New nails for Valentine’s day

Hello as we all know Valentine’s day is coming soon so I have changed my nails. But first I want to talk about my private life so if you wanna skip photos will be down. 

I am in relationship for 3 years now. I am with man that is 4 years older than me. I am student and he works for years. We have met in club and who have believed that stupid drink will make us from strangers to people who can’t live without each other. As we grow in our relationship we see our habits, I know exactly what he loves to eat, in what kind of way. How he loves his food to be, what colour of t shirt he likes, what kind of gift he wants atc. Evetho we are in relationship that has big distance. He lives in Ljubuški and I live in Makarska. We are far from eachother 60 Km. I know that he likes and he knows what I love and what I don’t like and what makes me happy and what makes me mad. 

I can say that I have found my friend, man, lover in my jurney in life and I think that everyone should find someone to make it easier. Everything in two is much more easier. You have your friend, lover and whole world in one person. Money is important but it isn’t that necessary. I want to say that you shouldn’t ever run for money! I am in love with man who doesn’t have much money but has heart and he is sooo cute❤. I can say with him and my family Ican do what ever I want. I can run for world.

 Love your life, be happy, find someone to make it easier. Enjoy your friends and family. That is Valentine’s day for me. Enjoy every single day with your love. Don’t run for money. It doesn’t make hapiness. One smile, one kiss, nice word opens many doors in your life. I wish you all the best my readers. I hope you enjoyed my little chit chat with you. If you have idea I can post my story with my boyfriend and how we have met or something like that. 

There we go. These two are us. I think he is super cute and I love to squezze his cheeks. My little bear🐻🐻🐻

If you have any ideas please comment❤


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