My mascara collection 

Hello people. It is beautiful weather over here in Croatia. I love the smell of the spring and sound of the sea. It is just like heaven.

Soooo today I will talk about my collection of mascaras. I own few of them beacause I have small eyelashes and I can’t live without mascara on daily bases.

I will start with the oldest that I own and it is all about Bourjois mascara.

💫 Bourjois Mascara Twist Up The Volume

I love this mascara. It is sooooo volumizing my lashes and separate them very well. I also like the blackest black colour that it has. And it doesn’t smudge or crumble. It is really good one from drugstore. I like the time of wear it is nice mascara that has twist on the top of the bottle and you can oversize volume. It has 8 ml. And it lasts me for a long time. It also has nice wand and good bristels. Love it.

Did you try this mascara? What do you think?

💫 Catrice Better than False Lashes mascara

This is ultra black mascara that has chubby wand and it is supposed to make your lashes look like falsies. It is ophtamologically tested and it is made in Italy. It has 12 ml. Very affortable mascara and good one if you want volume. I love to use this one when I want really thick lashes and full glam.

Did you try this one?

💫 Deborah LashCreator Volume&care mascara

This one I purchased lately. I don’t like the fact that it can easly smudge and it takes long to dry. But I will use it till the end because it has nice wand and also has care ingrediens in it like keratin, glycerin, seed oil and other oils. It is said that if you use it for 15 days in a row that your lashes will be longer and thicker. I will test it soon and try to see the difference. For now I don’t like the fact that it smudges and you can’t touch your eye or something like that it will transfer and make mess. It also has 12 ml.

💫 Last one and the most raved on youtube is Maybelline Great Lash mascara. It is the blackest black and it doesn’t smudge at all. It is nice for lower lashes and makes good and separate lashes. Love the lenght and volume that it gives to my lashes. I like the wand and the packaging is so retro. It has 12.5 ml. And it is made in Italy.

That is all for today. I wanted to show you my small collection of mascaras. Did you try any of these. Please let me know in comments. And I want to make some look so if you have some wishes how it will look or what colours you want me to put or somethin like that. Let me know in comments.

Thank you all for reading. I have over 400 followers and I am soooo happy. If you wanna follow my work on Instagram here is my link to profile.

INSTAGRAM profile.
Take care,

🎀Ivana 🎀

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