My go to blushes

Hello people, today I am talking about my fav blushes and I have a few of them.

Sooo let’s start from my oldest blush that I own and it is my Sleek Blush in shade Rose Gold 926. And a true dupe for Nars Blush in shade Orgasm.

This blush has slight sheen to it and golden tone with rose blush colour. I really enjoy it.

The packaging is super sleek and it has mirror to it. There is 8 g of product which is great and the pan is pretty big. It is not small at all.

So this blush is really pigmented and you have to go with it slightly and be carefull. It is really nice on the face and not powdery. That golden sheen looks soo flatering in the spring and summer time. Just perfect for pale skin tones. I love it. And it was around 7€ online. It is made in Taiwan also

To conclude:

🙌🏻 Nice colour

🙌🏻 Pigmentation is soo good

🙌🏻 Not powdery and chunky

🙌🏻 Nice sheen with no glitter

🙌🏻 Price is 7€ which is great and it has mirror to it.


Next one is my Beauty Uk Baked blush in shade make your statement

Sooo this one is baked blush and it has super cool packaging and nice mirror to it. It has 4.4 g of product and it was made in PRC.

So this blush is little bit brighter than the sleek one. It also has small sheen to it and it looks nice on the face. It is baked soo it has finely milled powder and looks gorgeous on skin. It lasts on my face for an about 4 h which isn’t that good but it was so affortable and cute that I don’t mind that. It was 3€ in drugstore.

My opinion:

🙌🏻 Not that lasting time but cute product with nice sheen, no glitter in it

🙌🏻 Cute packaging with nice morror inside

Sooo lets move on next is my Manhattan Powder Rouge tender touch blush in shade Bubble gum. This one was made in Germany and it contains 5 g of product.

I really enjoy this blush it is there but not too much. I love it for everyday makeup. It doesn’t have sheen it is pure matte blush and it looks gorgeous on skin. It doesn’t last me very long but my face is wierd so none of these can’t get all day with me.

This one is super drugstore affortable blush with soo finely milled powder that is nice. The packaging is plastic simple woth no mirror and it is just drugstore item. This one is super flattering on the skin. I love it.

Last but not the least is my Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush palette 

This palette is everything. You can create sooo many blush tones with it on your face. It has 6 blushes. 2 of them have slightly glow in them and 4 are matte but pearly if you know what I mean.

They are not powdery, they are pigmented, powders are nice, they last me an about 4-5 h on face. They have soo nice pearly sheen but not glowy and glittery. I love them. Expecially first two mixed together. Some of these the bright pinkes I don’t use that musch but 2-3 I use regularly.

And the best thing is that you also get 2 perfect and cool highlighters. One is gold, pinkish and one is violet. People I tell you they are super metallic and perfect on face. Sooooo well made powders.

The packaging is avesome. With mirror and it weights a pretty good. It has nice packaging and I love this palette.

They don’t swatch that well but on the face they are gorgeous.

Sooo let’s start with swatches Makeup Revolution Blush palette

This violet highlighter is on my face and lippies 💎

All swatched together 

That is all. I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know in comments what is your fav blush? Did you try any of these before? What do you think about them 💎🙌🏻

Thank you for reading,

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