New liquid lipstick and 300 followersΒ 

Hello people, today I have just hit the 300 followers. Thank you all for support, reading my reviews. Sharing with me your sucess and making me happy. 

Today is a sunny day and I was very happy because I have done my acrylic nails and I thought of getting new liquid lipstick. 

As you can see from my pictures I really have small lips and I avoid red lippies but today a lady that was working in a shop gave me instead of shade 13, shade 15. 

I saw that when I was at home so I didn’t want to go back and look for shade 13 that was nudy pink. I have million nudes in my collection. As a mistake I have deeep burgundy redish colour in my collction. That is my FIRST EVER RED LIPSTICK. I really avoid that colour because I don’t feel comfortable in it. But when I tried it it was soooo good on my lips and that colour is sooooooo ladysh 😍

The lipstick is from Golden Rose I have spoken about that brand so I won’t be long as always. You have review on my blog about Golden Rose liquid lipsticks. 

The colour is in shade 15, matte, longwearing, kiss proffed, vanilla scented, nice applicator for small lips. Love the colour sooo much. I will also show you my full collection of Golden Rose liquid lipsticks aswell and my french acrylic nails πŸ’•πŸŽ€

So let’s start from the new lipstick in my collection. Shade 15: 

Next is my collection of Golden Rose liquid lipsticks:

As you can see I have shades: 03, 04, 10, 11, 15. 

I have also done my french today 

Sooo do you like it? What do you think?

Please let me know in comments πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

Also I wanna really thank you all for support. I love writing and doing makeup so I atarted this blog in November. I am hitting now 300. I wish it will be bigger and bigger and that we all will be one big family that loves to write and give own thaughts about makeup, sports, love, relations, and other things. I follow you all and read every day your super interesting reviews, thaughts and I share with you your happiness πŸ˜πŸ’•

Little bir of trying lipstick. Do you think that this colour suits me?

And little bit of natural makeup day/ no makeup day:

πŸŽ€Primer: Catrice Prime and Fine primer

πŸŽ€BB cream: La Girl bb cream (light)

πŸŽ€Concealer: Age Rewind from Maybelline 

πŸŽ€Setting powder: Rimmel stay matte 

πŸŽ€Bronzer: Wet N wild Sculpting duo (caramell toffee)

πŸŽ€Highlighter: Essence Pure Nude (10 be my lover)

πŸŽ€Brows filled with gel from Essence Make me brow 

πŸŽ€Mascara: Deborah Milano 

πŸŽ€Lips: Lip pencil from Golden Rose (dream lip liner)

πŸŽ€Lipstick: Liquid Lipstick, satin finish from Colourpop in shade Alyssa πŸŽ€

πŸŽ€Setting spray: Gerard Cosmetics Green Tea 

πŸŽ€Sunglasses: RayBan πŸ™‚ 

Thank you for reading. Please follow my work on Instagram:

INSTAGRAM profile πŸ™‚

77 thoughts on “New liquid lipstick and 300 followersΒ 

      1. Haha they were? I know today hialuronic acid and other stuff are putting in the lips. I am scared of that so I line my lips, I wear nude colours. I don’t overdrove my lips and I feel comfortable with my small buthealthy lips without chemicals in it haha. Thank you for reading 😍😘


  1. Wow! Congrats on getting 300 followers! Your makeup looks great! I like the dark burgundy lipstick! I’m not sure whats the company, but I think its Lonostay. Do you have the website of the store for where to buy it? Like Shoppers Drugmart or something? (If you have it where you live)

    Liked by 2 people

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