My 3 absolute favourite setting powders 

Hello dear readers, today I am gonna introduce you my top 3 setting powders for my dry skin.

So let’s jump into them

First I want to mention my ultimate fav drugstore setting powder and it is all about 💕Catrice Prime and Fine Mattyfying powder

This powder was around 4€ and it was sooo cheap. I got it about half a year ago. I was scared that it will be too drying for my dry skin because it is mattyfying and waterproof but jet it is just perfect for dry skin.

It doesn’t clog to my dry patches or set into pores it is just perfect setting powder.

The packaging is really luxorius it is heavy feeling and has nice mirror in it.

It claims to be waterproof and I agree with that. It stays all day put under eye area expecially and I have transparent shade. It also has 9 g of product and it is made in Italy.

It claims to be for all skin types. It claims to have vitamin A and E. And this powder is finely milled. Soo butter feel and not powdery at all.

Here are some photos 

Next one is my youtube item and it is all about my Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting pressed Powder in shade 003 Peach glow.

This powder claims to last up to 5 H natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimise appearance of pores. Dermatologically tested.

So what I love about this powder that it keeps my t zone dry not oily. I don’t use it under my eyes because it dries them out. I love to use it all around my face to set it. It keeps my makeup locked and look good all day long. This is really longlasting powder and it is just a win for me. It is also very affortable in drugstores.

It is made in England and has 14 g of product. It is also finly milled.

What I don’t like about is just the packaging. I broke mine plastic top and it can fell of and make mess on product. That is only issue with this product.


Third powder that I want to mention is my wet n wild Megaglo contouring palette contour in shade caramel toffee

This little duo has bannana shade which is perfect to put under eyes it makes them bright and it is sooo soft powder and finly milled. I love the quality of this duo. It is also cruelty free and has 12.5 g of product.

The packaging is simple and duo is perfect powder quality.

Here ahre photos

That is all about my pressed powders. I love to use those three and I use them every day. Sometimes I switch time to time. But these are absolute winners for me.

Have you trued any of these. Please let me know in comments your opinions 💕

Thank you for reading,

Ivana 💕

33 thoughts on “My 3 absolute favourite setting powders 

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  2. I’ve tried the Wet N Wild one. It’s ok. Not my favorite but it gets the job done.

    I like setting my undereye with a pressed powder (I like mixing the Hourglass Ambient Light powder in Dim Light with the Laura Mercier pressed translucent powder) and set the rest of my face with a loose powder (my faves are the Coty Airspun & Dermablend).

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    1. I agree. I don’t use loose powders because of my dry skin. I have tried Laura and RCMA but too drying for my face. I still prefer my pressed ones. I also have Makeup Forever pressed powder and I am testing it for now. I love your pick. I have to try dermablend too :). Thank you for reading❤


      1. I have a few from Makeup Revolution they are really nice . No , no wet&wild for in uk . But I’m planning on making bigger order from few shops and use forwarding company to ship them all to me 🙂

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      2. Oooh sure. I wish you luck with ordering. Their brick highlighters are awesome. Also classic lipsticks. New foudations and new liquid lipsticks are awesome too. They also have photo ready setting powders. Perfect range 🙂

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      3. New Foundation from wet & wild? I think I heard the hype about it on YouTube! Tati from GlamlifeGuru talked about it in one of her new videos! 💜 thank you for recommendations hun. I will update you how it goes 🙈

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