Golden Rose shared my photo

Hello ladies, men, all people. I wish you all happy New 2017🎊🎊. Good luck with blogging. I woke up happy because Golden Rose (brand from Turkey) has reposted my photo on Instagram. I was wearing their Crayon lipstick in shade 03. I am soo happy. That is first big step in my blogging and taking pictures world. If you wanna follow my world please click to this link it will show you my Insagram profile:

Here is the photo:

Reposted photo by Golden Rose


Original photo


Wish you all the best in new 2017! 🎊



45 thoughts on “Golden Rose shared my photo

      1. Oh, ok I’m so sorry about that😁. What I meant by that is are you able or have you ever tried to create like Nail Polish or eye shadow yourself?

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