Review on ColourPop brand

Hello to you all, today we are going to talk about products that I have in my collection from ColourPop cosmetics. That is a brand from USA, placed in Santa Monica. 

I ordered some stuff from ColourPop and got them last week. You colud see my post about my haul on ColourPop site. 

Sooo let’s start:

First thing I wanna talk are their eye shadows. I really fell in love with their matte, pearl, metallic shadows. 

I have little palette called Zingara that has:

1. Elixir Super shock matte shadow. That is oringy shadow perfect for crease to be like a base for other shadows. Love it soo much. It is so bouncy, it is not patcy and it is sooo good matte colour. Very good quality of the shadow. Much love for this one. 

2. Second one also matte is Seeker. This one is deep toned brown perfect for outcorners. Love it so much. Also it is not patcy or hard to blend. They all blend easily and love the fact that is soo creamy but matte. 

3. This one is satin finish called Paradox. It is nice burgundy colour Sooo puffy when you touch it and very pigmented. I would use this one in outercorners or in the crease it is soo warm and classy colour. 

4. Jinxie is pearlized finish. Love this colour perfect for innercorners or in the center of the lid. It is light beige colour perfect for every day use. This finish is absolutely ma fav. 

5. Nillionare I bought separately. This finish is metallic. I wanted to try all the finishes and I love this one. It has glitter in it but doesn’t look patchy, or doesn’t make mess on my face when I use it. This one is sooo strong. I would use it only at the center of the lid to make whole look shiny perfect for New year’s night. This colour is bronzy, greenesh, glittery, sparkle brown. I can’t describe it because it is soooo eye catching. Love it. 

All eyeshadows together:


Second thing I got from ColourPop is highlighter in shade Flexitarian. It is light highlight shade with nice amount of shine. It doesn’t have glitter in it. Which I love. I don’t love when my highlighters have wierd glitter in it and I don’t use that kind of highlighters. This one is perfect for finger use. Love the fact that is so creamy, nice pigmentation, and perfect for pale skin. I love it using every day. 


These two items are my liquid lipsticks that I bought from ColourPop:
One is Ultra Satin Lip x Kathleen Lights in shade Alyssa. I love this finish and love this shade. This is pinky, nude shade for every day use. I use it almost every day. It goes on perfectly, it is not smelly, good price for good amount of product. It is pigmented, doesn’t dry my lips, it lasts all day long, can be touched up. 

Second one is Ultra Matte lip in shade Trap. I really love more Satin finish than this one. It is not bad but satin finish looks better on my lips because I really have dry lips. Love the fact that is soo pigmented you only need one swipe. It is fast drying, not patchy, streaky, doesn’t have any smell to it. But Ultra Satin finish is my fav because I have issue with matte lipsticks in general. They all tend to dry my lips so I love this one but I don’t use it often as much as I use my Allysa shade. This shade is browny, grey coloured and I love that kind of colours. I enjoy the colour but the finish is not my fav.


Issue with these lipsticks:

❌ don’t like the wand because it is hard to do small lips like mine with it. 

❌ don’t like the matte drying finish that Ultra Matte lip gives me. 
What I enjoy:

πŸ’Ž The smell, doesn’t have smell. That is a plus. 

πŸ’Ž Price is 6$ each one. That is soo good. 

πŸ’Ž Ultra Satin lip is perfect invention from ColourPop. Finish is awesome. 

πŸ’Ž Packaging is soo cute and usable. 
All in all I really love ColourPop as a brand. They are so affortable, nice looking brand that have sooo good products. And the shipping, package is soo pretty inwrapped and all is secure and that is one plus from me. Love the fact that is all made in USA. It is nice to read that from company. 
πŸ’ŽDid you try anything from ColourPop? What do you love the most?πŸ’Ž
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36 thoughts on “Review on ColourPop brand

    1. Yeah. I love their highliglter because it is creamy but can work with brush and it is sooo pigmented but without chunky glitter. Shadows are amazing expecially the matte ones easy to work with, easy to blend. Metallic ones also great quality for the price. I also love their Ultra Satin lip liquid lipsticks too. I heard that they have nice lipsticks in sticks. They have nice range of good products πŸŽŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ»


  1. Jesi zadovoljna s postarinom i dostavom? Nisam nista tako narucivala pa iskreno ni ne znam kako nasa posta to hendla. Malo sam u fazi istrazivanja i informiranja trenutno πŸ˜€

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