My favourite foundation (january)

Hello to you all I have been really busy last days with my college that I forgot to write this post about my fav foundations for this month. January has been really nasty with me. My skin was completely dry and patchy. And it still is. I use eye creams, moisturising cremes, cremes for dry skin but nothing helps. Is this weather or what? Haha

Soo I am gonna show you my fav foundations of january:

💎 ArtDeco foundation

This foundation smells like herbs. I love it. It is medium coverage and not that matte on skin. Has nice amount of coverage, smells good and it is comfortable on the skin. I am using it only for 1 month now. One minus is that it hasn’t pump. And it is oil free which is good to know.

Did you try any of ArtDeco foundations?

💎 Rimmel Stay Matte

I didn’t take picture alone with Rimmel because I didn’t clean it haha

But this foundation is sooo good and light on the skin. Love the finish of it. And it also hasn’t any pump.

But still I like it. Do you have Rimmel stay matte foundation? What do you say about it?

💎 Gosh foundation

This one is one of my fav discovery in January it is sooo light weight medium coverage and sooo comfortable on the skin. It doesn’t have any smell it is paraben free and smell free.

And this one has 35ml and the other two 30 ml. Also it doesn’t have pump. But still it is beautiful. 

That is all for my january pick. I didn’t wantto mention my Maybelline Fit me and Loreal Inffalible because I always talk about them haha.

Did you try any of these before? What do you think? Let me know in comments.

That is all. I also want to mention that on my INSTAGRAM profile will be INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY of my fav drugstore products. Sooo if you wanna participate follow my account and you will see the picture of giveaway.

INSTAGRAM profile😍

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