Hello people, I just want to show you my favourite lipsticks for months now. I used them as much as I could. So I have soome good swatches. If you want to see then keep on reading.

First of all I want to thank you all for being such an amazing followers. I learned much from you and shared many things with you💕🎀. You make me smile, I read a lot of diferrent blogs. Even we connected on INSTAGRAM which I think is great thing🎀👍🏻

Sooo here are swatches:

Ofcourse it is all about my small collection of Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipsticks

I have shade: 03, 16, 26. All types of nude colour👌🏻💄

Down here are my liquid lipsticks from Golden Rose

03, 04, 10, 11 😍

I am in love. I have swatched it on my Instagram and tried to erase them with creme and guess what. It was nearly impossible to do that. They are sooo good and durable on the lips. None drying and have avocado oil and Vitamin E in formula. They smell like vanilla and look gorgeous❤

Have you tried Golden Rose?

Let me know in comments 💫👌🏻
👥That is all for today. Hope we connect on my instagram profile:

🎁Thank you all for reading. Have a nice day full of hapiness and positivity 💫💫

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