My ultimate 3 fav concealers

Hello to you all people. As you can see today we are talking about my ultimate 3 fav concealers. I use regulary my concealer because I have really blue undereyes area. I just need concealer in my life that is why I have 3 at the same time.

Sooo let’s start from my Maybelline Age rewind concealer. So this one claims to have perfect cover with Goji berry and Haloxyl. It is also Anti Age and I have mine in Light.

So lets start from the packaging. I really love those twist up products but only thing that I don’t like about tis concealer is that sponge. I think it is not hygenic and I don’t feel nice when I use it. I clean my sponge aplicator each week because I feel it gets really dirty and filled with bacteries.

So I have this concealer several months and I can say it doesn’t dry my undereyes area. It is perfect cover. Not thick at all. For every day use perfect one. It has somehow lominous finish and it brightens my eyes and makes me awake and healthy. It is up in price. In Europe is 10€ an about 13$. But I really like it. It has 6.8 ml. I like Maybelline and this product was raved on yt for months and I know why. It is perfect and so blendable on eyes. I find it very nice.


💎 Blendable

💎 Excellent coverage

💎 Lightweight on eyes

💎 Lasting time perfect

💎 Not thick and drying


💎 Sponge aplicator. I find it not that hygenic

Next one is my LaGirl Pro Conceal HD concealer 

I have mine in shade Porcelain. And this one is opposite to Maybelline one. This one is thick but creamy. Blendable and soooo high coverage. This covers everything what is going on face. I just love this one. I also heard about this one on YT. It has 8 g and stupid aplicator. I don’t like that much the aplicator it is a silly brush and I don’t use it. I use my concealer brush and then my RT sponge to blend it. It is just mush have concealer. It is also affortable. About 6€.


💎 High coverage

💎 long lasting

💎 affortable 6€

💎 Not drying

💎 blendable


💎Packaging is plastic and in tube with stupid brush. That is all.

Last one and newest in my collection is Catrice Liquid Camuflage High Coverage Concealer. 

Literally I was blowned about this concealer. It has everything, packaging, waterproof, blendability to work with, high coverage, moisturising formula, none drying formula, lasting time, none separating. It is must have! Must have product and guess what only 3€????? Only 3€ for this perfect cover drugstore concealer. I can’t believe. I am in love with this peoduct.

So lets start from packaging. It has aplicator that I love. It is hygenic. Perfect covering effect. It is my go to concealer. I even use it as my foundation when I want to look batural little bit on face blend and then I put my setting powder from Catrice. I tested this as a waterproof one and IT REALLY IS WATERPROOF. I just can’t believe it. You have to try this one. It has 5 ml. It is made in Italy. I have mine in shade 005 Light natural. It has several shades and I love it.


Left one is Catrice

Middle one is LaGirl (not blended)

Last one is Maybelline 

Blended swatches:

Left one is Catrice 

Middle one is LaGirl 

Last one is maybelline 

I hope you enjoyed my review. I think I helped you with this post. Please let me know in comments if you have tried any of these and tell me your opinions. I would be glad to hear your thoughts 

P.s. My Catrice concealer under eyes and on face with little bit of mascara and contouring routine 🙂



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Ivanamakeupworld my insta name 🙂

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