Hello dear readers, today I am gonna talk about Wet n wild photo focus foundation This foundation was raved all over the internet how it is so good and full coverage. Sooo affordable and all that good stuff.

So I am gonna do a review of this foundation.

First of all it comes in a glass bottle and has interesting aplicator to put it on a face. It is a good idea.

Second the price is pretty good for Europe. It is about 6€. So it is well priced.

I have been using this foundation for month now and I noticed that:

✔️is sheer to medium coverage

✔️matte ( if you have dry skin no need for powdering)

✔️ light formula

✔️ lasts on me over 8 hrs.

✔️ has no flash back
❌wierd smell

❌too liquidy for my preference

❌ aplicator is not my game to play

On my face

So the foundation is very liquidy. It comes with no pump. It has some wierd smell but it goes away as it dries. Also I noticed that this foundation is sooo light feeling on the skin. It gives sheer to medium coverage to my face and has semi mattw finish. If you have dry skin you don’t have to powder it as it dries pretty fast you have to work fast.

It isn’t streaky in any way. It lasts over 8 hrs on my face and it doesn’t clog my pores or makes my dry patches visable at all.

Over all I like this item. And the whole range Photo focus is amazing in my opinion.

I suggest you to try this one if you need new foundation. It is good one for sure
That is all for today.

Did you try this Wet n Wild foundation?

What do you think?

*MORPHE BRUSHES* BIG FAIL- honest review 

Hello how are you doing? I didn’t post for some time but now I am back in game.

I wanted to show you what I have purchased from Morphe and I am dissapointed to that point that I hate myself for buying those products.

I don’t write negative reviews if some product is not that bad but when it’s awful to that point that I regret buying something I have to show what I purchased.

These brushes were soooo raved about by Nikki tutorials that I had to buy them and try the magic and when I got them I was mad, I was soooo mad for giving over a 25€ for 4 brushes that I emediately unfollowed her channel. I couldn’t believe that I followed that kind of youtuber that sucks when it comes to real honest reviews and I heard from my friend that she isn’t posting anymore more than once a week or no one talks about her anymore. I am not into false youtubers. I hate those games on yt.

Soooooo let’s talk about MORPHE FAIL

First of all this is my opinion and I don’t want to hurt any of your opinions. That’s just my personal opinion and that is what I think.

First one I want to talk about is Morphe M441 blending brush

This one has lost a lot of hairs already also it is sooo hard on eyes that it comes to a point that my eye is red and hurts. I washed it for few times and this is how it looks like.

The bristles will be shown on photos too. Price is over 7€

Next one that I want to show you is E18 pencil brush that isn’t that bad but the price of 7€ is crasy for quality. Omg

Next one is a highlighter brush that is awful. The black color has gone from the bristels and it falls apart every time that I use it. Juck!

Morphe M501

Last but not the least is Morphe M405

This is a very hard itchy brush. I can’t wash it and it was meant for contouring. It is just omg. Bad bad bad quality brush and I paid over 10€ for this one on Beauty Bay 😡


That is all for today. Thank yoi for reading. You can also reach me on my INSTAGRAM PROFILE: ivanamakeupworld

Please let me know in comments if you had the same issue with Morphe products.




Hello dear bloggers, readers today I am soexcited I don’r know why I get so excited when I do reviews about highlighters. Today I am doing review of new HIGHLIGHTER that just hit the market in Croatia and I bought it because each one of my youtubers raved about it. It is all about Wet n Wild megaglo highlighter in shade Precious petals. 

I swatched it. Played with it and I have my thoughts about it.

Let’s start from packaging. I think it is very cool looking and nice for the price of 6€. I like the plastic because it doesn’t look cheap.

Let’s talk about pattern. I cannot believe that one affortable item can have such nice pattern and such nice quality powder. I am shocked. Literally shocked.

Wet n Wild didn’t dissapointed me ever. It was good company from the start. I just love their products but this one is in my top 3 product reccomandations from Wet N wild.

You just have to feel the powder. Touch it. Put it on your face. It is sooo blinding that you can see it from space and that is what I like in my highlighter. It doesn’t show texture and it is sooo buttery feel.

So I tested it last week on my instagram : ivanamakeupworld

My test was captured every hour to see how the Wet n Wild foundation and highlighter will last. And guess what the highlighter held over 8 H with glow. It didn’t broke or lost it’s shine. I was shocked and this one is my ultimate fav after TheBalm Mary Lou highlighter. I just cannot believe this is happening. I hope Wet N Wild will come out with white one because this one is goldish pink color but it is little bit too dark for my pale skintone.

Also in Croatia Wet N Wild has 3 colors of MegaGlo highlighters.

I have m shade in precious petals

This is highlighter on my face. In your faceee soo blinding. Damn 😍😍

What do you think about this highlighter? Did you try it?

Let me know in comments your thoughts. Thank you for reading,

Much love 💕💋

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My biggest makeup haul EVER!!!!😱😍

Hello dear readers, today I am gonna show you all of my new stuff from drugstores, Look Fantastic and little bit from Beauty bay also. I have been playing with them. Testing out so I will be also talking about my experience or as you will first impressions 🙂

So let’s start

  • First of all I want to show you my new makeup brushes that I picked up from Beauty bay it is all about Bh cosmetics Sculpt and blend 3 brush set 

I was researching for a long time for my new brushes as I have Real Tehniques I wanted also more brushes for my face and eyes and I found these beauties on BB. I was suprised with quality of these ones. I had BH in past but they weren’t this soft and nice feel on the face. For now I am enjoying them a lot.

  1. I got in set 133 Tapered face brush
  2. 134 Blush brush which is soo nice and picks product beautifully
  3. 135 Blending definer brush
  4. 136 Contour definer brush
  5. 137 Large angled buffer brush
  6. 138 Small angled buffer brush
  7. 139 Precision flat blending brush
  8. 140 Highlight brush is sooo soo good
  9. 141 Large shadow brush
  10. 142 Lip brush

It is cruelty free and designed in USA.

  • Next item is aso from BB and it is all about The ordinary Natural moisturizing Factors + HA 

I BOUGHT this because I needed new creme thaat will give my dry face nice and smooth surface for makeup. As I tried it several times I can conclude it is a good one. Bit I will talk more about it on my next post for sure. I have to test it more.

It has 30 ml of product.

The packaging is soo smooth doesn’t feel cheap at all. It was around 6€. Very affortable item and Vayne Goss was raving about this company. So I purchased this one to start with.

It has amino acids dermal lipods and Hyluronic acid.

Fragrance free.

Made in Canada.

Next is my order from Look Fantastic also UK site.

Let’s start from my favorite item to apply my foundation on face.

  • It is all about my Real Tehniques sponge

I use this brand over a year now. And I love the quality of their items even though they are very affortable drugstore brand. I love this sponge it is a total dupe for Beauty Blender. I use it wet and it applys my foundation perfectly on the skin.

  • Next item from Look fantastic is my new foundation from Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix foundation in the shade vanilla. 

I purchased it from Look Fbecause it was much more cheaper than here in Croatia. Here is around 20€ and at LOOKF was 9€. It has radiant complection perfect for my dry skin. I already tried it and my skin loves it. It has glowy finish not matte which I prefer. No stickyness what I love.

It has 30 ml and it was made in France. Dermatologically tested.

Next items are my local drugstore haul

  • Let’s begin with Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 h by eye studio. 

I have my shade in Turquoise Forever and it is so nice and vibrant blue. I enjoy it so much. It is creamy shadow and it dries pretty quick and stays put on the lid doesn’t move around. This color is like a drem. I payed 4€ for this one.

  • Next one is my new Wet n Wild concealer Photo focus line. 

I have mine in shade Light ivory. It has 8.5 ml and creamy formula. It isn’t thick and has brautiful aplicator. The formula is matte but none drying. It covers my dark circles so for now I like it. I heard a lot of good things about it so it is time to test it out. I payed around 4€ for it.

  • Next one is my new mascara from Essence named Get big lashes 

I love the wand. It is waterproofed and wolume boost mascara. This one gives thick and volumed lashes and that is what I look for in mascara. Love the packaging and the price point is around 3€.

  • Next item is also from Essence it is their liquid liner named DIP LINER which is also waterproofed. I used it on my look for today and it gives me good wing and it dries pretty quick and doesn’t bleed. Well done Essence.

  • Next one is also my old fav from Essence it is their Make me brow gel mascara. I just purchased my new one to have in my collection. I just love their gel mascara. It gives a tint and makes my brows perfect and they stay put all day long

  • My new lipstick is from Wet n Wild. I managed to find liquid lipstick in my local drugstore it is all about catsuit liquid lipstick. I have mine in shade Nudist peach. And this color looks beautiful. It dries pretty quick so you have to work fast. Also it isn’t that pigmented as my Golden Rose liquid lipsticks so you might go second time in a tube for aplication. I love the formula and it is a little bit sticky but for the price is nice and smooth on the lips. It doesn’t have smell to it. And aplicator is good one.

It has 6 g of product. It is cruelty free and made in PRC.

We are almost at the end. Few items remain.

  • Essence blush Matte blush touch in the shade 10 peach me up!

I loved it. I just purchased it and tried on my face. I wasn’t thinking that I will like it because drugstore doesn’t make good matte blushes but Essence made my day. This blush is soo soft and pigmented that I can’t believe. I love the color, the packaging, the formula, finish, everything. I can’t decide which one is better Satin formula or Matte? I choose both. Well done Essence. Cute blushes. Definatelly check them out. Around 3€ is price tag here in Croatia.

Few items from Muller also:

  • Catrice Prime and fine smoothing refiner for invisible pores and lines KILLS PORES

So I bought this primer in a pot for new test and I used it several times. It has creamy texture so I wans’t sure how it will kill pores with that cream feeling on my skin. I don’t think it killes my pores but it definately makes my base perfect for makeup and makes my skin hydrated for sure. It doesn’t have smell and it works pretty fine as a good base. It has 14 g and it was made in Poland.

  • Catrice multitasking setting spray. I bought this one just because Kathleen was ravin how good it is how good looks on her skin so I bought it for trying and I use it before makeup and to refresh my makeup. It smells beautiful. It feels good. Spritzer is a little bit off. But this Prime and fine line from Catrice is so so good. Love this product.

Last but not the least is my NEW PALETTE THAT I GOT FROM MY COUSIN


omg I was shocked when I held it in my hands. Ofcourse I saw it online but in my hands it loooked soo much prettier and nicer and the colors are to dye to. I love this brown, burgundy, golden palettes they speak my name. I am totally obsessed over this one.

It is soo buttery. Smooth. Pigmented. I love all the colors. Only black in top row is a little bit wierd but others are perfect from matte to shimmer all the way to metallics. Perfect palette and you can do several looks with it.

  • Catrice Multitasking setting spray

I bought this one just bec

That is all for today. Wooow. I wrote a lot of stuff here.

If you have your opinions about any of these items please let me know in comments. I want to know your opinions    Also soon I will be talking more about skincare products. 

And soon I will post my makeup look with these items. 

Thank you for reading,



New makeup goodies

Hellodear bloggers, it’s been a long time that I haven’t post any of my new makeup goodies. I was so tired of my work and I didn’t have time to show you any of my new purchases. But I read every day different blogs and posts because I share the same love for writing as you.
So today I am gonna show you my new purchases in month of July.
First let’s gonna start from makeup goodies.

The first thing that I have to show you is my new Essence Shine Shine Shine lipgloss in shade So into it!

  • Essence claims this to be wet looking gloss and it really is. I love the smell, the packaging. You are getting 5 ml. It is none sticky formula but it doesn’t last that long on the lips so you have to reapply it several times. But the smell and the color is perfect. The price tag is around 3€ and it is so affortable.
  • On my lips this gloss is amazing. I love it.
  • Next item is also from Essence and it is theirs most sold out lip pencil in shade In the nude. I needed new one and it is perfect for my new lipstick that I will show you further in the post.

  • Next item is my new lipstick from Makeup Revolution it is Renaissance lipstick in shade Awaken.

I am in love with this color. It looks amazing. Smells amazing. The finish is cream and none drying formula. The pigmentation is there and it is pretty good for the price of 4€. Also the packaging is very similar to ST lipsticks and as I know that Makeuprevolution makes “dupes” this one looks amazing. The packaging is very heavy and well made.
here is it on my lippies. I am in love😍
on this photo we have Essence lip pencil, Renaissance lipstick and Essence lipgloss

Next item is my obsession it is all about Makeup Revolution Vivid baked highlighter in the shade Golden Lights.
This highlighter swatches nicely, there is no powderyness or glitter in it. Looks soo goldish and glowy on the face eventhough it doesn’t capture good on the hand on the face looks amazing. The price tag is hilarius about 4€ for this amazing glowy highlighter. It is pigmented, good for pale skin and perfect. It has 7.5 g of product.

Next item is my old goodie Catrice Liquid camouflage concealer in the shade Light natural. I had to repurchase it. You have it on my blog all about it and the quality of this item.

Next is something new on our market in Croatia and it is Wet n Wild Photo focus foundation
I needed to try it by myself. I got the shade light ivory and it looks amazing. The pigmentation, the formula and the aplicator is soo good. I also love the packaging but the smell is little bit intense at first but later it goes away. The finish is semi matte (velvet). It looks lightweight on the skin and covers MEDIUM on my face. Also looks so natural like second skin. I am in love for now.

Next item is my new Essence blush in Satin blush touch formula in the shade Satin.
I wanted to buy new blush for a long time and I found my color as I don’t use blush very often but I found my color and I love this blush. The formula is so creamy and nice the pigmentation is insane for a drugstore brand that I can’t believe it. But I love it so so much. This blush costs around 3€. It is so affortable and Essence has many options when it comes to blushes. You need to try some of these for sure.

Last makeup item that I got from Pink panda is my Makeup Revolution Pro fix setting spray oil control
I needed new setting spray and this was on top 10 products on Pink panda and i purchase it. For now I love that it has alcohol so it helds
my makeup in place. The spray is nice and I am happy for now. I can’t tell if any setting spray is bad for me. I love them all. This has 100 ml. And costs around 7€

I also purchased new Nivea anti perspirants

I love the smell of Nivea so much.

And some new toothpaste. I can’t see the whitening effect eventhough I use it 3 times a day for week now but I love it. It was around 4€ in Bipa.

Last item in my new purchase is my new parfume from Armani

I really enjoy Si intense parfume. And you have to try it at parfume shop and let me know what do you think about it.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and if sou have questions be free to ask me. Also you can tell me what is your opinion of any of the products also did you try any of these or something similar.

Thank you for reading. And see you soon❤️

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New makeup purchase

Hello dear readers, today I have been shopping in my local drugstore and I needed some contour and brow products. I was in a hurry. So today I wanted to show you my new makeup products. 

Let’s start from Contour: Catrice Prime and Fine professional Contouring palette 

I was amazed by their pressed translucent powder from the same line Prime and fine it is sooo finely milled and soft so I gave a try for this one.

So the palette contains nice package with some good quality plastic top. The powders inside are very soft. I noticed that the contour shade is just perfect for light skin tones. It is number 010 Ashy radiance. It is just perfect none redish tone. It has ashiness to it and makes good contour on face. But I was dissapinted in higlight shade because it is white powder with glitter particles but for the price tag of 4€ it is perfect contour powder. I just love that is isn’t patchy and muddy on my face. It has beautiful coverage on holes of cheeks that ai just enjoy using it. Also this product contains 10 g of product which is a good buy. 

What Catrice claims for item:

Powder palette for sculpting face contours. The darker matte shade creates definition, the luminous shade sets higlights.

Smoothly blend everything.

Ingredients: mica, talc, dimetichone, cocoa and leaf extract…

I enjoy this item such a good hint for the price and evetho I don’t like higlighter the contour powder is just perfect for contouring.

Next item is Essence Make me brow eyebrow gel mascara 

This is my third bottle. The earlier lasted me for an about one month. This is a total dupe for Gimme brow mascara. I just love the wand and fibers. It isn’t too pigmented. Also it sets beautifully brows and makes them nice and stayed all day in place. Also has nice color on every darker brow when it comes to shade 02 browny browns. 

I just love this item and the price is soo good around 3€. It has 3.8 ml and it can last you for an about 1 month of daily uses.

Last but not the least is another Essence product it is all about Make me brow duo eyebrow powder

This item seems to work good with brows. I just love essence powders. This one is soo soft on the touch. Has beautiful color match. I love the effect that it gives to my brows. I have shade mix me blonde 01. It has 4 g of product. I tried it and it makes good brow with that essence Make me brow gel mascara.

I didn’t swatch it good because of my long nails but is is soo soft to the touch. I really love this duo.

Hope you enjoyed my new purchase. If you have any questions and suggestions please leave a comment down below. If you want something me to test out be free to tell your opinions.

Did you try any of these? Do you like it?
Thank you for reading,


ANTI-HAUL post (What I will not purchase)

Hello to you all today I am writing my anti haul post as I saw it on Youtube and some of the bloggers here on WordPress. I also wanted to show you which products and which brands I won’t purchase and why.
So let’s jump into them:

First of all I want to mention Kylie Cosmetics brand and their well known lipsticks. I won’t purchase any of them because shipping to Europe is awful and veeeery expensive for some liquid lippie that is not the best and I have better options like JS liquid lipsticks and Ofra when it comes to high end lippies. Also when you buy KYLIE comsetics you pay for name not the quality. That is another reason too.
Next item that I won’t purchase is HUDA BEAUTY palette. It is not worth that hype around one palette that is ok but to to to expensive and not my personal preference too.
Farsali oils. I think that they are waste of money and time. I think that every oil can do good job on face. I hatw when youtubers talk about sometnih just because PR packages. And my Fav youtubers don’t find Farsali good on face and they also think that they are way way way over hyped and expensive. You can do coconut oil on your face and it will work fine for dry skin.
Tarte shape tape concealer

As I saw the hype I was soo excited but then my youtubers were talking the real truth about this item and that is:

✔️ to to to over hyped because of PR packages that Tarte sends and also they organise Trips to islands with good reviews with some youtubers

✔️ This concealer is soo drying and thick

✔️ worst applicator in world

✔️ drying

❌ Also Tarte as a company doesn’t send you PR packages when you tell something bad or bad review on their item. That is a shame because brand should listen reviews and make their products even better.
Too faced as a brand and their policy is very very bad.

I won’t purchase any of their items because of their bad quality on the shadows eventho they are up in price their quality varies product to product. I feel like they have different production locations or something. But I won’t pay packaging and I will get shitty item inside with no pigment but high price. No thank you! I will be rather buying Colourpop shadows that are innovative and realistic priced.
Beauty blender

Wow man. I won’t be purchasing this item because it is expensive here in Croatia and also I find my RT sponge and L’oreal good for my face and sponge is a sponge in my opinion.
MORPHE brushes. I won’t purchase any of these anymore because their quality is bad. I bought some that Nikkie loved and guess what. They lost their black colour after 3 times of washing and they started to break and loose fur. Bad bad bad quality brushes for the high price in Europe.
That is all for today. You can tell me which are your anti haul items? Which one you won’t purchase? Do we have similar ones?

Thank you for reading,
Ivana ❤️

New makeup look & HUGE GIVEAWAY ON MY INSTAGRAM PROFILE (link down below) 

Hello dear bloggers it is sunday and it means it is time for some fun. Today I made some cool and easy makeup look on my Instagram profile (Ivanamakeupworld) and also I have some cool Giveaway for 900+ followers on Instagram and 600+ on if you wanna participate be my guest. There are some high end and drugstore items in my GIVEAWAY BASKET WHICH IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY. Rouls are simple 

✔️ You have to like my profile 

✔️ Tag 3 plus friends and they have to like my profile too and that is all for participating in GIVEAWAY 

✔️ I will announce winner next saturday  night(Europe) 

Link will be down below and also a photo of GIVEAWAY ITEMS ❤️🛍

So the items for this look were:

✔️Primer by Wet N Wild photo focus primer

✔️ Concealer by Maybelline Fit me and LaGirl pro conceal in Porculain

✔️ Foundation by Maybelline Fit me 110 Luminous finish

✔️ Setting powder by RCMA loose powder

✔️ Contour by Catrice Prime and fine contour duo & Wet N Wild contour duo

✔️ Highlighter by TheBalm Mary Lou & Essence Pure Nude

✔️ Eyes by: ColourPop zingara palette & Morphe 35T palette

✔️ Eyeliner by ArtDeco precise liquid liner 01

✔️ Briws by Essence Make me brow gel mascara & Make me brow powder duo from Essence

✔️ Lashes by Essence Princess mascara (false lash effect green tube)

✔️ Lippies by Nyx Matte lip cream in shade Berlin 😍

✔️Setting spray by Nyx


That is all for today. Hope you like it

My Instagram profile:

Giveaway post

Find and play. Wish you luck ❤️


Hello dear readers today I wanted to do this kind of post as Molly reached to me at my mail. She said that it would be cool to write and show my dream makeup/ vanity room that we all dream of.

So my room would be all white ofcourse. I always dreamed of everything white and high shine. I wanted to have my mirror with lights and big white desk full of space for makeup.

So this is how my dream vanity space would look in my opinion 

This is my dream vanity space 😍

My dream closet 😍

I am not very picky when it comes to closet. I love all white and with many space where I can storage my clothes and bags and shoes ofcourse. This would be perfect for my room space too.

That was all. Tell me about your ideas of vanity space and ofcourse if you want to write your own blog about this idea let me know or tag me to see it.

I am happy that I can share with you my dream vanity space 🙂

Thank you all for reading.

Hope you enjoy ❤️
Ivana 💕

My teeth process (braces)

Hello to you all. Today I wanna talk about my work process with my teeth. I put on braces to make my teeth look straight and good looking. I managed to make them just perfect.

My teeth process lasted 6 months before my retainer that I have to wear 3 more months and it is acrylic retainer that keeps my teeth in place. I an now in that process of wearing my acrylic retainer.

I am sooo happy that I have teeth that I have always dreamed of. I am super excited to show you photos of my teeth before and now.

This really helped me to have perfect Hollywood smile without whitening or those shit like weeners that ruins your teeth.

This is super good for teeth and doesn’t ruin your smile of quality of tooth.




It is worth wearing braces. You can see my smile is sooo good right now 😜.

I can’t stop laughting. Before I didn’t laught at all because I had complexs on my teeth.

Thank you for reading.

New hair cut

Hello dear readers, today I am gonna show you my new summer hair cut. I am soo excited to show you. I really didn’t have thoughts that my hair will be that good soo short. I always had big hair and this is such a transformation for me. Also I am going to change the colour too. I want to have gray hair soon 😍

Here are photos

My hair before hair cut✂️💇🏼

What do you think? Do you like it?



Hello to you all. Today I am talking about my new purchase and it is all about Balea mask that peels of and leaves your skin fresh and clean.

So what you get in this small package are two masks. They are gel formulated and they are supposed to be used 2-3 times a week. You get 2 for less than a 1€. I really enjoy the smell. It is a little bit alcoholly in the first 2 min but after that it dissapears completely.

So this mask claims to clean your face, clean your dead skin from the face, deeply cleans your pores and leaves fresh looking skin. It hydrates your skin and this one is supposed to be for combination skin.

I have normal to dry but I purchased this one because I am obsessed with peel of masks. I feel like I could every day clean my pores and face and it will always be some impurities. I am all into these masks for months now.

So the ingredients in this mask are:

Aqua, alcohol denat, polyglyceryl, glycol, royal yelly, glycerin, caramel, citric acid, sorbic acid

My opinion about this mask is clear. I love it. It is not harsh. It is very juicy and has smell of peach and also has extract of peach for your skin. I love that it is easy to peel of. It is not sticky. You are supposed to take it of after 10-15 min. It picks up impurities off your skin that is for sure. I really enjoy the price tag too. It is affortable and works pretty fine.

I noticed that my skin looks fresh and clean after using this mask. Also it feels hydrated.

THIS MASK IS approved for me!


✔️ not harsh on the skin

✔️ good smell

✔️ good results on skin

✔️ affortable

✔️ does it’s job

✔️ cleans the dead skin from the face

❌ only down side is the packaging. I always drop a little bit of yelly when I try to put it on my face. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it.
That is all for today. If you like this post please leave me a comment. And if you tried it let me know how it did work for you.

Thank you for reading.



L’oreal Paris Subleme fresh Deep pure foaming water review 

L’oreal Paris Subleme fresh Deep pure foaming water I purchased this item for several weeks ago and I gave it a good try.

So this item claims to do:

✔️ removes all traces of makeup

✔️ deeply purifies pores

✔️ crystal pure and fresh skin

✔️ No soap, no alcohol

This item is supposed to be for normal to combination skin.

It has 150 ml.


Aqua, sulfate, glycerin, citric acid…
What is said about this item:
Foaming water for impurities removing, enriched with bubbles that clean your skin and remove the make-up residues and impurities from your face and eyes giving them intensive freshness.

Use: In the morning and in the evening massage onto wet skin and rinse out good. Tested under dermatological and ophtalmological supervision.
I liked this item that much that I use it whenever I need fresh feeling on my face. It cleans face good. Removes makeup good. It smells just like summer wind on the beach. Sooooo good smell.

It is water but when you push the pump it comes out like foam. Sooo cool. Scientists done good job.

I really like this foam for everyday use.

Everything what is said on packaging it does on your face.

I don’t have any cons on this item. It is totally worth trying out.

Did you try this foam? What do you think about L’oreal as a brand? Please let me know in comments down below.




Hello everyone, today I wanted to show you my makeup collection. I was very happy this morning I saw a number 800+ on my Instagram profile named: Ivanamakeupworld. It was good morning to me ✔️

So without further due let’s jump into my small, litlle collection. I missed some of my lipsticks and containers of my foundations and setting sprays so I am showing only my current stuff that I use 

These two are random skincare items before makeup look

I had a few more primers but I don’t have containers anymore 🙂 

Cureent obession are these two

Next goes my foundation game. I loved these two but LaGirl was a waste of money 🙂 

Setting powders from Catrice (this one is the best in drugstore Prime and fine) and Rimmel. In jar I have RCMA powder and it is sooooogood. I think everybody shoud have this one. It is soo good. 

Omg I have soo much contour powders and bronzers. Art Deco, Maybelline, Barry M, WNW powders 

I am obessed with higlighters but I have only few of them haha😂. And these are my fav higlighters 

That Colourpop is in shade Felexitarian (white colour) 

MakeupRevolution Ultra Blush palette & Manhattan blush in shade Bubble gum

Stick highlighter✔️

Mascaras are my obesssion. I loved all of these except Deborah. It didn’t want to stay put it was flaking under my eyes. Ruined my makeup several times😫

Next is my eyeshadow primer. It is ok but I don’r use it often because I conceal my eyes😂

Next is my collection of shadows. I don’t have much stuff. 

Morphe 35T & Colourpop Zingara palette

Brow powders and brow palette from Essence 

Gel mascara from Essence 

Two of my fav brow pencils. 

Estee Lauder and Maybelline 

My fav liquid liner Art Deco and gel liner L’oreal. 

I just looooove lip liners. I have Golden Rose ones and many Essence, one from Kyle K, Nyx and Debby cosmetics too

My Golden Rose liquid lipsticks. I have more colors but I couldn’t find them today

My Colourpop lipsticks and Sleek lipstick

These are my lip cremes ✔️

My obsession over lipsticks. As you can se a whole bunch of nude colors😍

Lip crayons by Golden Rose and Kiko

Hope you like it. Please let me know in comments if you have same obsession and what are your favorites. Also this was an idea of BEAUTY HOLICS blog. Shea is truly amazing and her collection was an inspiring to me. 

Thank you, 



Makeup looks 💄

Hello dear readers, today I will show you several looks that I have done. I was supposed to make some good photos for my Instagram profile as it grows up to 700+ followers I have to post photo every day. So I managed to create several looks. Please leave a comment if you liked them. And let me know which one is the best 🙂

That is all for today.

Thank you for reading

My Instagram profile is called Ivanamakeupworld. If you want to follow be my guest and ofcourse a friend. I support bloggers ❤️

New skincare haul

Hello dear readers today I have to show you my new skincare products. And I have to mention you that I have interview for BiH jurnalist about my blog and how I can manage to do both be a student and a writer. Sooon post about that topic. That is why I didn’t post in a while and now I have some time to write blog post.

Lets jump into it.

First thing is Balea deodorant Cool Breeze. I thought this would be great for this time of year. I love Balea and this seems to be a good product. It smells just like summer :). Love it. It is aluminium free.

Next is my Lidera Deo Cream. I bought this to try out. You are supposed to use this cream twice a week after shower under your hand to make it do its job of preventing bad smell. As I don’t use every day deo sprays this might be good to try out.

This was a good discovery for me. It is all about new Balea Peel of masks. I was so suprised when I saw them in dm. This is everything and I can’t wait to try them. I bought two that has 4 uses.

Last item was random waxing strips that I bought.

That is all for today. If you have some thoughts about these items please let me know in comments. 

Have a nice day. 



Hello dear readers, today I am gonna talk and show you my liquid lippies, yaay. I love to do swatches💄

Let’s start with Lip cremes that I own.

💄Nyx Soft mattelip creme in shade Antwerp

I don’t like this color. I purchased it because everyone talked about it. But I am sure I don’t like this lipstick because of the color. I don’t love formula but I kind of like it. It is more lip stain that lip creme lipstick. It is not kissable and transfer proof. Also it is not that long lasting. Just a regular lipstick in a tube.

Will I repurchase it? Maybe but in other color ✔️

💄Next are Aura lip cremes lipstick

It is a Serbian brand that has a whole line of products. For now I enjoy these cremes. But they are not that pigmented so I used them up both. Eventho they claim to have 7ml. I like them but I am not that much in love with them.

You can see that they are sheer. They don’t last that long on lips but they are comfortable and cute looking. Better feeling than Nyx cremes.

Will I repurchase? Maybe 🙂

Sooo we are moving to liquid longlasting lipsticks


I have both Ultra Satin and Ultra Matte lip so I could compare the formulas.

Let’s start from the least fav it is Ultra Matte lip in shade Trap. I don’t like the formula because it dries my lips. But the color is dope. I wear this one when I prep my lips and prepare them for it.

Next one is pinkish nude from collab with Kathleen Lights and it is shade Alyssa. Ultra satin lip formula.

This is soo good formula. Longlasting but matte and glossy in the same time. Coomfortable on lips, none drying. It is longwearing and little bit kiss proofed.

Only complain on Colourpop is wierd smell. Litlle bit chemically. No vanilla scent, no floral scent. Just little bit of chemically smelling on the lips for 30 sec to 1 min.

Will I repuchase? Ultra satin lip for sure✔️

This one is still in my collection but I am not that big fan of formula. It is all about my Sleek Matte me liquid lipstick. 

I am not fan of formula. It is drying. All the colors are patchy, streaky. But when I need this longlasting lip I use it for that. It is the most longlasting lipstick that I own. But i have to make millions of preps to make it work good. I don’t like when I have to make some lipstick to work.

Will I repurchase? No I have better options!

Last but not the least are my ultimate fav liquid lipsticks that I own. It is all about my Golden Rose Longstay liquid lipsticks. 

Omg I can’t say enough about these ones. They have good oils in it. Nice vitamin E and they are kiss proofed and longlasting. They are not drying on my lips. I like the vanilla scent. They are comfortable. Nice looking. Sooo pigmented and affortable.

Will I repurchase? Ofcourse!

Omg these are incredible🔛✔️

All together✔️

That is all for today. Let me know if you tried any of these. What are your opinions?

Thank you for reading. 



Makeup day 

Last review of bad foundation didn’t ruin my day. I made some light, little bit dramatic look for weekend

Eyes: Colourpop Zingara palette with some & Nillionare glittery shade

Mascara: Essence Princess lash (green)

No name lashes

Primer: Photo focus by Wet N Wild

Foundation: Fit me by Maybelline matte and poreless i. Shade 110

Setting powder: Catrice Prime and fine translucent powder

Contouring: Wet n Wild duo & Maybelline sculpt duo

Higlighter: Makeup Revolution

Blush: Manhattan in Bubble gum

Setting spray by Gerard cosmetics Green tea

Lippies by Golden Rose in shade “03”

Brows: Essence Make me brow & Maybelline pencil brow.

That is all drugstore products 🙂

Hope you eynjoy your weekend



Instagram profile

My reviews are honest. If you want to know all about Rimmel fail foundation read it HERE 

Gerard cosmetics FAIL liquid lisptick review –> GERARD COSMETICS LIPSTICK REVIEW 

TOTAL FAIL FOUNDATION (Rimmel Lasting finish)

Hello everyone. Today I am talking about WORST foundation that ai have ever purchased. When I say WORST I really mean it. I can’t just begin with right words. This foundation just won’t sit on my skin like perfect nice looking thing on face. It looks like something is wrong with it.

Also this stuff is really sticky, tacky, it clog my pores, it sticks to my dry patches. I just can’t I tried it 3-4 times. It looked awful on my face. It was too cakey. My face was not feeling it. Eventho I put my moisturiser then my primer for my pores. No! No! No! This thing is not good. I just can’t.

When I swatched it in store. It looked like nice foundation for dry skin because jt has comfort serum in it. It is full coverage. It didn’t say for what type of skin is but when I tried it it was pretty nourishing. But it tries to be a foundation but is in middle of bad BB cream and bad full coverage foundation.

It is said on back that gives 25H wear. I can’t say that because I wear my foundation up to 8 hours and this was a coplete disaster after 2-3 h of wear. It also said that is transfer proof? OMG this stuff was breaking apart around my chin, nose area and I am not oily. I have dry skin. 

This was a shame to purchase. I am very dissapointed because I had big hopes. And guys it is up in price. This stuff is 10€. I colud bought my Fit me right away and I would be happy as I am now. But this stuff. And Rimmel has some good powders and mascaras but foundations. No! 

This didn’t work for me. Maybe for you works. Don’t get offended 😊

Did you try this one? Red top Lasting finish foundation? What do you think? 

As you can see how it looks on my skin. It doesn’t want to blend, it just stays put and looks like this on face too. Disaster. 

This is not negative review on RIMMEL AS A BRAND! I do not offend any brand. I just review stuff. I don’t like this product but as example I love Stay matte powder. 

That is all.

Thank you all for reading


Maybelline Fit me Matte and poreless liquid foundation

Hello everyone, I have been playing with this guy for a 4-5 days and this is my review of this Maybelline Fit me liquid foundation.

So I won’t talk much about the packaging it is squeeze tube with 30 ml in it.

The product itself is very liquidy and very blendable.

Cover is sheer to medium. It is not that matte as it is said on front of tube. I think it has in my opinion natural finish as it is said in back of tube. So Maybelline tries to confuse costumers a little bit haha. But is is a matte one but not fully matte as I thought so.

I bought it eventho I have very dry skin. I can’t explain but it is sooo good on my skin. It isn’t that dry and matte as other foundation that I have tried. I really enjoy it every single day.

I use first coat and then add a little bit more where I need more coverage. It is very blendable and very nice on skin. It doesn’t have smell to it and it dries pretty quickly. I don’t neee setting powder withit because it dries really quickly and it isn’t sticky at all. I really love the quality of this foundation. The coverage is pretty good you can see in photos down below.

I can say my favourite these last 7 days and I think it will be my favourite for the second month for sure.

Time of wear is soo good. I put it in the morning without setting powder and I put regulary my powders like bronzing and contouring one and they sit on top perfectly. It gives me from 10 in the morning till the 22:00 o clock wearing time wothout dry patches, without crumbling, without streakyiness, it is just the perfect as it was at thebegging of my day. I just think it is worth trying.

I payed for this one on sale 4€ and it is amazing.

✔️ matte with really natural finish

✔️ sheer ti medium coverage

✔️ no smell

✔️ blendable and qouck drying

✔️ none sticky

✔️ upgrades really nice to medium coverage

✔️ powders sit on top perfectly

✔️ good wear time 8 h tested

✔️ it is not patchy and doesn’t stick to dry patches

✔️ not bad at all on dry skin. Tested!

Hope you enjoyed it. Did you try this foundation? What do you think. Let me know in comments ❤️



New haul (all about makeup)

Helloooo readers, so I haven’t been posting in a while but I am back in track now.

Sooo we are talking about new purchases in my local drugstore. Let’s start with primers: 

Wet n Wild Coverall Primer 

I bought this primer because of youtubers they told that it mattyfies and makes pores invisible.

So the packaging is simple matte black with squeeze tube. It has 25 ml which is good.

What is said on back of product that it helps to:

✔️ Refine pores

✔️ Fill fine lines

✔️ Brighten complection

✔️ Even skin tone

🔴 Ingedients: aqua, glycol, dimetichone which are fine for my skin.

From the packaging I can’t read that is vegan and cruelty free so if that can help. I don’t mind that.

I tried this on my hand and it is cream base I like it for my skin type (dry skin). It has no smell to it. When you rub it into skin it makes it like a good base for makeup. It is true that it helps pores to look a litte bit invisible. I like it for now.

✔️ Price tag: 5€

Maybelline New Baby Skin Instant pore eraser 

this one is called instant Pore eraser, lightweight primer, smooth porelles skin. Cute packaging with nice note Only for adults😂

The packaging is a win for me. It is also a squesse tube primer with a thinner top to squeeze I like it because it is silicony and you don’t need it too much on your face.

It says on back: apply alone or under makeup which for me doesn’t make sence haha. But ok Maybelline. We understand. Thank you for application tip😂

As I said it is silicone based primer. I am sure I will only use it for my nose area and T zone because it looks heavy not that lightweight for my dry skin type.

What it claims to do:

✔️ instant pore eraser

✔️ lightweight on skin

✔️ smooth looking skin

✔️ porelees skin

🔴 Ingedients: dimetichone, glycol, cherry extract. They look fine to me.

I will use it more and tell my honest opinion. For now I enjoy it. It looks a little bit heavy but for good makeup day I won’t mind that.

It has 22ml. Which is a little bit less than my usual primers but ok. I can live with that.

✔️ Price tag: 5€

Maybelline Fit me Matte and poreless 110 liquid foundation 

I have mine in 110 which is the lightest shade here inCroatia but looks good on my skin. This is supposed to be for normal to oily skin. 

What is said to do:

✔️ mattiefies and refines pores with blurring micro-powders for poreless looking skin

✔️ Matches skin tone and texture

✔️ Natural seamless finish

As I thought about this foundation why people are confused with it and doesn’t love it because I managed to discover that it isn’t supposed to be perfect for oily skin because it doesn’t have that matte finish. It is said on front but if you read back informations it is said to give natural finish. 

That is why I purchased it. When I tried it it looked soo nurishing on my hand. It wasn’t heavy, it was liquidy and sheer to medium coverage which I emediately loved because I have good looking skin on face so I don’t need every day heavy foundation.

I really loved that it dried pretty quickly and left my skin on a natural to little bit matte which I just loooove.

This is a perfect foundation for my skin. It is also made in France. It has standard 30 ml packaging with a squeeze tube. I don’t mind that at all.

For now I am living for it.

✔️Price tag: arpund 5€ on sale. Regular price 8€.

Essence Lash princess False lash effect mascara 

This mascara was all around youtube I had to buy it. I really enjoy Essence mascaras they are the best in drugstore in my opinion. This is the green one 

The packaging is out of this world. I just live for it. Essence has the most incredible packaging when it comes to their products.

What it claims to do:

✔️ false lash effect and dramatic volume

✔️ophtamologically approved

I didn’t try it yet. But the wand is perfect. It has 12 ml which is standard for mascaras. It is made in Luxemburg.

✔️ Price tag: 3€.

Last but not the least is Maybelline Master shape brow pencil 

I bought this one eventho I was looking for selfsharping from Maybelline but we don’t have that one in Croatia. It was talked on youtube about Maybelline brow pencil like a dupe for Anastasia Brow wiz.

This one has nice brow creamy pencil with wand to brush your brows. I love that it is ‘t too creamy yet isn’t too stiff.

Fo now I think it is a great product to fullfil your brows and shape them.

I have mine in deep brown.

✔️ Price tag: 2€ on sale.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you liked it. I really enjoyed this review.

Did you try any of these before?  What you you think about them. Let me know in comments 😍



Weekend makeup look 

Look book of my weekend light makeup look

Here are photos

🌿I used my Rimmel lasting perfection foundation

🌿Catrice Liquid comouflage concealer

🌿Setting powder by Catrice Prime and fine

🌿Bronzer by Sculpt duo by Maybelline

🌿Brows by Essence paette and Make me brow gel mascara

🌿Eyes by Essence palette and Artdeco liquid liner

🌿Higlighter by The Balm Mary lou

🌿Lips by Golden Rose liquid lipstick shade 03

🌿Setting spray by Gerard Cosmetics

Hope you like it



Saturday vibes

Hello people. I hope you have a great weekend. Mine will be in studying for sure. I just wanted to share with you some coool photos with my fav weekend light makeup products that I use regulary 🙂

And I forgot to mention. It is spring. Thank God I love this summery vibes in air and I have much more energy and will to do something with my life after cold dark winter. I am happy as I can be🌷🌻🍃🌿💐


This Master Sculpt from Maybelline is my holy grail this month. I love the powder of bronze colour. The highlight one I don’t use it is powdery and glittery.

This Loreal lipstick is little bit sheere but it smells like watermellons so I use it sometimes.

Catrice mascara is my fav topper mascara after my Maybelline Great Lash this one on top makes my lashes big and nice.

Neutrogena wins when it comes to skin care. I love this moisturiser just as I love my Face scrub from Neutrogena. This one smells beautiful and makes my skin nourished.

Golden Rose liquid lipsticks are my faves for months. I just love this colour for spring time. It is nuber 3 mouve pink 🙂

Rimmel lasting finish is my nah nah product. I haven’t used it that much but it is a little bit cakey and it can’t be set by powder products because it sticks and males your face powdery so you use it without setting.

Next one is my fav for years now Versace Crystal noir. This one is dope. I am obsessed for 7 years now.

When it comes to Essence I think that all the products are win. They make very affortable ones and this higlighter is oooh sooooo good and glowy without shimmer and glitter in it. Love it for everyday use.

Make me brow is my go to every day product I love this gel mascara. It has tint it makes my brows nice and put all day long. Love love love 😋💕
That is all for saturday. Did you try any of these ones? What are yyour thoughts. Leave it in comments. I will be glad to read your opinions.

You all have a nice weekend 👏🏻💐🙌🏻❤

Thank you for reading,
Ivana ❤

Catrice duo sculpt brow powder

Hello people. Today I am talking about my go to product for eyebrows. It is all about this old fave Catrice brow product which makes my eyebrows sooo good and filled up all day. I just can’t live without it. Tis powder is so well made. And it stays all day long on my brows. I also have perfect shade for my brows. I just love it.

This is not a new product. It has been loong time on market. Also it has little tweezer and duo ended side brush for brows that can fit the bottom space of this little compact.

I also have on my photo duo ended vrush also from Catrice and this one goes well with my powder product from Catrice.

So what I love with this product that is is affortable 5€. Also makes my eyebrows perfect.

Next thing is that the powder is nice and has more colours. And it can last for months.

Did you try this product? What do you think of Catrice as a cosmetic brand?

My brows with Catrice powder duo 

Thank you for reading,

Till the nex time💕🙃


Soft spring makeup look🍃🌿 (step by step)

Hello people. As spring has oficially knocked on your doors I decided to show you my look step by step 🙂 as I promised in my comment section.

Please I am not perfect, my skin has redness and I may look on photos scary but they are not photoshoped you will see real me without fancy lights and other. 

As we cleared out that statement. Let’s continue with post

First of all I didn’t show you priming my skin but I did it with my Neutrogena Grape fruit moisturiser and some Golden Rose lominous primer for dry skin.

On the begining of my look I am priming my lids with Catrice Prime and fine eye primer 

Next step is setting it with my Stay matte from Rimmel with some Essence fluffy blending brush

Now we are doing crease colour better said transition colour mine is Colourpop in shade Elixir from Zingara palette. I used my Morphe brush to blend it.

Remeber this doesn’t have to be perfect you will even it out later with concealer. It does ‘t matter to be precise just make sure you blend that colour nice and bold.

Next step is putting my other shade also matte one and it is Colourpop Seeker. Deep brown colour to make my crease warmer.

Let’s move on to deep brown colour from my palette Makeup Revolution. I am picking that deep brown near my eye and blending it into my lid and crease.

Next step is little bit higlight in my inner corners with my TheBalm Mary Lou 

After my eyes I go to concealer time. I use my LaGirl concealer before foundation just to make sure that my dark circles are hidden before going to other concealer from Catrice liquid camouflage to make my concealer water prooffed.

You can see step by step doing it.

After concealer time I use my L’oreal Matte foundation with my Real Tehiques sponge to buff it into skin.

After all that I set my face and undereyes with Real Tehniques brush and my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. 

Next is my contouring part where I use several powders. As I am soo pale I can’t find perfect match so I combine several to me good powders.

Let’s start with my Golden Rose brush and Barry M contouring trio. I use only middle shade. 

I put my bannana powder on face you can see where to prevent contouring powder from fall out on my skin. After contouring I buff it off with my big powder brush.

Next poder that I use is my Maybelline Sculpt duo. I use it to intense my contour.

You can see it looks perfect. The powders are not too pigmented so you can work with them easily.

Then my fav part is higlighting my face with TheBalm Mary Lou higlighter. This is my absolute fav higlighter in drugstore. It is soo flattering and nice on the skin.

Next step is doing my brows. This is where I am the most calmed down and precise. I want my brows to be super bold for photos and Instagram so I make sure that they look fabulous.
First step is filling my brows with my duo from Catrice. It is powder and then I use my Catrice brush for brows. 

Then I use my Essence Contour your eyes palette to fill in my brows completely.

After all that I use my Essence Make me brow gel brow mascara to make sure that they will stay in place all day and that the colour won’t fade.

After brows I am going to next step and that is my winged liner. I am precise and I love to put winged liner. For that I use my ArtDeco liquid precise liner. That one is the best on market. It is soooo good and precise also ultra blac colour. It doesn’t dry because it has special made top for makeup artists and it dries pretty fast. Jet black colour.

After that I use my fav mascara fom Maybelline Great Lash mascara. This is my fav mascara that makes my lashes great and nice separated.

After mascara we are hitting to blush time. I used my Makeup Revolution Ultra blush palette. I used that light pink shade the palette is wery pigmented and you have to be carefull with it. But I love it.

We are almost at the end. Now is my lip time.

This time I used my lip pencil from Nyx with my ultra Lip creme in shade Antwerp which is perfect for spring time eventho I am not a big fan of this formula of lipstick. It is too mousy for me.  I love more my Lingerie from Nyx

Last but not the least is my setting spray from Gerard cosmetics in Green tea. 

That would be it. Now photos of final look 

Thank you all for reading and watching the photos.

Please let me know in comments if you liked my makeup look.

Also my Instagram page is Ivanamakeupworld if you wanna follow me be my guest ❤


My go to blushes

Hello people, today I am talking about my fav blushes and I have a few of them.

Sooo let’s start from my oldest blush that I own and it is my Sleek Blush in shade Rose Gold 926. And a true dupe for Nars Blush in shade Orgasm.

This blush has slight sheen to it and golden tone with rose blush colour. I really enjoy it.

The packaging is super sleek and it has mirror to it. There is 8 g of product which is great and the pan is pretty big. It is not small at all.

So this blush is really pigmented and you have to go with it slightly and be carefull. It is really nice on the face and not powdery. That golden sheen looks soo flatering in the spring and summer time. Just perfect for pale skin tones. I love it. And it was around 7€ online. It is made in Taiwan also

To conclude:

🙌🏻 Nice colour

🙌🏻 Pigmentation is soo good

🙌🏻 Not powdery and chunky

🙌🏻 Nice sheen with no glitter

🙌🏻 Price is 7€ which is great and it has mirror to it.


Next one is my Beauty Uk Baked blush in shade make your statement

Sooo this one is baked blush and it has super cool packaging and nice mirror to it. It has 4.4 g of product and it was made in PRC.

So this blush is little bit brighter than the sleek one. It also has small sheen to it and it looks nice on the face. It is baked soo it has finely milled powder and looks gorgeous on skin. It lasts on my face for an about 4 h which isn’t that good but it was so affortable and cute that I don’t mind that. It was 3€ in drugstore.

My opinion:

🙌🏻 Not that lasting time but cute product with nice sheen, no glitter in it

🙌🏻 Cute packaging with nice morror inside

Sooo lets move on next is my Manhattan Powder Rouge tender touch blush in shade Bubble gum. This one was made in Germany and it contains 5 g of product.

I really enjoy this blush it is there but not too much. I love it for everyday makeup. It doesn’t have sheen it is pure matte blush and it looks gorgeous on skin. It doesn’t last me very long but my face is wierd so none of these can’t get all day with me.

This one is super drugstore affortable blush with soo finely milled powder that is nice. The packaging is plastic simple woth no mirror and it is just drugstore item. This one is super flattering on the skin. I love it.

Last but not the least is my Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush palette 

This palette is everything. You can create sooo many blush tones with it on your face. It has 6 blushes. 2 of them have slightly glow in them and 4 are matte but pearly if you know what I mean.

They are not powdery, they are pigmented, powders are nice, they last me an about 4-5 h on face. They have soo nice pearly sheen but not glowy and glittery. I love them. Expecially first two mixed together. Some of these the bright pinkes I don’t use that musch but 2-3 I use regularly.

And the best thing is that you also get 2 perfect and cool highlighters. One is gold, pinkish and one is violet. People I tell you they are super metallic and perfect on face. Sooooo well made powders.

The packaging is avesome. With mirror and it weights a pretty good. It has nice packaging and I love this palette.

They don’t swatch that well but on the face they are gorgeous.

Sooo let’s start with swatches Makeup Revolution Blush palette

This violet highlighter is on my face and lippies 💎

All swatched together 

That is all. I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know in comments what is your fav blush? Did you try any of these before? What do you think about them 💎🙌🏻

Thank you for reading,

My ultimate 3 fav concealers

Hello to you all people. As you can see today we are talking about my ultimate 3 fav concealers. I use regulary my concealer because I have really blue undereyes area. I just need concealer in my life that is why I have 3 at the same time.

Sooo let’s start from my Maybelline Age rewind concealer. So this one claims to have perfect cover with Goji berry and Haloxyl. It is also Anti Age and I have mine in Light.

So lets start from the packaging. I really love those twist up products but only thing that I don’t like about tis concealer is that sponge. I think it is not hygenic and I don’t feel nice when I use it. I clean my sponge aplicator each week because I feel it gets really dirty and filled with bacteries.

So I have this concealer several months and I can say it doesn’t dry my undereyes area. It is perfect cover. Not thick at all. For every day use perfect one. It has somehow lominous finish and it brightens my eyes and makes me awake and healthy. It is up in price. In Europe is 10€ an about 13$. But I really like it. It has 6.8 ml. I like Maybelline and this product was raved on yt for months and I know why. It is perfect and so blendable on eyes. I find it very nice.


💎 Blendable

💎 Excellent coverage

💎 Lightweight on eyes

💎 Lasting time perfect

💎 Not thick and drying


💎 Sponge aplicator. I find it not that hygenic

Next one is my LaGirl Pro Conceal HD concealer 

I have mine in shade Porcelain. And this one is opposite to Maybelline one. This one is thick but creamy. Blendable and soooo high coverage. This covers everything what is going on face. I just love this one. I also heard about this one on YT. It has 8 g and stupid aplicator. I don’t like that much the aplicator it is a silly brush and I don’t use it. I use my concealer brush and then my RT sponge to blend it. It is just mush have concealer. It is also affortable. About 6€.


💎 High coverage

💎 long lasting

💎 affortable 6€

💎 Not drying

💎 blendable


💎Packaging is plastic and in tube with stupid brush. That is all.

Last one and newest in my collection is Catrice Liquid Camuflage High Coverage Concealer. 

Literally I was blowned about this concealer. It has everything, packaging, waterproof, blendability to work with, high coverage, moisturising formula, none drying formula, lasting time, none separating. It is must have! Must have product and guess what only 3€????? Only 3€ for this perfect cover drugstore concealer. I can’t believe. I am in love with this peoduct.

So lets start from packaging. It has aplicator that I love. It is hygenic. Perfect covering effect. It is my go to concealer. I even use it as my foundation when I want to look batural little bit on face blend and then I put my setting powder from Catrice. I tested this as a waterproof one and IT REALLY IS WATERPROOF. I just can’t believe it. You have to try this one. It has 5 ml. It is made in Italy. I have mine in shade 005 Light natural. It has several shades and I love it.


Left one is Catrice

Middle one is LaGirl (not blended)

Last one is Maybelline 

Blended swatches:

Left one is Catrice 

Middle one is LaGirl 

Last one is maybelline 

I hope you enjoyed my review. I think I helped you with this post. Please let me know in comments if you have tried any of these and tell me your opinions. I would be glad to hear your thoughts 

P.s. My Catrice concealer under eyes and on face with little bit of mascara and contouring routine 🙂



Also I have my Instagram profile if you wanna follow my work:

Ivanamakeupworld my insta name 🙂

Sunday fun day •Makeup day•

Hello people. Today I have to share with you my unicorn makeup. I was playing with my highlighters and I made this special look with them. Soooo what do you think? Leave notes in comments. I would be glad to hear from you would you wear these kind of highlights on daily bases😜. Keep on watching 😋

💎Primer : Neutrogena moisturiser Grape fruit

💎Foundation: Rimmel Lasting foundation

💎Setting powder: Rimmel Stay Matte

💎Contour: Barry M contouring trio light to medium

💎Highlighter: TheBalm Mary Lou vs. Makeup Revolution Blush palette violet highlighter

💎Eyes: Morphe 35T and some glitter

💎Mascara: Catrice mascara

💎Eyeliner: ArtDeco Precise liquid liner in pen shade 01

💎Brows: Essence palette vs. Essence Make me brow gel mascara

💎Concealer: Catrice Liquid coverage concealer

💎Lippies: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in shade Trap with my highlighter on top 😜

💎Setting spray: Gerard Cosmetics Slay all day Green tea 🙃

That is all my dear readers. I hope you like it just as much as me 😎



Review on Essence brow products 

Hello people, I was talking about my Peel of DIY mask this morning so if you missed it you can see. The results are amazing. It cleans, it makes your skin look soft and clean and most important it is easy to make. You don’t have to buy expensive Black masks over 20$. It is the same thing 🙂 but less expensive. Only few bucks.

So in this post I wanted to show you my Essence brow products that are total win for me.

First I wanna mention youtube viral dupe for Gimme brow and it is all about Make me brow from Essence 

So this product is simple eyebrow gel mascara that costs around 3€. It is soooo cheap and good product. I have shade 02 Browny browns and there are two more shades.

The packaging is simple tube with perfect sized wand to put in brows.

Next thing about this product that it isn’t too pigmented and you can work nice with it. It sticks your brows in place whole day and gives a little bit of fullnes and colour to them.

So this gel claims to colour full and shape your brows. It has fibers that does naturally fuller brows.

I agree with it. It does what it is supposed to do.

Make me brow:

👏🏻Perfect wand

👏🏻 Full wear time

👏🏻 Fuller brows

👏🏻 Shaping

👏🏻 Affortable item dupe for Gimme brow

Next item I want to mention also from Essence is my Shape and Shadows Eye contouring palette 

I think this palette was temporary made with other 3 palettes. I bought this one for eyes and brows.

I really enjoy the colours in it. The shadows itself are really pigmented and not powdery at all. It has 8.4 g of product.

Let’s start from packaging.

I think that this is the cutest packaging out there even cuter than TheBalm ones. It has cute messages like All eyes on me. Wow brow. I love your eyes. It is the cutest packaging ever. It also has nice mirror and magnetic top.

Let’s talk about colours in it

Higlighter billie vanilli

This shade is everything. It is good for brows and inner corners of eye. It is buffer feel and none powdery.

Marylin metallic

This shade is also shimmery and it is good for lid. I love brown colours and I enjoy this one on the lid. It is also none powdery. Very pigmented and cute looking.

Hagel grooe

This one I use as my transition shade as it doesn’t fit my colour of brows. It is also nicr pigmented and none powdery. Very good quality of shadows

Audrey highbrow 

This is my dream shade for brows. I use this one and the next one down below. I find this powder good for brows. It lasts all day long and it is not chunky and powdery. This matte shade is also good for outer corners of eyes. I love it.

Brigitte brown

This shade is perfect for Instagram brows. I love to mix this one and the audrey highbrow. This is also nice pigmented and it lasts all day with no fading on my brows.

All in all I really enjoy this palette. It is very travel friendy. You also get little duo ended brush and spooley.  I love the concept of this little palette.

Here are all shadows together. Very pigmented 🙂

Guess where I have brow product and where I don’t wear any 🤗

Essence palette

👏🏻Packaging is adorable

👏🏻 Pigmentation is awesome

👏🏻 Travel friendly

👏🏻 Mirror included

👏🏻 Good colour selection
Thst is all for today. I hope you liked it. Please let me know in comments if you had tried any of these products.



Hello people today we are making DIY PEEL OF BLACKHEAD MASK. Keep on reading hope you will like it.


Unflavoured gelatine – 1 Tablespoon which is the main ingredient in this face mask. You can get gelatin from any grocery store, it’s very easily available.

Hot milk – 2 Tablespoon, make sure that its very hot. Honey – 1/2 Tablespoon Tea tree essential oil – 4 – 5 drops, now this is optional. If you don’t want to use an essential oil then it’s absolutely fine.

Lets make it

Take a clean bowl, add 1 Tablespoon of unflavored gelatin, then add 2 tablespoons of hot milk and mix very well in to a smooth paste, so basically gelatin and the hot milk is going to create a sticky compound capable of pulling out the hairs, clog and freeing the pores and that’s why you need to use hot milk or else its not going to mix very well.

Now add in ½ a tablespoon of honey and again mix very well.

And then add 4 – 5 drops of tea tree essential oil which is optional. Now lets apply First and foremost, make sure that your face is clean.

Then take a warm wash cloth and place it onto your face to open your pores.

Now you can start applying the mask. If you think that your mixture is getting hard then pop it into a microwave for like 5 secs Be careful that it’s not too hot, because you don’t burn yourself and apply quickly before its cold because the gelatin can harden very quickly. using a brush makes it easier to apply. Make sure to apply it to the areas where you want to remove your unwanted hairs, blackheads and the whiteheads and all that gunk’s. and also make sure to avoid the areas like your eyebrows, eyelashes and the hairlines because you definitely don’t want to pull out those hairs.

Now wait for 30mins or until its dry completely, it’s very important to make sure that its 100% dry. Now start pulling your peel off face mask starting from the chin towards your forehead.

It’s very important to start from the chin and not from the forehead.

You should always pull it towards upward direction, only then will it remove all the unwanted hair, blackheads and whiteheads.

So Iam not going to lie, this is really going to hurt. But for me its really worth it I hope you can see the hairs, blackheads and all those things.



Mix those two

Add honey

This is what it looks like when you mix all together

This is mask on my face. I used foundation brush to make it easier with application.

Now just wait it completely dry and peel from chin to forehead.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will like the mask. It is really cleaning one and you don’t have to spend 20-30$ on Black masks when you can make your own for 1-2$. And it is the same efect on face.



My 3 absolute favourite setting powders 

Hello dear readers, today I am gonna introduce you my top 3 setting powders for my dry skin.

So let’s jump into them

First I want to mention my ultimate fav drugstore setting powder and it is all about 💕Catrice Prime and Fine Mattyfying powder

This powder was around 4€ and it was sooo cheap. I got it about half a year ago. I was scared that it will be too drying for my dry skin because it is mattyfying and waterproof but jet it is just perfect for dry skin.

It doesn’t clog to my dry patches or set into pores it is just perfect setting powder.

The packaging is really luxorius it is heavy feeling and has nice mirror in it.

It claims to be waterproof and I agree with that. It stays all day put under eye area expecially and I have transparent shade. It also has 9 g of product and it is made in Italy.

It claims to be for all skin types. It claims to have vitamin A and E. And this powder is finely milled. Soo butter feel and not powdery at all.

Here are some photos 

Next one is my youtube item and it is all about my Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting pressed Powder in shade 003 Peach glow.

This powder claims to last up to 5 H natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimise appearance of pores. Dermatologically tested.

So what I love about this powder that it keeps my t zone dry not oily. I don’t use it under my eyes because it dries them out. I love to use it all around my face to set it. It keeps my makeup locked and look good all day long. This is really longlasting powder and it is just a win for me. It is also very affortable in drugstores.

It is made in England and has 14 g of product. It is also finly milled.

What I don’t like about is just the packaging. I broke mine plastic top and it can fell of and make mess on product. That is only issue with this product.


Third powder that I want to mention is my wet n wild Megaglo contouring palette contour in shade caramel toffee

This little duo has bannana shade which is perfect to put under eyes it makes them bright and it is sooo soft powder and finly milled. I love the quality of this duo. It is also cruelty free and has 12.5 g of product.

The packaging is simple and duo is perfect powder quality.

Here ahre photos

That is all about my pressed powders. I love to use those three and I use them every day. Sometimes I switch time to time. But these are absolute winners for me.

Have you trued any of these. Please let me know in comments your opinions 💕

Thank you for reading,

Ivana 💕

Review on liquid lippies from ColourPop

Hello dear readers, today I am gonna talk about my little collection of ColourPop liquid lippies.

First I want to mention that I have bought Ultra Matte Lip and Ultra Satin Lip to compare them.

💕 Ultra Matte Lip

Ultra matte lip has 3.2 g which is a little bit less than other products on market that is why they cost 5$. You get less product and when you compare it to Lingerie from Nyx you get less amount for less price and Nyx one you get 5 g for little bit bigger price. That is the marketing power.

Newt thing I want to discuss is the packaging. The letters get off easy and you can’t know which one is the matte and which is satin. But for the 5$ I don’t mind that. Next thing that I don’t like is the aplicator I can’t do perfectly my lips because I have smaller ones and I have to use the brush to get it perfect.

But again I don’t care that much for those things for the price.

I have Ultra matte lip in shade Trap. That is cool toned gray colour and perfect matte finish. At first I didn’t like finish because my lips looked dried out with it on my lippies but now as I use it more I like it more but I have to prepare my lips to make it look good on me. But hey when I need a longstay lipstick I will do everyhing. They don’t have any smell but just a little bit wierd taste but I am ok with that.

The durability of this lipstick is insane on my lips. It doesn’t fade much and stays put on the lips. That is what I appriciate on lipstick. Expecially liquid one.

Here is photo of my Trap liquid matte lip. I really enjoy this colour.

💕 Ultra Satin Lip

Next one is my fav lipstick of the january, february and also this month. I use it every day. I don’t have writing on the package anymore. It is just perfect pinkish nude. I really enjoy this satin finish. It doesn’t transfer very much it stays put. It is perfect for dry lips. It doesn’t fade. I think I had to reapply it only after 5 hours but think of it like regular satin lipstick. It is great. This colour is made for my lips. I just adore it.

Can’t get enough of it. The finish is sooo comfortable and you can be sure that it doesn’t slip around. It doesn’t move. It stays put all day long. I have a photo of my shade called Alyssa. And this one was collab with Kathleen Lights. I just remembered this right now. I think this is her colour. This describes her soul and spirit. I love and admire to Kathleen and her work. She is amazing youtuber.

You can see right away that satin finish has more shine and life and it looks amazing. The stain is sooo perfect and it doesn’t transfer very much.

I love this colour sooo much. I am obsessed with it.

Soo let’s conclude this theme. And I will give you my final opinion on these.

Prons on Ultra Matte lip

🔥 Ultra Matte lip has pigmented stain

🔥 It also has no smell which is pron

🔥 Wear time is soo long

🔥 Perfect matte no smudge formula


Cons on Ultra Matte lip

✖️ Writing on packaging is bad

✖️ Aplicator is a mess

✖️ Less product than other liquid lippies

✖️ Little bit drying issue with matte one.


Prons on Ultra Satin Lip

🔥 Formula is perfect one

🔥 No smell which is great

🔥 Price tag is super deal

🔥 Pigmentation insane

🔥 Time if wear is sooo good over 5 h

🔥 Not that much transfer for satin finish


Cons on Ultra Satin lip

✖️ Packaging is bad

✖️ Aplicator is mess

That is all from me. I hope you enjoyed my review and please let me know in comments if you liked these ColourPop products. I want to read your opinions on these.

Overall I think this is great Los Angeles product and it is priced soo cool. Five dollars for these perfect collectable products. I have a lot of ColourPop products and I love them. The packaging is cute on each product. And I enjoy having them in my collection.

Thank you all for reading.


Ivana 💕

Review of Rexona Maximum Protection Cream

Hello dear readers, today I am going to show you my Rexona anti perspirant cream.

I have used this one for several months so I can give you my thoughts on it.

First of all let’s talk about packaging. It is super travel friendly. It has roll on system but in a creme finish with many holes on rhe top of product.

I bought this one in December and I use it every day. This product smell heavily in the packaging but when you put it on your body makes you feel fresh all day and even the next morning. I can’t believe that I found product that lasts on me and doesn’t brake and lose smell during the day. I love that is a cream product and it lasts.

I tried it in the morning and didn’t take shower that day to see what it will be because I sweat a little bit more than average woman and guess what my body felt fresh the next morning too.

I really love the packaging and the price is around 6€ which is ok because you get 45 ml of creme product which you can’t run out for 2-3 months because it is very creamy product and heavily smelly. You only need a small amount.

So let’s talk about how it is dermatologically tested. It is said to keep you fresh for 48 H which is truth I tried it and it really is. It is made in Phillipines.

I really love it. And will continue to use it because I can’t stand those deodorants in tubes. I just can’t.

Tell me did you try this product? What are your thoughts on it. Please let me know in comments.

Sooo here are the photos😀

Thank you all for reading,

Ivana ❤💕

New purchase (makeup)

Hello dear friends, today I am gonna show you what I have purchased at my local drugstore.

💗I am gonna talk about my new foundation. I didn’t hear anyone talked about this foundation and it is all about 💕Rimmel Lasting finish foundation.

The packaging is glass bottle with pump. And it has 20 spf which is good because I am pale and I can’t wear foundation without spf. I love the fact that it has comfort serum as well. It says it is skin perfecting full coverage foundation. It has 30 ml. Standard ml. It is dermatologically tested and made in London.

I was testing it on my arm in drugstore and it looked amazing. Before this one I tried True Match but they didn’t have my shade. I am Ivory shade and I couldn’t find that one so I saw this one and tried it.

It has heavier texture it is not that liquidy as my Fit me foundation. Has more coverage. It is definatelly medium to full coverage. Smells beautifully not floral just fresh. Love the consistency of this foundation. And has a pump which is very important.

Here is a photo of the Rimmel Lasting finish foundation.

This is photo of the consitency of foundation. It is good for dry skin because it is not matte one. It has nice coverage with lominous finish to it which I love. I can’t wear matte foundation for every day only when I have something important I wear matte one with good base unter it.

This is coverage of one drop from the earlier photo. It goes a long way. Very lominous and healthy looking formula for dry skin. 
It might be good one. For now I think all the best. And I am in the shade 103 True Ivory.

💗Second item I bought in drugstore was this concealer from Catrice Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer.

This was raved on youtube and it is sooo cheap and affortable. I really love the packaging it is hygenic and has aplicator just like liquid lipsticks. I really love the formula it is not drying and looks healthy. It is said it is full coverage for me it is builadble but more medium coverage. It is dermatologically tested and waterproof. Also can hide tatoos and dark circles. I have to test that to say it is true.

Also it is made in Italy and has 5ml. It can lare and also you are supposed to ad some dabs and spread and you are free to powder it.

I am in love with the idea of this concealer. I wish I will love it too as others on social media.

I am in the shade 005 Light Natural

The coverage is decent and none drying formula. It looks pretty natural and smells nice and fresh. The aplicator is amazing. I am sure Catrice has some cool stuff and very affortable too. 
Thank you for reading. Did you try these products? What are your thoughts? Please let me know in comments. I am amazed of the price and quality of these two.


The foundation and concealer make good base for other products on face. They look nice together. Foundation can lare and it lares good also the concealer has covered up my dark circles. Love them two. 

All products together. I think it looks amazing. 
That is all for today,



My mascara collection 

Hello people. It is beautiful weather over here in Croatia. I love the smell of the spring and sound of the sea. It is just like heaven.

Soooo today I will talk about my collection of mascaras. I own few of them beacause I have small eyelashes and I can’t live without mascara on daily bases.

I will start with the oldest that I own and it is all about Bourjois mascara.

💫 Bourjois Mascara Twist Up The Volume

I love this mascara. It is sooooo volumizing my lashes and separate them very well. I also like the blackest black colour that it has. And it doesn’t smudge or crumble. It is really good one from drugstore. I like the time of wear it is nice mascara that has twist on the top of the bottle and you can oversize volume. It has 8 ml. And it lasts me for a long time. It also has nice wand and good bristels. Love it.

Did you try this mascara? What do you think?

💫 Catrice Better than False Lashes mascara

This is ultra black mascara that has chubby wand and it is supposed to make your lashes look like falsies. It is ophtamologically tested and it is made in Italy. It has 12 ml. Very affortable mascara and good one if you want volume. I love to use this one when I want really thick lashes and full glam.

Did you try this one?

💫 Deborah LashCreator Volume&care mascara

This one I purchased lately. I don’t like the fact that it can easly smudge and it takes long to dry. But I will use it till the end because it has nice wand and also has care ingrediens in it like keratin, glycerin, seed oil and other oils. It is said that if you use it for 15 days in a row that your lashes will be longer and thicker. I will test it soon and try to see the difference. For now I don’t like the fact that it smudges and you can’t touch your eye or something like that it will transfer and make mess. It also has 12 ml.

💫 Last one and the most raved on youtube is Maybelline Great Lash mascara. It is the blackest black and it doesn’t smudge at all. It is nice for lower lashes and makes good and separate lashes. Love the lenght and volume that it gives to my lashes. I like the wand and the packaging is so retro. It has 12.5 ml. And it is made in Italy.

That is all for today. I wanted to show you my small collection of mascaras. Did you try any of these. Please let me know in comments. And I want to make some look so if you have some wishes how it will look or what colours you want me to put or somethin like that. Let me know in comments.

Thank you all for reading. I have over 400 followers and I am soooo happy. If you wanna follow my work on Instagram here is my link to profile.

INSTAGRAM profile.
Take care,

🎀Ivana 🎀

My top 3 highlighters

Hello people, today I am talking about my top 3 highligters and one of them is cream highlighter.

💫TheBalm Mary Lou

Soo what I was using the most past 4 months was my TheBalm Mary Lou. I doscovered about it on youtube. One of my fav youtubers Nikki was raving about it. And it was true it is sooo cute and blendable, suttle golden colour with buttery formula. The packaging also rocks. Love it. And it has 12 grams which can last you just like me for months and months.

Eventho they are all goldish colours they suit my skin good. I love wearing all three of them. Here are swatched highlighters.

💫 Essence Pure Nude

I heard about this highlighter an about 2 months ago and Kathleen was raving about it. I found it and it was sooo un expensive one. I bought it for 4€. It is buttery nice feeling without chunky glitter in it. Suttle and good highlight for every day use. I love it

It is also goldish one but it is sooo suttle on the face and expensive looking.


Last but not the least I want to mention my best cream highlighter in stick. I am in love with this one. I use it when I don’t put any makeup and I just want natura glow time. I love it. It is paraben free and dermatologically tested. Also it is sooo creamy and highlighted on the skin. Love the finish and the glow of this highligter.

Ignore my skin pigmentation. I wanted to show you Golden Rose cream highligter🤗💫
Can you tell me which one is yours holy grail highlighter.

Please let me know in comments.

Thank you for reading,

My instagram profile:

Take care,
Ivana ❤💗🎀💕

Need foundation

Hello dear friends, I have very dry skin and parchiness and I am done with my Fit me by Maybelline sooo I wanted to ask you which foundation do you think is good medium coverage, lominous for dry skin and it is from Drugstore, also it has to be available in EUROPE.

Please write me your opinions.

I heard that Healthy skin isn’t bad

L’oreal True Match



What do you think?

Please let me know in comments.

I don’ t need MATTE just lominous foundations ❤❤💕💗💗💕


Hello people, I just want to show you my favourite lipsticks for months now. I used them as much as I could. So I have soome good swatches. If you want to see then keep on reading.

First of all I want to thank you all for being such an amazing followers. I learned much from you and shared many things with you💕🎀. You make me smile, I read a lot of diferrent blogs. Even we connected on INSTAGRAM which I think is great thing🎀👍🏻

Sooo here are swatches:

Ofcourse it is all about my small collection of Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipsticks

I have shade: 03, 16, 26. All types of nude colour👌🏻💄

Down here are my liquid lipsticks from Golden Rose

03, 04, 10, 11 😍

I am in love. I have swatched it on my Instagram and tried to erase them with creme and guess what. It was nearly impossible to do that. They are sooo good and durable on the lips. None drying and have avocado oil and Vitamin E in formula. They smell like vanilla and look gorgeous❤

Have you tried Golden Rose?

Let me know in comments 💫👌🏻
👥That is all for today. Hope we connect on my instagram profile:

🎁Thank you all for reading. Have a nice day full of hapiness and positivity 💫💫

The Gratitude Tag

Hello to you all I haven’t do any tags recently so I wanted to do this one instead.

Sooo it is easy one tho,
As you can see,  it’s called The Gratitude Tag, the most original name that I’ve ever coming up with! (Just kidding). Here are the rules:


• List five things that you’re grateful for. Try to think out of the box!

• Nominate five other bloggers to do the tag.
The rules are easy as could be! I’ll start it off.

– I am grateful for all this makeup on market haha. I am obsessed 💄🎁

– I am thankful for you my followers👥

– I am thankful for my health and my family. Because I know how it is important to have support. 👪

– I am thankful for my education. I own that to my parents. 💑

– I am thankful for kindness in people and good vibes in people.💕🎀

That is all about this tag. And I have to nominate 5 people to do this tag sooo:

1. Daniela Soriano

2. Anna Bankester

3. Ludhfro



I was nominated by:

Take care,


Giveaway time for Valentine💕

Hello to you all,

I am giving these fabulous products for Valentine’s day for my beautiful ladies on my INSTAGRAM PROFILE.

You also have steps, and tips what you have to do to participate in my Valentine’s day giveaway.

Sooo link is here:

Thas is my art profile. Where you can follow my work and see a giveaway photo. Look for Valentine’s day today and GIVEAWAY PRODUCTS down below 💕

Take care,

Ivana 🎀💕

Valentine’s day look

Hello to you all, despite my condition with skin I wanted to introduce you my VALENTINE’s day look.

💕Let’s start:


💎 Primer: Catrice prime and fine for eyelids

💎 Setting colozr Stay Matte from Rimmel

💎 Transition colour ColourPop Zingara Palette, shade: Paradox

💎 On the lid: pinky colour from Morphe 35T palette

💎 Corner of the eye: deep brown from 35T

💎 Inner corners: Makeup Revolution All about Blush ( highlighters)

💎Smudged: bronzie colour under lower lashes by Morphe 35T

💎 Brushes used: Morphe blending brush, Morphe pencil brush, Look by Bipa brushes, Essence blending brush


– Catrice brow powder and Make me Brow from Essence


– Primer from Catrice prime and fine

– Foundation: Fit Me by Maybelline

– Concealer: LaGirl HD concealer

– Setting powder: Golden Rose compact powder

– Bronzer: Art Deco bronzing duo

– Blush: All about Blush Palette from Makeup Revolution

– Highlighter: Palette from the MAkeuPrevolution mixed eith some The Balm Mary Lou 💫💫


Ardell lashes Glamour whsp

💕 EYELINER: Artdeco precise liner


Dream lip liner from Golden Rose

Liquid lipstick in shade: 03 from GOLDEN ROSE 🎀💄

💕 SETTING SPRAY: Loreal infallible setting spray


That is all for today.

I have to introduce you MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY ON my profile:

We are about to hit 500 followers and I am giving a bunch of good drugstore and proffesional mua brands.

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Ivana 💫

Review on Golden Rose products

Hello to you all. It has been a long day and my irritated skin feels better now.

Sooo I want to introduce you this Turkey brand Golden Rose which has some great products.

I own a bunch of them.

Sooo let’s start:


💄Liquid Lipsticks LONGSTAY

-vanilla smell

– vitamin E

– 5.5 ml

– not pricy

– dermatologically tested

– made in Turkey

– matte

– kisproof

I have shades 03, 04, 10, 11, 15.

They all are soooo good and cute.


💄Next are my Velvet Matte by Golden Rose

Omg Unicorn colours 😍😍😍

– creamy

– longlasting

– vanilla scent

– made in turkey

– dermatologically tested

– matte

– 3 hours wear time with drinking


💄Golden Rose vs. Mac

Are we real?

The same formula and quality but Mac is 25€ and this one is 3€.