My top 3 highlighters

Hello people, today I am talking about my top 3 highligters and one of them is cream highlighter.

💫TheBalm Mary Lou

Soo what I was using the most past 4 months was my TheBalm Mary Lou. I doscovered about it on youtube. One of my fav youtubers Nikki was raving about it. And it was true it is sooo cute and blendable, suttle golden colour with buttery formula. The packaging also rocks. Love it. And it has 12 grams which can last you just like me for months and months.

Eventho they are all goldish colours they suit my skin good. I love wearing all three of them. Here are swatched highlighters.

💫 Essence Pure Nude

I heard about this highlighter an about 2 months ago and Kathleen was raving about it. I found it and it was sooo un expensive one. I bought it for 4€. It is buttery nice feeling without chunky glitter in it. Suttle and good highlight for every day use. I love it

It is also goldish one but it is sooo suttle on the face and expensive looking.


Last but not the least I want to mention my best cream highlighter in stick. I am in love with this one. I use it when I don’t put any makeup and I just want natura glow time. I love it. It is paraben free and dermatologically tested. Also it is sooo creamy and highlighted on the skin. Love the finish and the glow of this highligter.

Ignore my skin pigmentation. I wanted to show you Golden Rose cream highligter🤗💫
Can you tell me which one is yours holy grail highlighter.

Please let me know in comments.

Thank you for reading,

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Take care,
Ivana ❤💗🎀💕

35 thoughts on “My top 3 highlighters

  1. That Golden Rose one is so pretty! Is that the brand? I’ve never heard of it.
    For a subtle highlight, I like Shiseido’s High Beam White. For something very high impact, I like Becca Opal.

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