New in my collection

Hello beauties. Today I want to show you new products that I have purchased lately. Sooo Let’s jump into it. 

First I want to mention Estee Lauder Double Wear eyebrow pencil in shade brown. It is double sided pencil. One side is brown colour and on one side is highlight colour for under brow to highlight the browbone. It is creamy pencil and I like the packaging on it.

The price tag is redicilous. It is about 35€.  

Next two items are all about skincare:

Sooo I want to mention Garnier miscelar water first. Everybody talks about it so I won’t be to long. It is cool one. I have the pink one. It removes makeup easy. I have used it to remove my mascara and it did the job pretty good. Love the smell and it is very affortable item. 5€ 

Neutrogena hydrating moisturiser. I have my Grape fruit daily scrub now I bought this face cream. It smells beautifully and makes good and little bit tacky base for foundation. Good item. I reccomend it highly. It makes good base for cream products. Price tag: 5€

That is all for today. Did you try any of these items? 

Please let me know in comments💗

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Thank you all for reading. Soon I will be posting my collection of mascaras so if you wanna read stay tuned😋🙌🏻. 

Thank you all. Today I hit 400 followers. Thank you again for reading my reviews and my makeup routines and looks. Kissess🎀❤😍 

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