Day when I met him

… It was 3 years ago, to be precise on 03.11.2013. I was in a club with my brother and cousin. I was worried how will we come home because I didn’t have driving licence and we don’t have taxi in our city. But as the night was going we were having fun and dancing. My brother saw his friend and he went on out table to say hello. The other person was waiting and talking with working stuff. I saw him and didn’t tell anything. My brother was soooo kind and he asked him to join us on our table and gave him what were we drinking at the time. He didn’t want to come near us because he was ashamed. There were two girls and he was scared that we won’t judge him or even make him to feel bad about himself. 

The moment when we talked to each other was sooo strange. I didn’t feel well better to sayI was in some wierd feeling. I don’t know was it because of the alcohol or him. We clicked right away. He was sooo charming and peacefull. Soo kind and well behaved with me. I didn’t remember his name but my cousin remembered it and we were laughing about that situation. 

As the night was darker we were more happier, we ware dancing alll night. Drinking, having fun. Suddently he kissed me in front of my brother, cousin and the whole club. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was in heaven, sooo wierd feeling. I was so happy. And confused in the same time. That was the day when I met him. That day I started to breathe again after all that was going in my life. He brough light in my life. 

We weren’t anymore worried about our transport to home. He wasn’t drinking too much and he drove us home. I asked my cousin what was his name and she told me. I found him on Facebook and said thank you message. And then we started to talk on Facebook, later we went on a drink, days after we were still talking, even tho we were 60 km far from each other we were going for a drinks in caffe’s. Talking every single day. He was my light in my life. 

I couldn’t be mor happier. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend. That was in his car when he left me in front of my house. I said yes. He was sooo scared, crying. I was so happy that he asked me on 23.11.2013 to be his girlfriend. That day was the happiest day in my life. And now we are 3 years in a happy relationship. He loves me, I love him. We respect each other and we don’t take for granted what was given to us. 

He is light in my life. Who had believed that one person, stranger in club will be my whole world in one night. One word. This stranger is my partner in everything. I love him from the bottom of my heart. I found my soul. He is the only one who completes me as a person…💕

The day I have met him

02.11.2013. I was 18. He was 22 💗

This was on my friend’s wedding. We grew up😂. Me 21. He 25. 

Better with time. We are just as vine. What older that better 💋Free time in Capljina, BiH. 2016. 
Night out in Diamond, Ljubuski. 2016. 
Our moments in collage😍
Time together 2016 year. 
Our free time on Blidinje. 2015 year. 
Our free time in Mostar 😏

Our first night out after 02.11.2013. 
This was in 2013. After I met him. Coffee time 😋
This was my 19th birthday😍 2014yr. 

25 thoughts on “Day when I met him

  1. When I first met my now boyfriend I didn’t really give him a second look but he told me later he was attracted to me almost right away. We knew each other a couple months (went to see the band he played in at the time a lot) before one day something just clicked between us. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride but it’s been worth it.

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  2. Goshh I legit felt like I was reading a fantasy. So sweet 😍. You guys make an adorable couple and I wish and hope that you both stay together always. 💕💕

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