasting finish)

  1. What an unpleasant experience you had Ivana. Thanks for the close-ups showing what happens as the foundation begins to crack. I recommend you copy this posting into an email and send it to Rimmel corporate headquarters, marketing and their R&D department. This is serious.

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      1. I think you can describe it as a defect in the formulation. The ingredients do not moisturize and provide light coverage. The effect is almost as if at first the make-up is too thick. It does not blend into the skin. Instead it stays on top and forms a layer that then dries and begins to crack. I am sure the defective formulation is responsible. It sits on top of the skin the way oil will.

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  2. and then after it is spread around it dries like a mask would. Then it cracks. Since the make-up is said to last 25 hours there has to be something in the formulation that makes it long lasting but in a bad way. I think the photos along with the descriptions will tell the entire story. Then tell them about your beauty advice blog, too. I think that will add importance to your email. Companies do take social media into consideration,

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      1. Ivana, I can relate. You may also want to tell them the product does not live up to the brand reputation. Ask them what kind of quality assurance testing did they do before releasing this product to market. As a beauty blogger your feedback is valuable. It is possible their product team is not very good. At the very least you deserve some repla ement or gift certificate for this discovery. You can also send a copy of ypur email to a better business bureau if you have one in your country.

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  3. Everyone on YouTube kind of rave about this product, I asked my friend to send it to me coz it’s pretty expensive in my country and the colour didn’t really match although it looked good in the bottle and also like you said I do feel that it sits in the skin rather than blending in together… This is sad…

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  4. Omg thank you thank you thank you!! So many people rave about this foundation but I hated it so so much, lately I’ve been thinking I’m crazy and should try it again- but yess you’re so right!! Thanks for writing this xx

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    1. I used half od pump on my hand and it looked like this. I assume I forgot to mention that the pump is a mess too to work with nah. It looks cakey, it is soo tacky and sticky. It doesn’t want to blend or work with any powder on top because of it’s stickyiness and that feels ugly on face. I was feeling like I have some mask and I don’t want that feel when I pay for full coverage and dewey finish foundation over 10€.
      Thank you for reading. I just don’t reccomend the red top. Just try Bourjois helathy mix instead. Some bloggers commented also that this one was a fail for them too 🙂


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