Golden Rose Liquid lipsticks- me selling liquid lipsticks :-)

Pozdrav curke ako vas zanima kupnja Golden Rose tekućih ruževa, ja ih prodajem po cijeni od 50 kn ili nekih 7.5€. Ruževi su predivni, a recenziju možete pogledati OVDJE. Možete me kontaktirati putem moje INSTAGRAM stranice.

Također nudim mogućnost prodaje Art Deco eyelinera po cijeni od 100 kn. U Hrvatskoj su oko 120 kn :-).

Osim tekućih ruževa nudim i Velvet Matte ruževe od Golden Rose po cijeni od 40 kn.

Olovke Dream lips liner po cijeni od 20 kn.


Hello dear friends. Today I have sometnig new to this blog. I have Golden Rose liquid lipsticks for selling so my link for my Instagram profile is on the beggining of this post if you want to send me a DM message for informations. 

Golden Rose is online seller of make up. You rarely can find them in stores. So in my city they sell in shops for hairdressers for big corporations and make up artists. 

So i have pictues of my own personal products from GR that I bought by myself!

And i sell Liquid lipstick for 7.5€ 

Velvet Matt lipsticks for 5€ 

Dream lipliners for 3€. 

And one product from Art Deco for 15€ it is about Precise Liquid Liner 01. 

So if you want photos of lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks have 12 shades available, and Matt regular lipsticks have 33 shades. If you want to see and how to order click that link INSTAGRAM for DM message! 


Golden Rose tekući ruž 50 kn
Art deco liquid liner 100 kn
Dream Lips liner 20 kn
Golden Rose velvet Matte 35 kn




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