Catrice duo sculpt brow powder

Hello people. Today I am talking about my go to product for eyebrows. It is all about this old fave Catrice brow product which makes my eyebrows sooo good and filled up all day. I just can’t live without it. Tis powder is so well made. And it stays all day long on my brows. I also have perfect shade for my brows. I just love it.

This is not a new product. It has been loong time on market. Also it has little tweezer and duo ended side brush for brows that can fit the bottom space of this little compact.

I also have on my photo duo ended vrush also from Catrice and this one goes well with my powder product from Catrice.

So what I love with this product that is is affortable 5€. Also makes my eyebrows perfect.

Next thing is that the powder is nice and has more colours. And it can last for months.

Did you try this product? What do you think of Catrice as a cosmetic brand?

My brows with Catrice powder duo 

Thank you for reading,

Till the nex time💕🙃


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