Review on Essence brow products 

Hello people, I was talking about my Peel of DIY mask this morning so if you missed it you can see. The results are amazing. It cleans, it makes your skin look soft and clean and most important it is easy to make. You don’t have to buy expensive Black masks over 20$. It is the same thing 🙂 but less expensive. Only few bucks.

So in this post I wanted to show you my Essence brow products that are total win for me.

First I wanna mention youtube viral dupe for Gimme brow and it is all about Make me brow from Essence 

So this product is simple eyebrow gel mascara that costs around 3€. It is soooo cheap and good product. I have shade 02 Browny browns and there are two more shades.

The packaging is simple tube with perfect sized wand to put in brows.

Next thing about this product that it isn’t too pigmented and you can work nice with it. It sticks your brows in place whole day and gives a little bit of fullnes and colour to them.

So this gel claims to colour full and shape your brows. It has fibers that does naturally fuller brows.

I agree with it. It does what it is supposed to do.

Make me brow:

👏🏻Perfect wand

👏🏻 Full wear time

👏🏻 Fuller brows

👏🏻 Shaping

👏🏻 Affortable item dupe for Gimme brow

Next item I want to mention also from Essence is my Shape and Shadows Eye contouring palette 

I think this palette was temporary made with other 3 palettes. I bought this one for eyes and brows.

I really enjoy the colours in it. The shadows itself are really pigmented and not powdery at all. It has 8.4 g of product.

Let’s start from packaging.

I think that this is the cutest packaging out there even cuter than TheBalm ones. It has cute messages like All eyes on me. Wow brow. I love your eyes. It is the cutest packaging ever. It also has nice mirror and magnetic top.

Let’s talk about colours in it

Higlighter billie vanilli

This shade is everything. It is good for brows and inner corners of eye. It is buffer feel and none powdery.

Marylin metallic

This shade is also shimmery and it is good for lid. I love brown colours and I enjoy this one on the lid. It is also none powdery. Very pigmented and cute looking.

Hagel grooe

This one I use as my transition shade as it doesn’t fit my colour of brows. It is also nicr pigmented and none powdery. Very good quality of shadows

Audrey highbrow 

This is my dream shade for brows. I use this one and the next one down below. I find this powder good for brows. It lasts all day long and it is not chunky and powdery. This matte shade is also good for outer corners of eyes. I love it.

Brigitte brown

This shade is perfect for Instagram brows. I love to mix this one and the audrey highbrow. This is also nice pigmented and it lasts all day with no fading on my brows.

All in all I really enjoy this palette. It is very travel friendy. You also get little duo ended brush and spooley.  I love the concept of this little palette.

Here are all shadows together. Very pigmented 🙂

Guess where I have brow product and where I don’t wear any 🤗

Essence palette

👏🏻Packaging is adorable

👏🏻 Pigmentation is awesome

👏🏻 Travel friendly

👏🏻 Mirror included

👏🏻 Good colour selection
Thst is all for today. I hope you liked it. Please let me know in comments if you had tried any of these products.


14 thoughts on “Review on Essence brow products 

    1. Ooh. Mine is shade 02 and it is quite dark and keeps my hair in place whole day that is main reason I love it. These palettes were temporary I think in Essence courner because they were created by bloggers :). I am hoping you will find it somehow because it is adorable 👌🏻😋. Thank you for reading ❤

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